55 Best princess gifts for 4-7 year olds 2024

If there is a little princess in your life who has an upcoming birthday, you are in the right place for great ideas for perfect princess gifts! 

Welcome to our blog post on Princess Party Gift Ideas! We’ll explore some fantastic ideas that will make the little princess in your life smile from ear to ear.

We have great gift ideas for toys for imaginative play, for princess themed bedrooms, princess games, and princess craft activities to keep little hands busy!

Check out our gift ideas below, and if you’re planning a princess party, you might also love our party ideas pages full of free party plans with ideas for games, activities, food decorations, music and loads of fun! We have a general classic princess party as well as a Frozen Party, Cinderella Party, Snow White Party and Rapunzel Party!

Princess Dressing Up Gift Ideas

How about some sparkly costume gift ideas that let kids dress up as their favorite princesses, with twirly dresses, shiny accessories, and everything they need for royal playtime?

Dressing up gift ideas have the potential to lead to hours of fun princess play and make believe so are a brilliant gift option!

  • Princess Dress-up Costume: A whole Disney princess outfit. OR, part of a princess costume that can be used for their own princess outfuit collections, including:
  • Princess Crown: A beautifully adorned crown with sparkles, jewels, and ribbons to make the birthday princess feel truly regal.
  • Princess Magic Wand: A magical wand with glitter and ribbons, perfect for casting spells and adding a touch of magic to the celebration.
  • Royal Cape or Cloak: A flowing cape in a royal color (like pink, purple, or gold) to give a majestic royal look to this little princess
  • Princess Jewelry Set: A set of play jewelry fit for a princess
  • Princess Tutu Skirt: A fluffy and voluminous tutu in the colour of your little one’s favourite princess that they can dance around to would be a perfect gift for a little princess
  • Princess Gloves: Elegant long gloves with lace or satin to match the sophistical princess look of their favorite Disney characters
  • Personalized Princess T-Shirt: A custom T-shirt with the birthday princess’s name and a princess design, in the style of one of the classic Disney princesses could also be one of the best gifts for your young girl!
  • Sparkly Shoes: Glittery or sequined shoes could add a magical touch to the birthday princess’s outfit, and what princess doesn’t love a beautiful pair of shoes?! (except perhaps the little mermaid!)
  • Princes wigs like Rapunzel, Ariel or Sleeping Beauty: for little girls who want to transform their look to become of their favorite characters from the princess fairy tales.

Princess Dressing Room Gifts

Another great gift type that makes dress-up time extra special is gifts for a magical princess dressing room! THese are perfect to help turn the everyday getting-ready routine into an awesome princess experience!

  • A princess mirror: A handheld mirror, perhaps one styles like the mirror in snow white to gaze into while your little princess gets dressed could be a very special gift! 
  • A princess dressing table: A big, and very exciting present! A whole dressing room set up with a little table and mirror would be such an exciting gift for any aspiring princess (or person who also needs to get dressed everyday!) 
  • A princess-style hairbrush: There are many brushes styles after favorite Disney princesses out there. This is a cute and useful gift!
  • A princess-style sparkly eye shadow: A super exciting dress-up gift for a little one searching for her imaginary prince charming! (only joking of course, and check with parents before buying make up products!)
  • A princess sparkly lip gloss: This is a sweet present for kids of all ages! a tinted lip gloss feels very grown up and exciting to wear and will definitely make your little girl feel special!
  • A princess headband or hairband: Think of a belle or cinderella headband, maybe something with some sparkles!

Princess Bedroom Theme Gift Ideas

Turn a bedroom into a fairy tale haven with cute gifts like princess-themed decorations and cozy bedding. Hopefully these ideas will make bedtime feel like a magical adventure.

