63 Unique Venue Ideas for Kid’s Birthday Parties!

Hello and welcome to this page with 63 ideas for unique and exciting venues to host your kids birthday parties if you want to take the kids out of home for it!

This post has a mix of creative, adventurous, active, and relaxed parties so we hope there is something for everyone! Here goes…

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1. The Trampoline Park Extravaganza:

With wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, and interactive games, kids will have a blast bouncing and flipping through the air. Plus, many trampoline parks offer party packages that include dedicated party rooms and even a party host to ensure a stress-free celebration.

2. Indoor Rock Climbing Gym:

Rock climbing is thrilling and challenging and adrenaline filled – it’s super fun. Whether you’ve tried it before or not, this is a brilliant experience. Certainly memorable.

3. Bowling Alley:

Get the kids to strike up a blast as a bowling alley. This is good for a mix of ages. Roll, laugh, and stock up on pizza ans fizzy drinks as you go!

4. Roller Skating Rink:

Groove to the music, as your kids buckle up their skates and roll onto the skate floor. This is quirky and guaranteed good vibes.

5. Laser Tag Arena:

Kids will take part in an epic battle of laser tag, where they’ll team up, dodge lasers, and celebrate an action-packed birthday! This is fast paced, exciting and thrilling.

6. Limo Ride:

For an extra special birthday, treat your kids and their friends to a luxurious limo ride. This unique party idea will make the young guests feel like VIPs as they embark on a stylish adventure. The limo ride can include a scenic tour of the city, a visit to a fun destination, or transportation to another exciting party venue.

7. Swimming Pool:

Swimming parties are a classic for good reason! Whether it’s an indoor facility or an outdoor pool, let the kids have, fun, splash about and play on pool floats and noodles. You could even search for a pool with a slide or wave machine for extra fun!

8. Pizza Making:

Bring out the little chefs in your child and their friends by hosting a pizza-making party. Some large pizza places offer kids workshops especially for parties. kids will decorate pizzas with their own choice of toppings and then get to enjoy them for a birthday meal!

9. Fairground:

Create an enchanting and thrilling atmosphere by hosting your child’s party at a fairground! From carousels and Ferris wheels to roller coasters and bumper cars, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Treat everyone to traditional fair food like cotton candy, popcorn, and hot dogs, creating a truly festive experience.

10. Castle or Historic Home:

Transport your child and their friends to a bygone era by hosting their party at a castle or historic home. Explore the rich history and grandeur of these remarkable locations while incorporating exciting activities. Sometimes these places have scavenger hunts or similar quiz sheet for kids to fill.

11.Day at the beach (or a lake)

Pack a picnic and dip in the sea for a cold swim! Take sports gear for a whole group game or rounders, baseball or cricket!

12. Hike scavenger hunt

Take the kids on a hike nearby and play walking activities on the way. Scavenger hunt for special stones twigs and leaves, the peg on backpack game, or (depending what is common where you are) a jelly sweet for everyone every time someone spots a deer.

13. Karaoke Party

This is the absolute best fun! Let your kids try on their best rock star or pop star character and sing their hearts outs out to their favourite music.

14. Science Center or Planetarium:

Kids can explore exhibits and conduct cool experiments! This will be a wonderous party, planetariums are magical, and sparking excitement and wonder like this will be memorable.

15. Indoor Go-Kart Racing Track:

Let the kids try on their inner f1 superstardom with an adrenaline-pumping birthday race on a go-kart track! So exciting!

16. Mini Golf Course:

Swing into a birthday celebration with challenging shots and hole-in-one moments at a mini golf bonanza! Putting, pizzas and fun-a-plenty.

17. Petting Zoo:

Celebrate your kid’s special day surrounded by adorable animals for kids to visit interact with and cuddle. Often places will teach you a bit about the animals so it can be a real petting zoo experience!

18. Indoor Playland or Soft Play Center:

Let your kids jump, slide, and tumble at a super fun and exciting indoor playland, where the birthday fun never ends!

19. Ice Cream Parlor with Party Room:

Indulge in a sweet celebration as kids are allowed to decorate their own deserts at an ice cream or desert parlour. This is every kids dream!

20. Cooking Studio or Culinary School:

A culinary-themed celebration! This is fun, creative, kids will learn something new, get to do something very inclusive while still being active….an they will be proud of what they’ve made by the end!

21. Horse Riding Stable or Equestrian Center:

Saddle up for a really special birthday! Let the kids learn about horses, groom them, feed then and even have a little ride!

