BEST PLACES to hide easter eggs! (Creative Ideas)

As easter weekend rolls around each year, some of us get as excited as our kids for the visit from the easter bunny! It gives us the perfect excuse to have fun creating sneaky riddles, finding the best hiding spots and creating a magical easter for our little ones!

Finding creative places to hide the eggs can be so fun, but if you are worried you’ve used up all the good hiding places the year before, read on for some brilliant, creative ideas for clever hiding spots and ideas to add fun and excitement to the activity.

We include ideas for great ways to get all family members involved, and tricks that work perfectly for children of all ages to take part in the fun equally!

I’ve compiled this list based on my experience and loads of clever ideas I’ve found on the internet so I hope you find plenty of inspiration here!

My 5 top tips for egg hiding!

  1. Think high and low, and have eggs at all heights including ones up above. 
  2. Use transparent sticky tape to your advantage to attach eggs to the bottom of tables or shelves.
  3. Introduce new items to a space for extra hiding spots. For instance, leave coffee mugs around, with eggs hidden under some of them. If you are hosting an easter gathering or preparing for Sunday lunch, this will be a lovely option. 
  4. Play with egg colours, for instance, camouflage eggs or glow-in-the-dark eggs to add excitement and a fun twist to the annual easter egg hunt and 
  5. Add the egg hunt as part of a bigger challenge, for instance, a fun egg match bingo, a riddle puzzle, a team, colour finding challenge, or as a reward for completed egg-obstacle challenges! See our list below for ideas but adding an extra game to the search can be a great way to keep older kids interested and add a little creativity to the classic egg search (especially if your kids have become wise to your hiding locations over time!)

Top fun ideas for the most creative chocolate easter egg hunts!

As well as finding the best creative hiding spots, adding some of these sneaky game ideas into the hunt can really take the hunt to the next level!

Sometimes bigger kids might out-grow the limits of the hiding space in your backyard, but these little games and added challenges are such a fun way for any age group to enjoy the hunt!

  1. Camouflage eggs: Buy special camouflage chocolate eggs to fit in with the house or garden, landing into the decoration. For example, find grass green eggs to hide in long grass, sand-coloured eggs for hiding in a sandpit or rich brown eggs for hiding in flower beds or plant pots! This is a really fun idea to add an extra challenge for older kids who might have gotten wise to your usual hiding spots
  2. Glow-in-the-Dark Eggs: Purchase glow-in-the-dark plastic eggs or stick glow sticks to regular eater eggs for an exciting nighttime or in-the-dark easter egg challenge. Give each child a flashlight and let them search for the glowing eggs in the dark. It’s a unique twist on the traditional egg hunt and can be especially exciting for older kids.
  3. Egg Riddle Hunt: Instead of simply hiding eggs, create a set of rhyming riddles or clues that lead children from one hiding spot to the next. The final clue can lead to a grand prize or a basket of eggs.
  4. Color-Coded Eggs: Assign each child or team a specific color of eggs to find. For example, one child might be looking for blue eggs, while another is searching for green. You can either have the kids competing against each other or working together, in teams, for example, to find one egg of each colour before the other team!
  5. Easter Bingo: Create Easter-themed bingo cards with pictures of various items or clues that correspond to where eggs are hidden. Children mark off the items on their cards as they find the corresponding eggs. You could organise a special egg prize for the child to complete their egg bingo card first!
  6. Egg Numbering: Number each egg and give the children a checklist or card with corresponding numbers. You can add the extra challenge of only being allowed to find the eggs in order. This is fun for slightly older children as it becomes like a memory game or knowing where each number is to complete the sequence as fast as possible!
  7. Egg Obstacle Course: Create an obstacle course where the children have to complete challenges or physical tasks to earn the right to search for eggs. For example, they might have to hop like a bunny, balance an egg on a spoon, or jump through hoops before they can start collecting eggs.
  8. Add some faux-chocolate-eggs to the hunt! If kids find the harboiled eggs wrapped in silver foil, they have to give 3 of their eggs back! This is a clever trick to add some tension into the game!
  9. Upturned cup egg hunt! This is especially fun if you have a very small backyard! Upturn loads of plastic drinking cups or bowls with eggs hidden underneath some of them. Let the children look under two or three at a time only, in turn, to add extra suspense to the search!

Where to hide easter eggs in a garden:

If you need a bit more inspiration for hiding spots in the garden, see whether any of the following could work for you:

  1. Hollow Garden Statues: Some garden statues have hollow sections where you can hide small items like a key, a note, or a small trinket.
  2. Beneath Garden Furniture: Small items can be attached or tucked underneath tables, chairs, or other garden furniture. A great tip is to use sticky tape to attach eggs to the bottom of a surface. This makes it much harder to see!
  3. Inside gardening shoesThis is one of the best spots to hide eggs, especially if you scatter shoes around a bit making them look haphazard! 
  4. Bushes and Shrubs: Tuck eggs into bushes or shrubs so they are hidden from plain sight and require a second look.
  5. Flower Pots: Place eggs inside flower pots or hanging baskets. You can even add some colorful flowers to make the hunt more appealing.
  6. Inside a gardening glove!
  7. In flower beds: Hide eggs in flowerbeds or mulch, making sure they are partially buried.
  8. In a Sandbox: You can have a little fun with this, hiding them inside sand toys and maybe even within a sand castle!
  9. Inside a garden hose reel coil
  10. Under or in a mailbox
  11. Tucked in plant pots 
  12. Climbing Structures: If you have play equipment like climbing frames or swing sets, eggs can be attached to these structures.
  13. In the Grass: Of course, some eggs can be hidden right in the grass, making them visible but still a fun challenge to find.
  14. Inside a Hollow Tree Stump: If you have a hollowed-out tree stump, or a tree that has branches with small hollows, these are a great place to hide eggs!
  15. Under Garden Benches or a garden picnic table: Again, you can use sticky tape here to find the most unusual egg-hiding spots!
  16. Inside Garden Lanterns: Some decorative lanterns have small compartments inside where you can hide small items.
  17. Inside a Birdhouse: Birdhouses often have hidden compartments for eggs or other small items (so long as there are definitely no birds inside)
  18. Beneath a Blanket: Drape a patterned blanket over an area of the garden, and hide eggs underneath it.

