50+ FUN UNIQUE ideas for bachelorette beach party

A bachelorette is a one-in-a-lifetime moment for a bride to celebrate the final moment with her girlfriends before her wedding day! A beach bachelorette party is a great idea and an awesome way to celebrate – what better way to reflect on the good old single years what with a cocktail in hand, palm trees overhead and a sunset in front of you!

A beach bachelorette party can be a perfect way to organise a weekend where there is something for every guest to get involved in; for those who love sports and adventure, there can be beach hike and water sports.

For those who love relaxing, you can organise chill beach games and activities. For those who like day celebrating, they can go back early while for those who favor a party, beach resorts can often be some of the best places to go out and dance the night away!

I’m Zoe, and since I stopped working in the party industry to spend more time on this site, I have loved coming up with exciting and creative ideas for parties, to celebrate the most special moments in our lives. I love nothing more than celebrating all the special milestones in life and I hope my enthusiasm comes through in these ideas!

In this post, we have a huge range of ideas, from bachelorette party theme and decoration ideas, to games, activities, entertainment and loads more!

How to plan a bachelorette beach party

  1. Set the Date and Budget: Find a budget that suits the person on the lowest income, or agree to subsidise some of the party members, the worst thing to do is make anyone uncomfortable. Weekends are more likely to suit people who work. can it be a one-night party or are you hoping for a weekend away?
  2. Create the Guest List: This is entirely up to the bride (sometimes via the maid of honor!) If you’re going away we suggest keeping numbers under 10. If you’re staying local, you could invite as many people as you like! Recently there has been a trend to have joint bachelor and bachelorette parties. If this is for you, coordinate with where the groom’s party will be. Another thing to consider is the age of the guests. If you’re inviting moms and aunts and maybe even grandmas maybe choose a day activity with an option for them to head off before the party.
  3. Choose the Beach Destination: Think about whether it will be local, how easy and expensive it is to get there, and whether there are good accommodation options. The perfect place will be a mixture of what the bride loves and something that is practical! things to think about: Is there nightlife? Are there beach sunsets? Are there watersports? Can you swim/surf? Is there any dangerous wildlife?
  4. Send Out Invitations: Send save the dates and get the bachelorette party invitations well in advance to give the party time to prepare, especially if it involves a trip. it is best to decide the plan along with the bridal party to make sure it suits everyone, but just be extra conscious for those with kids who might struggle to take a weekend away.
  5. Accommodation Booking: Reserve the accommodation for the group. Options include hotels, Airbnb, rental flats and campsites.
  6. Plan Beach-Friendly Decor: Arranging the decor will be one of the fun-nest parts of the trip. See the theme and decorations section of this post for inspiration! We had loads of unique beach party bachelorette themes and idea for how to style the space and group accordingly!
  7. Organize Transportation: Plan accommodation to and from the beach. If it’s far away, it’s nice for someone to book this centrally, either to book train seats close together, or to organise lift-shares or support those who feel less confident travelling in their own.
  8. Beach Activities and Entertainment​: See our section of this post for super fun and creative game, activity and entertainment ideas. This will be a great place to find inspiration. ORganis a mix of entertainment and also chill time where the brida squad can relax and child on the beach between the organised fun!
  9. Food and Drink Selection​: You will want to think about 3 meals a day, snacks and any special food moments, for instance if you plan to open a champagne at sunset, or if you plan a little picnic atop a hillside with a view over the beach.
  10. Prepare a Beach-Themed Playlist: And organise good speakers with back up batterypacks if there is no electricity on the beach. Music is the ultimate way to create a lovely atmosphere and ensure everyone has a great time. Curate a playlist with the bride’s favorite songs and beach-themed tunes for the party.
  11. Bachelorette Gifts and Favors: It’s lovely to have matching kit at a bachelorette party. Think about beach themed gifts, like matching sunhats, beach towels or bride party sunglasses!
  12. Plan surprises for the Bride: Think about ways to celebrate the bride-to-be with speeches, toasts, and special surprises. 
  13. Thank You Cards: Send thank-you cards to the guests after the party to show appreciation for their attendance.