22. Indoor Sports Complex:

For active, sporty kids, this is perfect! have a selectin of sport stations and let them play basketball, volleyball, soccer and any other fun school-kid games. Like a nostalgia celebration.

23. Children’s Theater or Performing Arts Center:

Step into the spotlight and let your kid shine on your special day. At a performing arts centre, create some theater or drama performances and bring out the talents in your little kiddos!

24. Music Studio for Karaoke or Music-themed Parties:

Grab the mic, hit the high notes, and dance like nobody’s watching at a rockin’ karaoke birthday party! This is so much fun, and something all ages can enjoy together.

25. Art Gallery or Art Studio for Creative Celebrations:

For creative kids, or those who love a project, they would love an art studio birthday. Paint, sculpt, and craft beautiful masterpieces together to celebrate the special day!

26. Local Fire Station or Police Station:

Discover the hero within you as we celebrate your birthday with an educational and community-focused party at the fire station or police station, where we’ll learn about their important work and explore emergency vehicles!

27: Aquarium or Marine Life Center:

Dive into a sea-themed celebration at an aquarium or marine life center. Kids can explore fascinating underwater creatures and enjoy interactive exhibits and educational presentations.

28. Sports Stadium Tour:

Take your child and their friends on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of a local sports stadium. They can walk in the footsteps of their favorite athletes and learn about the history and inner workings of the venue.

29. Adventure in the Great Outdoors:

Consider hosting a party at a local park or nature reserve. Kids can enjoy the open space, playgrounds, and even participate in fun outdoor activities like scavenger hunts, nature walks, or a friendly game of tag. Pack a picnic and let the kids explore and embrace nature while celebrating your child’s special day.

30. Creative Fun at an Art Studio:

Unleash your child’s creativity by hosting a party at an art studio. These venues provide a unique opportunity for kids to engage in hands-on art projects led by professional artists. Whether it’s painting, pottery, or crafts, children can create their own masterpieces to take home as memorable party favors.

31. Go Wild at the Zoo:

For animal-loving children, a zoo party is a fantastic choice. Many zoos offer party packages that include guided tours, close-up encounters with animals, and educational activities. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn about different species while having an unforgettable adventure with their friends.

32. Fun at the Ice Skating Rink:

Lace up those skates and hit the ice for an exhilarating birthday celebration. Many ice skating rinks offer party packages that include skate rentals, dedicated party areas, and even lessons for beginners. Kids can glide and twirl on the ice while creating lasting memories with their friends.

33. The Magical Theater Experience:

Many theaters offer special party packages that include private screenings of popular children’s movies or live performances tailored for young audiences. It’s an opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in the magic of theater and feel like true VIPs.

34. Artisan Workshop:

Arrange a party at an artisan workshop where kids can engage in hands-on activities like pottery making, woodworking, or jewelry crafting. They’ll have the chance to create their own unique pieces and learn from skilled artisans.

35. Outdoor Movie Theater:

Rent out an outdoor movie theater or set up a backyard cinema for a memorable movie-themed party. Kids can enjoy their favorite films under the stars with blankets, popcorn, and cozy seating.

36. Artisanal Bakery:

Host a baking party at an artisanal bakery where kids can learn to decorate cupcakes, cookies, or cakes. They’ll have the opportunity to unleash their creativity and enjoy the sweet treats they create.

37. Nature Reserve or Botanical Garden:

Explore the beauty of nature by hosting a party at a nearby nature reserve or botanical garden. Kids can engage in guided tours, nature walks, or participate in nature-inspired activities and crafts.

38. Wildlife Sanctuary:

Arrange a party at a wildlife sanctuary where kids can interact with and learn about animal. They can enjoy hands-on experiences, guided tours, and educational presentations about wildlife conservation.

39. Gymnastics Center:

Plan a party at a gymnastics center where kids can tumble, jump, and swing to their heart’s content. With professional instructors guiding them, they can learn new skills and have a blast in a safe and supervised environment.

40. Aviation Museum:

Take your child’s birthday party to new heights at an aviation museum. Kids can explore aircraft displays, learn about aviation history, and even have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a plane.

41. Dance Studio:

Host a dance party at a professional dance studio. Kids can learn some basic dance moves, participate in fun dance routines, and showcase their talent on the dance floor.

42. Park Picnic:

Choose a scenic park with ample space and facilities, such as picnic tables, grills, and a playground, to accommodate all your guests. Set up a designated area with blankets, cushions, and decorations and then bring all the games and just let the kids hang out together and have fun.

