85 ULTIMATE Bachelorette Party Prizes & Game Ideas!

When it comes to celebrating the wedding of a very special friend, bachelorette parties are the best opportunity to let your hair down and enjoy quality girls’ time, celebrating the bride before her big day, and before she becomes a couple!

This party will be forever set in your special joint memories, that will take you way past the wedding and onwards to cherish in decades to follow. One really fun way to elevate the fun and excitement at the party is with epic prizes, some funny, some sweet and maybe some naughty!

In this blog post, we provide a full guide to the best ideas for prizes, including all different types, sweet prizes, thoughtful prizes, cheeky prizes, funny prizes, DIY prizes and many more!

What’s more, this guide gives you details about where to buy these, cute ways to package them, how to tie them in with a wedding theme, and plenty more tips and tricks. We also offer some ideas for the best bachelorette party games that your prizes can be tied into, scroll down for those!

Prizes are a great way to heighten the bachelorette games and make for fun options to add some laughs to this special night with your closest friends! Let’s get to it!

Why buy prizes?

Prizes aren’t just trinkets and gimmicks, they serve a great purpose. They are a material symbol of gratitude to all those joining in the celebration and they will symbolise friendship bonds and special connections between young friends as time develops.

But the best thing is, they’re much more than their symbolic significance. Prizes can up the stakes in any game, adding fun competition and motivation to the play!

Whether your bachelorette party is an intimate gathering or a larger event, prizes add an extra layer of excitement and camaraderie as they create a joint playing field and chance for everyone to win at equal measure!

Choosing the Right Prizes

In choosing the right prizes for your bachelorette party, have a think about the following factors:

  • Budget Considerations: The first step is determining your budget. Do you want everyone to receive a prize or only one of the game winners? We suggest a mix of low-cost prizes for everyone with one or two bigger options to up the stakes for some of the games! Fortunately, we are suggesting a range of options below that can suit any budget!
  • Theme and Style: The chosen theme and style of the bachelorette party play a significant role in shaping the prize selections. Whether it’s a wild night on the town, a weekend getaway, or an elegant soirée, aligning prizes with the party’s theme can add nicely to the atmosphere!
  • Personal Preferences: To make the event extra special, think about the personal preferences of the bride-to-be. Her likes, hobbies, and interests can guide you in selecting prizes that hold special value, or that can be used with her in the future. For instance, if she is into cycling and everyone at the party gets a sport water bottle, they could be used in a group cycle together in the future!
  • Practical vs. Fun Prizes: Prizes can serve both practical and fun purposes. While some prizes, like spa gift certificates or cooking classes, offer experiences that last well beyond the party, others, such as personalized t-shirts or playful accessories, add an element of amusement to the celebration.
  • Where to buy them: Where you buy the prizes from is also a big part of the decision process. What does your bride value? If they value home-making and DIY, maybe buying off an independent handmade or artisan site could be a nice gesture. If they are minimalists, maybe rental services could make a great option in prizes for their guests! If they like nicknacks, decorations and keepsakes, then buying physical items and material keepsakes could be the most thoughtful gift type!

Ultimate Bachelorette party PRIZE IDEAS

Have a look at the categories below and see which categories seem a good idea to pursue for your bride-to-be! 

Fun and Quirky Prize Suggestions:

  1. Personalised party t-shirts
  2. “Miss to Mrs.” Socks
  3. Sassy Wine Glass or Bottle Stopper
  4. Personalized “Bridezilla” Mug
  5. Cheeky Adult Coloring Books
  6. “Last Fling Before the Ring” T-Shirt
  7. Inflatable husbands or inflatable giant-size engagement rings
  8. Lingerie Apron
  9. “Bride’s Entourage” Sunglasses
  10. Customized Bobblehead Doll
  11. Funny Bridal Shower Game Set
  12. “Ring for Sex” Bell
  13. Customized Underwear with the Wedding Date
  14. Customized Bobblehead Cake Toppers
  15. Wearable accessories such as a feather boa
  16. Novelty Cocktail Napkins