  • Princess Castle Playset: These come big and small, they can either be real-life fort-like toys or more like the size of dollhouses as toys to play with.
  • Princess curtains to hang above a bed: To add a touch of magic to their bedroom, either netting or velvet-style curtains to hang above a bed could be a perfect birthday present for your little one!
  • Princess wall decal: With parent approval, this is a super cute idea! They are not expensive but will transform the look of your child’s room!
  • A princess rose arch for their bedroom: This is the sweetest idea for the doorway of a bedroom if there is space. You can get some artificial ivy and roses to decorate it and it will lead to hours of open-ended play!
  • Princess bedding: something to make your little one feel princess-like as they go to sleep every night! This is a lovely and practical gift!
  • Princess blanket: A lovely cosy room addition! There are all sorts of different styles out there to choose from.
  • A princess decorative cushion: Another lovely decorative but useful present for any little princess to lounge on! 
  • Princess dressing gown: A luxurious fluffy princess dressing down, a perfect robe for the little one to wear as she gets ready just like a princess!
  • Princess slippers: Perfect fluffy princess slippers to keep those delicate feet toasty all year around!

Princess Story Theme Books

Allow princess stories to transport your kids into magical worlds, sparking their love for stories, reading and imaginative storytelling.

  • Princess storybooks: this works for all ages, you can get ones with pictures or more detailed chapter book stories for older kids and this is a lovely sensible present!
  • Princess DVD sets: a box set of their favourite movies could be a lovely gift for your little one to enjoy watching.
  • Tickets to a princess show or ice dance: If available locally see whether there is a princess or Disney on ice show or a theatre/pantomime of a classic princess story to take your little kids to.
  • Princess colouring book: this, together with a variety pack of various colours of gel pen, crayon or pencils would be a gorgeous entertainment gift for a little princess, and lead to some heavenly quiet time for their parents!
  • Princess activity magazine: Some princess activity magazines are so good and have such fun games, stories and craft activity suggestions in them! This is a very affordable, great value gift!
  • A princess puzzle: A princess puzzle is a lovely activity a family can do together as they work in a team to build a magical image of a favourite princess movie! Once complete, it can be glued to a board and stuck on a wall! If you’re buying this as a Christmas gift, maybe a snowy castle scene could be perfect!

Practical princess gifts

As well as the glamour gifts, sometimes princesses need practical ones too! From backpacks to water bottles, these practical gifts should bring a touch of royal charm to their days.

  • Backpack: The ultimate gift for a little one who likes going out on adventures and needs to bring all her princess belongings with her!  
  • Bath soaps: Princess bath soaps and bubble baths
  • Notebook: Every princess needs a cute princess notebook and especially when dedicated on the cover, this is a useful and thoughtful little gift!
  • Princess Coloring Book: For the more restless princesses who just need a little bit of entertainment while going about regular life, in a cafe, waiting for a train, to whatever other great moments one finds to do some colouring! Perhaps combine this with a pack of pencils in different colors too

Pretend Play Princess Gifts

Encourage imaginative play with gifts that will transport kids into a world of make-believe – these gifts make playtime more exciting and creative.

  • Princess tea party set: This is one of the best toys for make-believe, there are hours of fun to be had with a tea set!
  • Princess Dolls: Princess dolls or action figure style toys, any princess animal sidekicks, woodland creatures or the seven dwarfs are also brilliant presents for make believe, especially characters from the ultimate adventure princess stories; Moana, Brave Mulan….and many more> often there are also options for princess accessories like carriages or princess doll houses.
  • Princess Toy sets: Some Princess movie franchises offer princess-themed toy sets, for instance, barbie princess houses or princess superhero-type characters.

Sciencey princess gifts

These gifts make learning fun, letting kids explore and discover in a fairy tale setting. Although there is a definite gap in the market for science and making-theme gifts, lots of science activities are totally in keeping with the activities of a princess. So, these gifts are perfect and super interesting for young kids of all ages.

