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Hello and welcome to this post where I share ideas for games, activities and decorations for a Pixar ‘Brave’ theme birthday party. My little niece LOVES this movie – and quite right, it’s awesome to have a cool, adventurous and sporty Disney Pixar princess to admire!

I’m Zoe and I run the Parties Universe site where we try to share budget-friendly tips for creative and magical kid’s parties! I worked for years as a professional kid’s party host and now I’m here to share the tried and tested tips and tricks with you for a stress-free and memorable day for your little one.

So let’s head over to the Scottish Highland for this epic story, and celebrate your child’s life milestone with some highland games, Brave treasure hunts and some epic horse-riding and arrow shooting!

Top 5 Tips for an amazing DIY Brave party

I’m going to start by sharing my top tips for a brilliant DIY Brave theme party:

  1. Use music to make the day magical- Brave is a great story with a very fun soundtrack so make the most of it, playing atmospheric background music as the children arrive, during the highland games and maybe while telling parts of the story!
  2. Create some adventure with imaginative acting – Adventure is the key to fun and that’s the whole point of a party. This will be far more memorable for kids than Pinterest-style decorations!
  3. Keep decorations simple and bold – See our suggestions above for great impact brave games!
  4. Use physical games to absorb children’s energy – Acting out a day in the life of Merida will surely do the trick!
  5. You don’t need to spend a fortune for ultimate fun. Honest – all the ideas here are very budget-friendly, costing no more than a bit of printing out, and a storytelling, adventurous spirit!

In this guide, I will help you with ideas for the music, games, decorations and adventure so that you can throw an epic party for your little ones. And best of all, all the suggestions here are extremely affordable- and high impact!

If you like the ideas below, you might also like to check out our party organising tips page with a checklist of everything you might need to do to prep for this party.

Brave theme party game ideas

1. A ‘Brave’ day of adventures

This is a fun, high-paced party game that will bring the group together and can be a very energetic moment of the party!

The facilitator calls the instructions below and the children have to follow the associated actions. The slowest to follow the action is out (or you can play that you reward those who follow it fastest!)

  • Climb the waterfall- Children mimic rock climbing
  • Arrow practice – Children pretend to aim and shoot a bow and arrow
  • To the Forest – Children run to one side of the room
  • To the Castle – Children run to the other side of the room
  • On her horse! – Children gallop around the room hand in front of them (holding reins)

Pro-tip – Rather than sending children ‘out’ you can send them to the corner of the room to ‘jump into a massive file of jello!’. They can have fun making a giant squelch/fall onto the floor, meaning the forefit is more funny and silly than frustrating for those who didn’t make it!

2. Frozen bear statues

There is a funny scene in the movie where Queen Eleanor, as the bear, needs to avoid being spotted by all the kings of the realm in their great hall! She freezes in a scary grizzly bear position, pretending to be the stuffed prize possession of her husband the king! (In other words, she’s pretending to be a bear statue rather than a real animal, let alone the Queen!)

In this game, which is a little like musical statues, music plays and the children dance. As soon as the music stops, children have to freeze in a grizzly bear position. The facilitator can walk around and inspect the bears, and try to find any wobbles, giggles or movement from the children!

The best, scariest bear statues can be rewarded! And, if you like, you can also send out any wobbles before the next round!

For the children who don’t know the story, be sure to set the scene by telling them about the part of the story where the queen needs to hide. Maybe the group can even practice their statues all together first before the game starts.

3. Bear mamma says!

Children crawl around on the floor as bears! As they go the facilitator ‘mama bear’ calls out bear instructions – pretend to make breakfast as a bear, play skipping ropes as a bear, go fishing as a bear, gobble some dinner as a bear!

Whenever the instruction starts with “mama bear says…”, children have to do the action. Whenever any other instruction is given, children can’t follow it!

(This game is like ‘Simon says’ but rather than simple instruction like ‘touch your nose’, children have some time and space for each action to act out being a bear. This makes the game more fun because between calls children can laugh at each other funny bear actions!)

If your child loves adventure, we also have a jungle adventure party, an explorer party and a mystery detective party ideas post that you might like to check out too!

Brave theme party activity ideas

1. Will-o-wisp treasure hunt

The will-o-wisps are the magical blue-light fairly like whisps that guide Merida to the magical land (where mor-du lives). Merida follows them through the forest- which looks like a lot of fun, hence the premise for this treasure hunt game!

Before the party print out about 10 will-o-wisp cards (or you can print one per party guest) and number them. On each card, you will write a few words of a line of instructions that only makes sense if you find all the cards and lay them out together in an order.