Personalized and Sentimental Prizes:

  1. Custom Photo Albums
  2. Engraved Jewelry
  3. Personalized Wine or Champagne Bottles
  4. Custom Paintings or Illustrations
  5. Message Jar with Guest Notes
  6. Custom Monogrammed Towels
  7. Personalized Recipe Books
  8. Handcrafted Name Necklaces
  9. Custom Handmade Candles
  10. Personalized Leather Journals

DIY Prize Options:

  1. Handmade Bath Bombs or Soaps
  2. Personalised Coasters
  3. Customized Recipe Books
  4. Photo Collages or Scrapbooks
  5. Hand-Painted Glassware
  6. Homemade Scented Candles
  7. Handcrafted Jewelry (such as polymer clay or beaded strings)
  8. Handmade Pottery
  9. Custom-painted tote bags
  10. Handmade Jewelry Boxes

Naughty vs. Nice Prizes (gag gift ideas):

  1. Customised underwear with the wedding date embroidered on
  2. Romantic Date Night Gift Cards
  3. Adult Board Games
  4. Sensual Massage Oils
  5. Personalized Romantic Novels
  6. Fine Chocolates
  7. Wine or Champagne with Romantic Labels
  8. Love Coupons
  9. Classy Couple’s Board Games
  10. Edible Body Paint
  11. Naughty Truth or Dare Cards
  12. Spa Gift Certificates
  13. Personalized Robes
  14. “Kiss the Miss Goodbye” Sash
  15. Kinky Dice Sets

Options for a more risqué or adult-themed bachelorette party:

  1. Adult-Only Games
  2. Risqué Lingerie
  3. Exotic Dance Class Vouchers
  4. Male Stripper Show Tickets
  5. Naughty Edible Body Paint
  6. Boudoir Photoshoot Session
  7. Racy Erotic Literature
  8. Bachelorette Party Dare Cards
  9. Adult Novelty Gifts (massage oils or sex toys)
  10. Risqué Costume Accessories

Tasteful and Elegant Prize Choices:

  1. Fine Wines or Champagne
  2. Cultural Experience Tickets
  3. High-End Perfume
  4. Gourmet Chocolate Boxes
  5. Artisanal Cheese and Wine Basket
  6. Monogrammed Cashmere Scarves
  7. Crystal Champagne Flutes
  8. High-End Beauty Gift Sets
  9. Monogrammed Cashmere Throws
  10. Fine Jewelry
  11. Luxury Spa Gift Baskets
  12. Customized Leather Accessories
  13. Private Cooking Classes
  14. Exclusive Wine Tasting Tours
  15. Couture Lingerie Sets

Finding the Balance:

  1. Elegant Lace Lingerie
  2. Personalized Wine and Chocolate Pairing
  3. Couples’ Spa Retreat Certificates
  4. Classy Adult-Only Board Games
  5. Upscale Romantic Getaway Vouchers
  6. Premium Bath and Body Gift Sets
  7. Elegant Private Chef Experience
  8. Personalized Wine Tasting Tour
  9. High-Quality Romantic Art Prints
  10. Customized Date Night Subscription Box

Ideas for Creative Wrapping and Presentation

When it comes to bachelorette party prizes, the presentation can be just as great an opportunity to create value as the prizes themselves. 

Here are our creative gift-wrapping ideas to make your prizes stand out

  1. Decorative Gift Bags: Get some stylish and themed gift bags that match the party’s colors or theme. Get some complimentary gift tags or ribbons to go with!
  2. Tulle and Organza Wraps: Use delicate and translucent tulle or organza fabric to wrap prizes. Tie them off with a satin ribbon for an elegant touch. Use either neturals to look elegant and stylish, or wrap them in wedding themed colours.
  3. Customized Gift Boxes: Personalized gift boxes with the bride’s name or the date of the party can add a very special touch to the prize giving. Fill the boxes with tissue paper for a polished look.
  4. Mini Treasure Chests: For a playful or adventurous theme, consider using mini treasure chests to hold the prizes. They can be painted or decorated to match the party style.
  5. Paper Flowers and Bows: Craft your own paper flowers or bows to decorate plain gift packaging, adding a handmade and festive element.

