Cutest ballerina party ideas!

Welcome to this page packed full of ideas on how to throw your little dancer the best ballerina party ever! This plan is aimed mainly at 3-6-year-olds but is packed full of inspiration for games, activities, decorations and treats, so can easily be adapted for any age!

I’m Zoe, a previous professional party host with years of experience. I know what works, and I am here to share it with you to help as much as possible make this a magical day for everyone without the stress!

So let’s jete into this ballerina party plan to give your little ones the greatest pirhouett-astic day!

Activity Ideas for a Ballerina Party

1. Ballet Story Time!

The loveliest thing to do at a party, for a bit of down time is adventurous story telling. Luckily for the ballerina theme there are some fabulous stories – after all that’s just what ballet is about – bringing fabulous stories to life.

We recommend this book of Ballet Stories for little children. They are produced really beautifully with lovely bold illustrations, and story tell some of the most famous classic ballets.

Another lovely option for younger children is the Angelina ballerina stories; especially the Angelina at Ballet School story.

2. A Real Ballet Class (though YouTube!)

This will without a doubt be the cutest moment of the party!

Now we know that we need an activity that will keep all party guests entertained, not just the keenest ballerina, so we have found a YouTube video to share with you that we think will offer a perfect balance of ballet class to those who love it, and free fun dancing to the rest!

3. Decorate a Ballerina Princess Crown

You can either cut your own template or buy a set of pre-cut ballerina crowns that come with sticker jewels to decorate them with!

A craft party can be a lovely relaxing activity and children can busily decorate with some famous ballet music in the background. These crowns will be a super special, personal take-home present as well!

This can be a lovely activity to do when the kids arrive, it allows them to filter through at different times and gives any kids who are a bit more shy- something they can immediately get stuck into, easing them in gently to interactions with the other kids.

4. Photo shoot Time

Get the kids into little groups, with props to prepare a special group pose and take paparazzi photos! If you get the tinsel curtain for decoration, you can use it as the backdrop for the photos!

This will without a doubt be the most adorable thing ever. If you chose to go with the prop decorations- these will be perfect for the occasion.

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Game Ideas for a Ballerina Party

1. A Day in the Life

In this game, the facilitator shouts out the actions below and children must follow the instructions for each action. The last ones to follow the actions are out and the game continues!

  • On Stage – Run to one side of the room
  • In the Dressing Room – Run to the other side of the room
  • Ballet Shoes – Kneel on the floor and pretend to tie up shoe ribbons
  • Hair Spray – Pretend to give the hair a final setting
  • Warm-up Time – Do star jumps as if warming up

This is a fun, high concentration and physical game- you can always take out one of two of these actions to simplify it for younger children, or reward the fastest child to avoid having to send people ‘out’.

2. Choreographer Says

“In the Studio the Choreographer designs the show and gives the dancers the instructions! So we have to follow the instructions the choreographer gives….and if the choreographer doesn’t say it, we don’t do it”

This game is like Simon Says. Any action that starts with ‘choreographer says’ has to be done, otherwise, the kids can’t do it. If they make a mistake, they’re either the silly ones, or they could get sent out!

3. Afterparty Statues!

After the big shows, ballerinas have a big party where they do the craziest dancing they can – that they’re not allowed to do on stage! It’s after party time- but with a statue twist!

This game is like musical statues- children dance to music and when the music stops they have to freeze! Encourage them to do the craziest dancing they can manage- this is also a good strategy to get them burning as much energy as possible. You can either reward the most frozen statues or call out the funniest frozen positions.

Awesome Decorations for a Ballerina Party

  1. Pink tinsel curtains – fabulous and glittery! These are affordable and make a big impact- kids will love the shininess and feel. You can buy them anywhere, for example these ones linked.
  2. Massive pink and confetti balloons! For example, these here. You buy pre-designed sets and they look super special and spectacular for a very affordable DIY price
  3. Ballerina costume props for a photobooth shoot (in front of the tinsel curtain!). Props are such a cool way to bring the theme of the party to life! Interacting with decorations is the best. We suggest these gorgeous colourful tutus, tiaras and a selection of colourful scarves!
  4. Themed table settings like this gold and pink set will look spectacular- this is the ultimate functional decoration and will make a huge impact!
  5. Music! Play a ‘fairy-music’ playlist in the background for magic and atmosphere! We suggest this one on Spotify– but any sort of magical music will do the trick

Snack Ideas for a Ballerina Party

The best tip for food ideas is to keep it simple and keep it to food that children will love. To get the most out of the food experience, here are our ideas for adding some sparkle and creativity to the snack table!

1. A pink-ballerina food platter

This is a really fun way to make a food table loop spectacular!

  • Pink – pink biscuit wafers, Haribo love hearts, breadsticks or crackers in pink hummus, pink hummus sandwiches, strawberry jam sandwiches, pink and white marshmallows, red grapes, strawberries/raspberries, pink popcorn, watermelon, ham and salami and cheese on crackers/bread, grapefruit.
  • For silver accents- drizzle melted white chocolate over any biscuits, wafers or fruits and cover in silver sprinkle balls or edible glitter- this will go down a treat!
  • For rainbow accents- drizzle melted white chocolate over any biscuits, wafers or fruits and cover in silver sprinkle balls or edible glitter- this will go down a treat!

2. ‘Ballerina’ themed Jelly

A really fun thing to do for a party is make a huge bowl of jelly and fill it with themed sweets inside! For a princess party, you could make a light pink or purple jello and fill it with Haribo love hearts.

You can also get little plastic ballerina figures online and put one of two inside the jelly – just be sure not to accidentally serve up on the day!

3. Cute individual veggie cups

Individual little holders for veggies and or fruit or popcorn are a really fun way to serve food. For a princess party, you could use gorgeous little pink cases, each with a couple of carrot/celery sticks, some grapes and some cucumber- check out this page on amazon for inspiration.

4. Pink popcorn lucky dip

Popcorn is a really fun party food that children love and can be easily customised to fit a theme. See this recipe here for pink popcorn- you can make this any colour by adding different colored food colourings and once you’ve poured the syrup onto the popcorn you can also sprinkle with multicoloured or silver and gold sprinkles.

You can also make a popcorn lucky dip (a total hit with all my nieces and nephews at parties) where you mix popcorn with part themes sweets such as jelly animals. You can even serve this in mini popcorn cardboard cups- guaranteed this will be super popular for all ages!

Good Luck!

With these ideas, some creativity and some magical ballet soundtracks, this day is going to be so special and you will cherish it forever! Be sure to take plenty of photos to commemorate the occasion.

Most importantly, focus on the main bits- be present with your child. Have a fantastic day! You’ve got this!

Best of luck, Zoe xx

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