Ideas Beach Party Decor and Themes

We’ve come up with 12 awesome ideas for beach party themes that you can take and adapt and make your own! For each we have some ideas for decorations and ideas for a dress code so that all the guests suit the theme perfectly!

  1. Tropical Paradise: For a bride with a bright, sunshine personality who loves exotic getaways and fruity flavours
    • Decorations: Leis, tiki torches, tropical flowers, palm fronds.
    • Outfit Ideas: Hawaiian print dresses, straw hats, flower crowns, and flip-flops. Grass skirts, leis, floral swimsuits, and flip-flops.
  2. Nautical Chic: For a bride who loves a classic look, with nautical aesthetics and a seaside charm! or maybe a bride who has a cheeky sailor flare!
    • Decorations: Navy and white color scheme, anchors, sailor stripes, lifebuoys.
    • Outfit Ideas: Navy and white striped dresses, sailor hats, boat shoes, and anchor jewelry.
  3. Mermaid Vibes: For a bride who love the sea and all things mermaid inspired and magical!
    • Decorations: Mermaid tail banners, seashells, iridescent streamers, starfish.
    • Outfit Ideas: Mermaid-inspired swimsuits, sequin cover-ups, and shell crowns.
  4. Boho Beach Bash: For a bride who is pree-sprited and loves bohemian style and a natural beach aesthetic
    • Decorations: Macrame hangings, dreamcatchers, boho rugs, tapestries.
    • Outfit Ideas: Flowy boho dresses, fringe bikinis, oversized sunglasses, and layered bracelets.
  5. Seaside Spa Retreat: For a classy bride who loves luxury with a natural, earthy twist
    • Decorations: White drapes, lanterns, soothing coastal colors, and beach-themed spa elements.
    • Outfit Ideas: White or pastel-colored spa robes, flip-flops, and beach-inspired jewelry.
  6. Under the Stars: For a romantic bride who loves stargazing and the magic of the night
    • Decorations: String lights, lanterns, beach bonfire setup, starry night-themed decor.
    • Outfit Ideas: Cozy sweaters, starry night-themed outfits, and beach blankets.
  7. Beach Glamour: For a bride with style who loves beach glamour and luxury
    • Decorations: Gold and white color scheme, sequins, glittery beach hats.
    • Outfit Ideas: Glitzy beach cover-ups, metallic swimsuits, and oversized sunglasses.
  8. Tropical Fiesta: For a spicy bride who loves colour energy and party vibes!
    • Decorations: Fiesta banners, colorful papel picado banners, piñatas, tropical flowers.
    • Outfit Ideas: Fiesta dresses, sombreros, and colorful accessories.
  9. Beach BBQ Bash: For a laid-back, casual bride who loves family barbeques, good food and together-time!
    • Decorations: Checkered tablecloths, mason jar centerpieces, BBQ grill setup.
    • Outfit Ideas: Gingham dresses, BBQ aprons, and cowboy boots.
  10. Vintage Beach Party: For a bride who loves classic, and appreciates retro beach aesthetics, the good-old beach vibe!
    • Decorations: Vintage beach umbrellas, retro swimsuits, old-fashioned beach chairs.
    • Outfit Ideas: Vintage-style swimsuits, retro sunglasses, and beach hats.
  11. Beach Bohemian Dream: For a dreamer who loves cloud watching, and walking barefoot in the sand
    • Decorations: Bohemian tapestries, dreamcatchers, flower crowns, and earthy tones.
    • Outfit Ideas: Flowy boho dresses, floral headbands, and barefoot beach chic.
  12. Rollerblading Barbie Beach Party:
    • Decorations: giant sunglasses and lipstick props, barbie signage, a barbie outfit crossing room and photobooth box!
    • Outfit Ideas: Neon 80’s outfits, Colourful Visas and sweatbands
  13. Baywatch lifeguard party theme
    • Decorations: Baywatch signage, life buoys and rescue floats, red and yellow colour scheme, inflatable sharks and dolphins
    • Outfit Ideas: Red swimsuits, glamorous sunglasses and inflatable buoys
  14. Beach Luau: For a fun-loving bride who loves tropical vibes and fruity flavours
    • Decorations: Grass skirts, tiki mugs, pineapple centrepieces, luau banners.
    • Outfit Ideas: Grass skirts, leis, floral swimsuits, tropical print and flip-flops.