Incorporating the Theme or Colors of the Party

To enhance the overall look and feel of the bachelorette party, it’s a great idea to incorporate the theme or colors of the event into your prize presentation:

  1. Matching Wrapping Paper: Choose wrapping paper that complements the party’s color scheme or theme. This simple choice can create a cohesive and visually pleasing presentation.
  2. Themed Tags and Labels: Create or purchase tags and labels that feature the party theme or logo. Attach these to the prizes for a personalized touch.
  3. Ribbon and Bows: Use ribbons and bows that match the chosen color palette. They can be tied around gift bags, boxes, or even individual prize items for a coordinated look.
  4. Confetti or Glitter: Sprinkle a bit of confetti or glitter in the gift packaging for a touch of sparkle and glamour that aligns with the celebration’s vibe.
  5. Themed Stickers or Decals: Consider using stickers or decals with party-related images, slogans, or icons to further reinforce the theme.

Adding a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch to your prize presentation can make the recipients feel extra special. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Handwritten Thank-You Notes: Include handwritten thank-you notes or messages from the bride to express her appreciation to the guests.
  2. Customized Gift Tags: Create customized gift tags with the recipient’s name and a brief message, adding a personal touch to each prize.
  3. Photos or Memories: Attach a small photo or memento that holds sentimental value to the bride or the recipient.
  4. Handmade Decorations: Craft your own decorations or embellishments, such as mini paper banners or fabric flowers, to adorn the prizes uniquely.
  5. Personalized Ribbons: Have ribbons printed with the bride’s name or a special message, and use them to wrap or tie the prizes.

Ideas for giving out the Prizes!

​Part of building excitement is to hype up the prizes and choose the best way of giving them out! 

How and when to award prizes

A great strategy is to have intervals throughout the party for prize presentations to keep bursts of energy high throughout. However, another great idea is to save a special or big prize until the end to build anticipation and suspense! 

Could you think about a fun slogan, maybe in keeping with the theme of the party, as a theme for the prize giving?

For instance, a winter wonderland bachelorette party could have a prize-giving segment titled ‘Crowning the snow queen’! This could make the whole process so much fun, on top of the actual price itself.

Another cool idea, if you don’t want to buy loads of prizes, is to add a group member to a raffle during the party and have the winner drawn at the end. This is a fun idea, for intermediate winners, winners of funny challenges or winners of game rounds, their prize is another raffle entry.

Of course, this is a good incentive, the more raffle entries, the more chance of winning the grand prize at the end! You could even offer a 3rd, 2nd, 1st prize winner from the raffle!

How to encourage game participation

it’s essential to foster an animated and inclusive atmosphere for a vibrant bachelorette party. This can be achieved by incorporating group games and promoting camaraderie through team challenges.

Think about offering the quieter guests smaller prizes to appreciate their involvement, not just winners. To keep everyone engaged, add interactive elements into some prizes, like trivia questions or fun quests. 

Another great idea is to make use of music, countdowns, or cheers to create anticipation and excitement during prize announcements. This should help to include every guest, making each person feel part of the celebration, and improving the overall bachelorette party spirit!

