Fun, DIY party games for adult Valentine’s day party

We love Valentines day! Actually we love any themed excuse for a party… but isn’t Valentines day such a fun one?! with so much potential for the best, cutest games and activities?! 

In this post, we share the top ideas for Valentines party games, Valentines games to play with friends and romantic games to play with your partner on Valentines date night!

We have some ideas that can be prepared before hand, some suggestions for games you can buy to play and some DIY Valentine’s day games.

Best Valentine’s day games for groups (At a party or with friends!)

If you’re having a party, we have a list of all different types of games for you to play including some Valentine’s specials and some classic games with a Valentine’s day twist! Let people unleash their competitive side with these team games, or fire up their creativity for some of the funnier games in the list. Bonus points for ever round for participants who go above and beyond with Valentines theme innuendos and anecdotes!

1. Dating History Mystery: Each person submits a funny or embarrassing story from a previous date to the host and during they party they are displayed on a wall and guests have to guess who they belong to! This can be really fun, particularly if there are loads of terrible previous date stories.

2. Truth or Dare, Valentine’s Edition: Using a deck of romance related truth or dare cards, this is a really fun game for sharing funny stories and creating intrigue! although this is a classic school game, sometimes these are the best to re-hash for cheesy-themed grown up parties!

3. Valentines theme Olympic challenges: Get the party into teams and have them complete Valentines Olympic challenges including fun sport quests such as

  • Love Knot Relay: Participants are tied together with a length of red ribbon or a scarf and must navigate an obstacle course while staying connected. This can symbolize the idea of being tied together by love.
  • Sweetheart Stack-Up: Provide heart-shaped candies or chocolates and challenge participants to stack them into a tower without it collapsing. You can make it more challenging by using chopsticks instead of hands.
  • Love Tunnel Crawl: Create a tunnel using red and pink streamers, balloons, or fabric. Participants must crawl through the tunnel as quickly as possible without knocking over any decorations.
  • Love-barrow: In this twist on the traditional wheelbarrow race, couples pair up, and one person walks on their hands while their partner holds their legs. The team must race through the course together.
  • Blowing relay: participants have to use straws to blow a balloon around a few obstacles and across a finish line
  • Love potion relay: in two teams, each person gets a full wine glass of ‘love potion’ (any pink fluid such as vimto, ribena or berry squash) and has to complete some jumping obstacles such as a hopscotch course with handing the wine glass without spilling it! 

Teams will have a great time with this one, that’s for sure! Keep score and at the end of the game, award a funny prize to the winning team!

4. Mystery Matchmaker: Before the party, secretly assign each guest a character or famous couple. Guests must interact with one another and try to guess who they are representing by asking questions and playing detective. The first to guess correctly wins a prize.

5. DIY Love Potion: Set up a cocktail station with classic cocktail ingredients decanted into jugs with love themed names! Let guest creat their own love potions cocktails. Elevate this my adding loads of cocktail garnishsing such as berries, dried fruits and cocktail herbs like rosemary, mint and thyme! Scatter the drinks table with pink hearts and cheeky love-themed puns.

6. Emoji Valentine’s quick game: These are fun games, you can buy print outs inexpensively on Etsy. The cues are emojis and you have the guess the common phrase the pictures make up. It’s could be a fun short game, or make up one round of a Valentines day quiz.

7. Blindfolded Taste Test: Have guests blindfolded and taste a variety of chocolates, wines or other romantic foods. They can then rate and guess the brands or flavors. I fun thin to do here is to buy 3 different price points, low, mid and high and see whether the guests can guess which is which!

8. Romantic Movie Trivia: Test your guests’ knowledge of romantic movies by playing a trivia game. Look online for premade questions about famous romantic films, characters, and quotes and adapt it to include your favourite movies! A trivia quiz is a great way to get people involved in the spirit of the night. If there are a lot of guest who don’t know each other, it’s also an easy way to have fun and become more relaxed around your team members at the start of the night!

9. Cupid’s Arrow Toss: Set up a game where guests toss soft foam or paper arrows (darts) at a target, such as a heart-shaped board. You can assign point values to different sections of the target, and the guest with the highest score wins a prize! (Maybe even spice this up with a cupids arrow drinking game?!)

10. Valentine’s Day Pictionary: Similar to charades, but in this version, guests draw love and Valentine’s Day-related words or phrases. Teams take turns guessing the drawings.