43. Park Olympics or Sports Day Party:

Turn your child’s birthday into an energetic and games event by hosting a Park Olympics or Sports Day Party. Choose a spacious park with plenty of open space and get the kids in teams, doing classic sport challenges, sack race, egg and spoon race, shoe-throw and tug of war,

44. Roller Disco:

Get ready to groove and skate the day away with a roller disco party for your child’s birthday. Find a local roller rink or rent a venue that can accommodate roller skating activities. Enjoy the colorful lights, disco balls, and vibrant retro atmosphere. Sometimes roller disco instructors guide the kids through some funky dance moves on wheels.

45. Bowls Club or Bowls in the Park:

Introduce your child and their friends to the leisurely yet captivating game of lawn bowls by hosting a party at a local bowls club or in a park with a designated lawn bowls area. Set up multiple bowling lanes and provide child-friendly bowls, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate and enjoy the game. It’s a unique and relaxing party idea that combines fun and a touch of sophistication.

46. Pottery Painting Studio:

Arrange a pottery painting party at a specialized studio. Kids can choose from a variety of ceramic items and paint them with colorful designs. The finished pieces can then be kiln-fired and taken home as unique party favors.

47. Sports Training Facility:

Book a sports training facility for a sports-themed party. Kids can engage in fun and energetic activities such as soccer drills, basketball games, or obstacle courses designed to develop their skills and teamwork.

48. Outdoor Adventure Center:

Organize a party at an outdoor adventure center that offers activities like canoeing, archery, or nature trails. It’s an opportunity for kids to enjoy the great outdoors, learn new outdoor skills, and have an adventurous celebration.

49. Water Park or Aquatic Center:

This party will involve water slides, wave pools, and all types of aquatic fun! Water parks will be so exciting and high energy.

50. Train Ride Adventure:

Host a party on a scenic train ride. Choose a train route that offers beautiful views, and let the kids enjoy the journey while celebrating onboard with games, music, and treats.

51. Marine Exploration Center:

Take the party underwater at a marine exploration center. Kids can learn about marine life, interact with sea creatures, and even go on guided tours or boat trips to explore marine habitats.

52. Retro Arcade:

Step back in time with a party at a retro arcade. Kids can indulge in classic arcade games, compete in friendly challenges, and experience the nostalgia of vintage gaming.

53. Science Fiction or Comic Book Store:

Celebrate at a science fiction or comic book store. Kids can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite superheroes, explore merchandise, and even participate in themed activities or cosplay contests.

54. Rooftop Garden or Terrace:

Host a rooftop party at a venue with a garden or terrace. Kids can enjoy an outdoor celebration with a panoramic view, and activities like outdoor games, picnic-style dining, or stargazing.

55. Virtual Reality Arcade:

Dive into a world of virtual reality at a dedicated VR arcade. Kids can strap on VR headsets and engage in thrilling virtual adventures, from immersive games to virtual experiences in space, underwater, or even on fantasy landscapes.

56. Farm Stay Experience:

Plan a farm stay party where kids can spend the day at a working farm. They can participate in farm activities, interact with animals, learn about sustainable agriculture, and enjoy outdoor games and picnics in a scenic countryside setting.

57. Indoor Skydiving Center:

Take the party to new heights at an indoor skydiving center. Kids can experience the thrill of freefalling in a safe and controlled environment, with trained instructors guiding them through the exhilarating adventure.

58. Treehouse Adventure:

Find a venue with treehouse facilities or create a treehouse-themed party in your own backyard. Kids can enjoy the excitement of climbing, exploring, and playing in a unique and imaginative treehouse setting.

59. Historical Train Station Museum:

Host a party at a historical train station. Kids can learn about the history of trains, explore vintage locomotives, and even take a short ride on a heritage train.

60. Artistic Glass Studio:

Arrange a party at an artistic glass studio where kids can learn about the art of glassblowing and create their own glass art pieces under the guidance of skilled artisans.

61. Yoga or Meditation Studio:

Foster a sense of mindfulness and relaxation by hosting a party at a yoga or meditation studio. Kids can participate in age-appropriate yoga or meditation sessions, engage in calming activities, and learn techniques for stress relief.

62. Local Radio Station:

Give your child the experience of being a radio star by hosting the party at a local radio station. Kids can tour the studio, learn about radio broadcasting, and even have the chance to record their own radio segments or interviews.

Good Luck!

Have a think about which of these ideas might suit your child and your budget and do a few google searches of the offerings available locally by typing in “[climbing birthday] in…[cite name]”!

Some of these places will offer the whole party experience and some will involve more input form you so be sure to weight that up too! Have fun planning and be sure to take millions of photos!

Best of luck,

Zoe x

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