20 Fun Bachelorette party game ideas (to award prizes for!):

  1. Prosecco Pong: A bachelorette twist on the classic beer pong game, where players aim to toss ping pong balls into cups of prosecco. The winning team gets a prize, and the losing team might even have a consolation prize. This is a super easy game to get involved with and a fun party game if the group plan on going out afterwards!
  2. Irish Snap: This fast-paced card game is all about reflexes. It’s often used as a fun drinking game but can be perfect to adapt to the bach party or bridal shower games theme! 
  3. Bachelorette Trivia: Create a fun list of questions related to the bride or her relationship. Guests can form teams and compete to answer the most questions correctly, with prizes for the winning team or maybe funny forfeits for those who don’t choose the correct answer!
  4. Bridal Bingo: Distribute bingo cards with wedding-related words or scenarios to guests. As the bride shares stories or experiences, players mark off corresponding squares. The first to get a bingo wins a prize.
  5. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress: Guests form teams and use rolls of toilet paper to create mock wedding dresses for the bride. The bride selects the winning dress, and the winning team receives a prize. This is a very fun game, and guests will have a great time playing!
  6. Bridal Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items or tasks related to the bride’s upcoming wedding. Guests work in teams or individually to find or complete the items, and the winner receives a prize. This can be a perfect game if you have a longer time, such as over a bachelorette weekend!
  7. Pictionary or Charades: Divide guests into teams and play a bachelorette-themed version of Pictionary or Charades. The winning team can receive a fun prize.
  8. Guess the Number of Kisses: Fill a jar with Hershey’s Kisses, and guests must guess the number of candies in the jar. The guest with the closest guess wins the jar as a prize.
  9. Love Song Lyrics Game: Compile a list of lines from popular love songs and have guests guess the song title and artist. The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize.
  10. Truth or Dare: A classic game where guests take turns choosing “truth” questions or “dare” challenges. Prizes can be awarded to those who complete dares or answer truth questions with creativity or humor.
  11. Wedding Themed Bingo: Create bingo cards with wedding-related words or symbols. Guests mark off squares as these words or symbols are mentioned during the party. The first to get a bingo can receive a prize.
  12. Spin the Bottle: Adapt this classic game to include fun dares or challenges. The person the bottle points to must complete the dare, and a prize can be given to the most daring participant.
  13. Wedding Toast Roulette: Label a set of shot glasses with different wedding-themed dares or challenges. Guests take turns choosing a glass and must complete the task inside. If they refuse, they take a shot. THis is a great game! You can find ideas for the challenges from a quick google!
  14. Bride or Groom: The bride is asked a series of questions, and her answers are recorded. Guests predict whether her answers match her groom’s responses. Those who guess incorrectly take a drink. This game is so much for, particularly for bridal groups who know the groom very well!
  15. Bridal Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of items or tasks related to the bride’s upcoming wedding for this bachelorette scavenger hunt game. As guests complete each task or find each item, they can take a celebratory drink.
  16. Marry, Kiss, or Dismiss: Write the names of celebrities or fictional characters on separate cards. Guests take turns drawing cards and must decide whether they’d marry, kiss, or dismiss the character. A drink is taken based on their choice.
  17. Bachelorette Jenga: Write fun and daring bachelorette-themed dares on Jenga blocks. As guests play the game, they must complete the dare written on the block they remove. If they refuse, they take a sip. You could play this in teams to great more group spirit by making a rule that the block pulled by each team member dictates a challenge to the whole group.
  18. Dress the Bride: Set up a dressing area with a variety of clothing items, from bridal gowns to goofy accessories. Guests take turns blindfolded, selecting an item to add to the bride’s outfit. The funniest attire wins, and those who made her laugh take a drink. This game is bound to be a lot of fun, particularly if played a few drinks in.
  19. Bachelorette Bingo: Create bingo cards with fun and memorable bachelorette party moments or phrases. As these moments or phrases occur, guests mark off squares. The first to complete a line wins and can choose a drink for someone else.
  20. Wedding Word Challenge: Select a list of wedding-related words or phrases. Guests take turns using these words in creative and funny sentences. If they can’t, they take a drink.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on the bachelorette prize ideas and fun bachelorette party games you can play to present them!

Ultimately on a weekend with your best friends, on a very special occasion with the bachelorette party guests, the event will be a great deal of fun. And these ideas are intended to weighted the vibe and atmosphere, just a little more.

Good luck with planning and we wish you the best at every bach party, and a massive congratulations on the wedding!

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