11. Pictionary After Dark: This is a more adult version of Pictionary where the subjects are more mature and may involve risqué drawings or words. If you know the party guests well and everyone is up for a laugh, this is a perfect game to add some spice to the evening!

12. Love Letter Mix-Up: Provide a selection of famous love letters or romantic poetry that have sections removed. Guests must fill in the blanks with their own humorous or heartfelt words. The funnier, the better! This is a fun game to play on its own or as part of a longer Valentine’s trivia round!

13. Love Song Bingo: Create bingo cards with song titles instead of numbers. Play love songs, and guests mark the corresponding song title on their cards. The first person to get a line or full card wins a prize. There are loads of printable game downloads available for this type of game if you have a search online.

14. The Love Song game: This game is so much fun! Each round has a love-related key word.  Divide guests into teams, ideally 4 or 5 teams total. In a circle go around and teams have to sing a song with the key word inside. Sing a few phrases of the song (the phrase that includes the keyword, if not the chorus). For Valentines day, key words could include ‘love’, ‘kiss’, ‘heart or heartbeat’, the colours ‘pink, red and purple’. You can have a time limit, so if a group can’t think of a song within 30 seconds, they are out or the rest of the round so that each round has a winning team.

15. Bottle Spin Truth or Dare Game: A classic high-school game, perfect for a Valentines day party! Place an empty bottle in the center and take turns spinning it. The person it points to must perform a dare or answer a truth question.

16. Never Have I Ever: This is one of the best Valentine’s day party games, especially if the never have i ever are romance themed! The game involves going around in a circle and each person saying something they’ve never done. Anyone who has done that thing takes a drink (or performs a dare, if you prefer).

Best Valentines day games for couples

We have a list of cheeky and spicy games, great games for a trip down memory lane, active games, distance games and different ways to create some for of intimate fun with your partner for Valentines day!

1. Deal or no deal

It’s either a prise or a little cheeky favour! This is like the classic TV show game, where you have a set of boxes and have to bet on the prize. Each round one box is opened and the stakes so up, as do the favours! This is really fun to play as a couple – the favours can range from spicy ones, or massages to household jobs!

2. Strip Twister

High-quality quality time! This is fun and physical with a cheeky strip-twist. Every fall, wobble or inability to twist receives a penalty of removing an item of clothing! Tickling and making the other play laugh is all within limits!

3. Where should we begin

This is the card game from the famous psychologist Esther Perel that will get you and your partner sharing stories. The cards include a mix of stories and prompt to make a fun connecting game to play on the couch together. This is a great thing to do on a romantic but low-key night-in.

4. Put a finger down

The classic “put a finger down” game but extra fun and daring for Valentines. Each couple holds up five or 10 fingers and ask your partner to “put a finger down” if they’ve ever  “gone through my partner’s email,” “done (insert and cheeky act),” and so on.

The last person with fingers still up at the end of each round wins! This is even more fun for established couples to play because you’ll already know so much about each other you can take the prompts to a whole new level!

5. Drinking roulette

Have a mix of soft and alcoholic drinks (or delicious and not so delicious drinks) and play roulette but with this fun, flirty dare twist! This is one of those game ideas that is definitely good fun, but that you might not think of playing on any regular day! 

6. Couples Yoga challenge

Find a selection of balance/trust yoga poses and practise them together! This is a fun physical date and will bring brilliant trust strength and team-work themes to the evening! It is also bound to end in a lot of laughs. This is a more creative Valentine games idea, but extra perfect if you’d shared more than a couple of Valentines together before!

7. Love scrabble

A classic fun game of scrabble but with an automatic triple word score for romance themed words! This makes the game a bit different and a bit more fun!  A perfect way to spend an evening, and if you want to spice things up, there are plenty of strip or dare variations to add!

8. Couple’s Trivia Challenge: Prepare trivia questions for each other about little details from your history and award points for who remembers each others prompts the best! This is a fun way to reminisce with each other.

For even more ideas and inspiration, Melissa from the Blog ‘Connect Again’ has another post with Valentine’s date ideas for married couples, and a friend of mine who writes the lifestyle Blog Riyah Speaks has a bunch of Valentine’s theme articles, packed with great ideas.

Have a brilliant night!

Enjoy your Valentine’s day evening and we hope you have loved some of these Valentine’s party games or Valentines date night idea suggestions.

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Best of fun,

Zoe x

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