Bachelorette Beach Party Entertainment and Activity Ideas

Fun group activities:

1. Photographer

Organise a photographer to come and create a beach photoshoot! This is a really fun activity especially if you have a theme for the party. The photographer can get you doing funny challenges for awesome shots and maybe play around with perspective and framing for some artistic photo-outcomes. These will make a treasured keepsake!

2. Group dance workshop

Hire a dance instructor to run a hen party dance routine workshop on the beach! Have a great laugh and a lot of fun learning a routine and performing it to each other or for a camera at the end!

3. Group coastal path hike

If you’re in a beautiful region, take a hike along a coastal path by the beach. This is a nice break from the sand, and can get a lovely view back over the coast – a perfect group photo spot!

4. Group sandcastle throw down

Split into two teams and have a sand castle-making competition. Who can build the tallest castle in 15 minutes? Extra points for shell decorations, moat depth and flag poles!

5. Find local beachside entertainment, like wine tastings or cooking classes!

After a day at the beach, a nice afternoon or evening activity indoors can be a welcome break from the heat and sand! Often in beach areas there will be lovely activity options that you can explore for the group.

Relaxing beach activities:

It doesn’t need to be an action-packed, high-energy weekend – often the best way to relax is lying on a beach and doing absolutely nothing! But here are some lovely ideas for extra fun relaxation!

1. Organise a masseuse

Bring a spa day to the beach by arranging a masseuse to come and offer their services with short head or shoulder massages for the party. You could even add cooling cucumber eyemasks or aromatherapy cushions to the group for ultimate beach relaxation!

2. Beach yoga class

Get the bride tribe to take a beach yoga class! Often you can hire instructors for bachelorette parties who know how to design fun, high-energy, all-inclusive classes.

3. Seashell jewellery making

Bring a selection of string, beads and jewellery clasps and make shell jewellery as you sit on the beach! It will be fun wearing your creations out that evening.

4. Sunset cocktail hour

Order a beach cocktail service, if available, or buy pre-mixes of cocktails and take them to the beach with loads of ice in an eski! If you’re in a built-up area you might also find a perfect cocktail bar with a beach view!

5. Beach painting class

Bring watercolours and have a go past sketching the beach scenes, or sketching each other sunbathing! This is only meant to be a bit of fun so don’t take yourself too seriously, and enjoy the creative beach vibe! A compilation of your artwork will make a perfect momento of the trip!

Sporty beach activities:

There are loads of outdoor activities you can do on a beach! For sporty types, consider hiring equipment, or even organising a group lesson like an hour’s surf instructions to something to give everyone a go at practising the sport you love!

1. Beach Frisbee

Get a game of beach frisbee going! You can count raleights, play piggie in the middle or even organise a group ultimate frisbee match. Frisbee is a fun game for anyone at any level to have a go with.

2. SUP (Stand up paddle)

Either bring or hire SUP equipment and let everyone have a go on a board – you could hire a few and let people switch around. Even though standing can be tricky for newbies in wavy water, kneeling and pabbling, or having someone else paddle you while you sunbathe is good fun!

3. Surfing

Organise a surf lesson for your group and let them have a go riding waves under expert instruction!

4. Beach Volleyball

Organise a group game of beach volleyball! You can get small stand-up nets and make your own game even if there are no official courts! This is a fun game that everyone can get involved with!

5. Sandcastle Compeition

Have group members compete in a sand-castle-making competition in teams! You can make it bachelorette party themed: ‘build the bride and groom’s future castle’ and have the bride judge her favourite!

6. Beach Tug of war

This is great fun for athletic, adventurous bridal groups! organise into teams and tug of war on the sand!

7. Hire jet skis or water sports equipment

Some beach resorts will have fun beach and water sports equipment such as jet skis and banana boats to hire! Book a slot to have a go – let them take you on a spin and have a great time falling off into the water!

Bachelorette Beach Party Game Ideas:

Here, we’ve created a list of beach party game ideas. To spark up the vibe, having some games at planned times throughout the day can be a great way to bring back the fun, free-spiritedness of the bachelorette celebration!