How to create more places to hide easter eggs in a garden:

For an outdoor easter egg hunt in a small yard where there are few creative spaces, you can create more perfect hiding spot opportunities by adding unusual items into the garden.

  • Set up the table for a meal or a barbeque to add loads of sneaky places, underneath dishes, inside drinking cups and in a centrepiece!
  • Easter decorations! Do you have any easter themed wreaths, inflatable easter bunnies, or colourful egg carton ornaments? Adding these to a garden around Eastertime will create loads of new hiding spots!
  • Set up sports equipment! Could you bring bikes into the garden for ‘servicing’ or set up the children’s trampoline or swing set?

Best spots to hide easter eggs in a house:

  1. In a tissue box
  2. Inside a cookie jar
  3. Under coffee mugs
  4. Tucked behind photo frames
  5. Inside cereal boxes
  6. Inside a jacket pocket
  7. Inside extra toilet paper rolls or kitchen towel rolls
  8. Inside or between books in a bookshelf
  9. In the Fridge: Place eggs inside the fridge, either in the egg carton, behind food items, or in produce drawers.
  10. Under Sofa Cushions: Eggs can be tucked under sofa cushions or between the cushions of chairs.
  11. Behind Curtains or Drapes: Hide eggs behind curtains or drapes, especially those that have a bit of drape to them.
  12. Underneath Furniture: Eggs can be hidden under coffee tables, end tables, or any other low furniture. A great tip is to use transparent sticky tape to attach the eggs for a really challenging hiding spot
  13. In Shoes: Place eggs inside shoes, especially if you have multiple pairs.
  14. Tucked in a fruit bowl
  15. Behind Appliances: Hide eggs behind appliances like the microwave, toaster, or coffee maker.
  16. Inside Clothing Pockets: Eggs can be tucked into the pockets of clothing items like jackets, coats, or jeans.
  17. In the Dishwasher: If you have a dishwasher, hide eggs among the dishes.
  18. Inside the Mailbox: For indoor mailboxes, hide eggs in the slots or compartments.
  19. Underneath Bedding: Lift up the corners of bedsheets, comforters, and blankets to hide eggs underneath.
  20. Inside the Washing Machine: Place eggs in the washing machine drum, making sure it’s clean and dry.
  21. Behind Wall Clocks: Hide eggs behind wall clocks or other wall decorations.
  22. In Desk Drawers: Hide eggs inside desk drawers, especially if they have multiple compartments.
  23. Inside a Piano: If you have a piano, place eggs between the keys or in the music sheet compartment.
  24. Within Stackable Containers: If you have stackable storage containers, hide eggs between them.
  25. Inside Toy Bins: If you have kids, hide eggs inside their toy bins or play areas.
  26. In the Shower: Eggs can be hidden in the shower or bath area, perhaps behind shower curtains.
  27. Inside a Puzzle: Place a small puzzle piece inside each egg and hide the eggs throughout the room. After finding all the eggs, participants can assemble the puzzle to reveal a hidden message or picture.
  28. Within Indoor Plants: Hide eggs among the leaves or in the pots of indoor houseplants.
  29. Inside Decorative Pillows: Tuck eggs inside decorative throw pillows on the couch or beds.
  30. Underneath Rugs: Eggs can be placed under area rugs or doormats.
  31. In the Fireplace: Hide eggs inside the fireplace when it’s not in use.
  32. Behind Wall Art: Conceal eggs behind framed artwork on the walls.
  33. Inside a Craft or Hobby Supplies Box: If you have a box of craft supplies or a hobby kit, place eggs inside.
  34. Within Board Games: Inside a board game box on a shell is a very sneaky hiding spot! A great idea for older children!
  35. Behind TV or Entertainment Center: Hide eggs behind or between components of your entertainment center or behind the TV.
  36. In a Roll of Wrapping Paper: Place eggs inside an empty roll of wrapping paper.
  37. Underneath Couch or Chair Legs: Eggs can be balanced on the legs of couches or chairs (you can use sticky tape to attach these in a most non-obvious place!)
  38. Within Craft Supplies: If you have a craft room, hide eggs within craft supplies like yarn, fabric, or beads.
  39. Inside Crockery in Kitchen Cabinets: Hide eggs inside pots and pans, mixing bowls, or other kitchen items in your cabinets.
  40. Under Staircases: If your home has a staircase, hide eggs underneath the steps or along the banister.
  41. Inside the Laundry Room: Place eggs within laundry baskets, behind detergent bottles, or in the washing machine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and that you’ve taken some great inspiration for excellent hiding spaces. Wishing you and your family the best easter weekend ever!

Best of luck!


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