  • DIY Princess Castle Modelling Kit: You can get cardboard or soft ply cutout, predesign princess castles to assemble that look absolutely fabulous! What’s more, these are
  • Princess Astronomy Kit: Princess star-gazing taken to a new level. Telescopes are not hugely expensive but amazing tools to learn about the stars and the universe.
  • Princess Botany Garden Kit: To tend to a flourishing garden, a princess gardening kit could be a wonderful gift to help nurture your little one’s green fingers. Help them grow flowers, fresh herbs and fruits and vegetables.

Princess Board Games

These are great gift ideas for the whole family, and these games are suitable for a different range of ages, so hopefully there’s a great option for your family. Here is our top pick of princess board games:

  • Enchanted Forest: A magical treasure hunt game in the enchanted forest by Ravensburger.
  • Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game: Cooperatively design and decorate cupcakes for the royal ball with popular Disney princesses by Wonder Forge.
  • Sleeping Queens: A fun and strategic card game where players aim to wake up the most queens by Gamewright.
  • Princess-opoly: A princess-themed version of Monopoly by Late for the Sky.
  • Royal Bingo: A bingo game with a princess theme, featuring castles, tiaras, and magical items by Peaceable Kingdom.
  • Candy Land Disney Princess Edition: A Disney Princess-themed version of the classic Candy Land game by Hasbro.
  • Princess Palace: A cooperative game where players work together to build a palace for the princess by Peaceable Kingdom.
  • The Princess and the Frog: Magic Words Game: A word-building game featuring characters from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” by Wonder Forge.
  • Castle Panic: The Wizard’s Tower: A cooperative tower defense game defending a castle from monsters and a wizard by Fireside Games.
  • Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game: A storytelling game where players create fairy tales using cards by Atlas Games.

Artistic princess gifts

If your little one has a creative flare, then fostering this in a lovely creative gift is a perfect idea. Here are some creative projects that fit perfectly with a princess gift theme:

  • Paint by numbers: Enchanted princess castle: Paint by number skits can come age-appropriate for any birthday and will help your little one create the most impressive enchanted castle pictures. 
  • DIY Princess Friendship bracelet-making kit: Perfect for a sociable little one who is caring, giving and a very loyal friend – as all princesses are!
  • Princess-themed Sketchbook or colouring book: A lovely activity book idea with hours of entertainment and hopefully beautiful pictures that can be stuck on the framed on the wall once finished!
  • Perfect Princess Art Easel: A nice kit to inspire little ones to practise their art skills and develop their creativity! These are not hugely expensive but are a very lovely and long-lasting gift idea for little ones that might have a creative flare!
  • A Beautiful Flower Press Kit: Pressing flowers is a brilliant way of preserving a bit of nature to explore and study in more detail. What’s more, the pressed flowers make stunning 
  • Princess Clay Modelling Kit: Again this is a lovely gift for little ones to make their own home furnishing, with a personalised fit-for-princess flare. You can get special kits to make ring dishes, flower pots, make-up stands and so much more.
  • Princess Jewelry Making Kit: Jewelry is a super fun thing to make and, of course, essential wearing for princesses these days! A kit will have a range of beads, colours and clasps so that your little one can express their creativity while making stunning dress-up pieces to wear as a princess!

Princess parties are so special

Princess parties are so popular because fairy tale stories create magic and make-believe and a party is a perfect opportunity to bring this to life.

Whether your child immerses themselves in a princess style fairytale, or has a favorite character whose story they want to live out for the evening, there are so many brilliant stories to bring to life through a princess party.


Now that you have some delightful princess party gift ideas, hopefully you feel ready to make the upcoming celebration extra special.

Whether it’s a charming tiara, a magical storybook, or creative art supplies, these gifts should bring huge smiles to your little ones face.

We have a couple of ideas posts with some great ideas from princess themed birthday parties that you might love to share with your princess fan (or their parents!). This includes full free party plans for a general classic princess party as well as a Frozen Party, Cinderella Party, Snow White Party and Rapunzel Party!

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