1. Beachcomber scavenger hunt

Set a scavenger challenge and send the player off to scavenge. the first person back with the full list completely wins, but there are also bonus points for the best item found in each category. Items can include; cool shells, stones shaped like hearts, feathers, seaweed…and anything else likely to occur on a beach shore.

2. Beach limbo

This is one of the best things to play on a beach as the soft sand makes for a gentle landing and players can be much more ambitious in their moves, creating fun for everyone else to watch! play music, fins a stick and limo under it while the rest of the group cheers on!

3. Musical beach towels

This is a playful game, a take on the classic music chairs! Stand in a circle with one fewer beach towel than people. when the music stops, anyone who can’t find a towel to lie down on is out! and the game goes on until there is one winner. This is a super fun idea- but be warned…it can get competitive!

4. Giant beach twister

A giant twister game is really fun. Some people like to play the drinking version of the game, if you can’t do a move, you drink! This is actually fun for anyone, even those preferring to sip on mocktails

5. Beach drinking games like beer pong

If you have a little table, classic drinking games are great fun to play on the beach! Lookup rules to beer pong, flip cup and other college classics!

Bachelorette Beach Party evening ideas

Once you’ve had a lovely fun beach day, topping your tan and playing games on the beach, it’s time to turn your attention to the evening. Here are some suggestions for some fun activities for after sun-down!

1. Beach bonfire

If it’s allowed, a beach bonfire is a lovely evening beach activity. Stand around it together watching mesmerizing flames, keeping warm and toasting marshmallows!

2. Sunset cruises

Sunset boat cruises are a popular choice with many holidaygoers- why not book one for your bachelorette party! This is such a romantic idea- set off on one last sail as a group of singles, before the bride’s big day. Watch the sun go down while sipping cocktails and feeling the fresh air of the sea! This is sure to be a very memorable experience.

3. Beach barbeque and cocktail sundown

Order a beach cocktail service, if available, or buy pre-mixes of cocktails and take them to the beach with loads of ice in an eski! If you’re in a built-up area you might also find a perfect cocktail bar with a beach view! You can order a disposable barbeque to make life simple if you are far from home, and take hot dogs and burgers with plenty of sauces and salads to enjoy as a beach barbequeue!

4. Beach bar with live music

If you’re in an area with good nightlife, there’s nothing better than a beach bar with live music! Such a cheerful festive vibe, you can either spend the night listening and dreaming or pop in for a few songs before heading out dancing.

5. Stargazing

Lie in the sand with blankets and cushions, maybe play some music, or let everyone listen to the sounds of nature as they stargaze. You can download constellation apps to try and identify constellations. If you see a shooting star, you get to make a wish.

6. Wish lantern ceremony

Order Chinese wish lanterns and release them into the sky with a wish for the bride and groom and their life together. This is a beautiful ceremony. You could also let each moment write their own wish, and letting them off together makes for a beautiful spectacle. (NB: Buy eco-friendly options that are safe when they go into the sea)

7. Comedy Club

If you’re in a built-up area but the bride is not a fan of dancing (or at least not until the later hours!) Look for alternative entertainment to live music such as stand-up comedy! This is great because it gives the group something to talk about and can be a lot of fun! 

8. Local club nights or music gigs

If you’re in an area with nightlife, look up local nightclubs or live music gigs to party the night away on the dance floor, classic bachelorette party style! This is where you can pull out the cheeky bachelorette outfits and toys!

Popular beach party destinations:

There is absolutely no need to travel for a bachelorette party and often it is much easier for all the guests if the activities are local, but sometimes, a bride just wants to find sun and party, and if that is the vibe of your bride, going to a party destination could be a great option if it’s within scope and budget.

Popular beach party destinations in the USA include east coast beaches like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, West Palm Beach, and Atlantic City as well as west coast beaches like Santa Barbara and San Diego. Cape Cod is also a popular destination.

Popular destinations in Mexico include Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Popular beach party destinations in Europe include the Spanish islands Mallorca and Ibiza and the Greek islands Mykonos and Corfu.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of ideas for bachelorette beach parties and that you feel excited to get together with the girls and start planning your trip!

Have a brilliant time, and congratulations on this exciting milestone in your life!

Best of luck, Zoe x

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