Hide these cards around the room and tell the children how many cards they are hunting for.

The secret sentence they uncover will reveal the location of some treasure for the group! It could be something like one of these suggestions:

  • “Go to the garden and look behind a tall blue flower pot”
  • “Walk out of the living room, stand in the hallway and look up”
  • “On the bookshelf behind a special story about a princess who loses a glass slipper”

Hopefully, the kids can have loads of fun with this! You can help them as much as needed depending on their age and for older children, you could even let them try and figure out the order of the cards themselves!

2. Highland games challenge obstacle course

In the movie, Merida is to be married to the first-born-child of the allied clan chieftains. She is not happy about it! The Suitors play highland games to try and win her hand in marriage, but she tricks the crows by competing and winning against them in the archery competition!

This is a great premise for some fun obstacle challenge games at the party. A mini highland games for the children! We suggest Scottish bagpipe music and rotating the children doing the obstacle in groups so that for each group competing there can be other children to spectate and cheer!

To encourage great cheering, it can be really fun to give them cheering props such as flags to wave or clappers to make noise!

Here are some ideas for brave theme highland challenge games you could play!

  1. Welly throw – children stand behind a line and compete to throw a Wellington boot (or clipper) as far as possible!
  2. Lego in a bucket – Children stand behind a line with 3 or 4 Lego pieces and have to aim and throw as many as possible in a bucket!
  3. Relay race – children race against each other in teams, passing on the baton to each team member. If there is limited space, get them to hop, jump or crawl rather than run!
  4. Newspaper Tower Building – Given a chunk of old newspapers and some masking tape children have 5 minutes to create the tallest structure they can make, competing against each other for height.

Pro Idea – Rather than have children competing against each other, you can have them compete collectively against a ‘baseline score’ that was achieved by the other suitors. For example… for game 1, mark a line on the floor that the current champion holds and see if the children can beat it!

You can make this baseline up to a manageable challenge based on your child’s abilities. This will bring the group together and give them a joint sense of purpose working as a team, with great team spirit!

3. Mission to ‘Mend the bond torn by pride’

This is a nice, short activity at the party! Print out a colour A4 picture of a scene from the movie- such as the mum being trapped as a bear, or any picture in fact that the children are familiar with. Cut it into 5 pieces and hide them around the room.

In the movie, Merida has until the second sunrise to ‘mend the bond torn by pride’ otherwise her mum will stay as a bear forever!!

The challenge for the children at the party is to find the pieces of the picture and ‘mend’ them back together (will sellotape) before the sun rises!

You can either use a video of a sun rising if there is an easy way to play such as a TV screen, or if not, you can just narrate to create excitement: “Ooh I can feel a bit of a glow, the sun must be rising soon”, “Ooh I can see the first ray of light appearing over the mountain”

If they succeed everyone cheers together to celebrate the success!

We actually have personalised party plans for so many of the Disney princesses including Frozen, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty.

Brave theme party decorations

Our philosophy for decorating is to create as much atmosphere and imagination as possible within a reasonable party budget. We love Bold and Simple! Here are our curated set of 5 suggestions for decorations for the Brave party:

  1. A bold and powerful movie poster! We found these affordable photo backdrops of Merida for Brave that would be an epic addition to the party room to create a visual prompt for the children’s imaginations and show the princess they love!
  2. Big bunches of balloons – our top favourite decoration is party balloons – we just think they are so festive, uplifting and fun! For a brave party, we suggest a mix of orange, turquoise and dark green!
  3. Woodland Table setting! Another great place to create an atmosphere is in a table setting, and we suggest this green-moss forest tablecloth option to create a mystical woodland vibe! This with some sparkly confetti could be magical!
  4. Props! We think any piece of decoration the kids can interact with will really bring the party to life! For the Brave party, we suggest a bear costume party- like some bear ears! or perhaps some bear gloves! You could even make one of the party activities a DIY bear-ears! This can also double as the party favour, so even if you pay a little more, it might work out in the end.
  5. Music! The movie has a brilliant soundtrack and nothing creates an atmosphere better than music so we really encourage you to make the most of it, by YouTube searching for the brave soundtrack, and maybe some highland music for the background during some of the games! This will resonate so well with the children and get them super-involved in the theme!

Good luck!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post with ideas for a brave theme party and that you feel inspired to get going with the plans!

Take on what you feel able to and no more. This, ultimately, is about a fun day for your child, which they will enjoy so much more if you are present with them, rather than too busy or stressed.

We are so excited for you. Be sure to take heaps of photos for the memory book!

Best of luck, Zoe xx

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