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Bachelorette parties and planning the last hoorah with the girls can be one of the best parts of a wedding process! It’s a special occasion and a chance to customise the evening to perfectly suit the bride’s personality and create a super fun weekend for the team bride! 

As with many special occasions, it has become customary to include some gift giving, whether that’s funny bachelorette party gifts for the bride-to-be or funny bachelorette party favors from the bride to the bachelorette party guests.

In this post, we have created a huge range of ideas, from funny and cheeky gifts to gifts for exercise-keen brides, creative brides, DY gifts, seasonal gifts, drinking theme gifts and many more!

Hopefully, you will get inspiration for the perfect gift idea for your special occasion!

Creative/cheeky ideas for a bachelorette gag gift

Creative DIY options make for super funny gag gift ideas, as they’re funny, thoughtful and maybe also useful to the bride on her wedding day or night! A DIY gift is lovely for a best friend or for close family members to create when they know the bride super-well, and know exactly what will be useful and what will give her a good laugh!

  1. “Bride’s Treasure Map” – A map leading to a “buried treasure” box filled with fun trinkets.
  2. “Bride’s Beauty Toolbox” – A toolbox filled with beauty-related items and a funny label like “Tools for Nailing the Wedding Look.”
  3. “Wedding Emergency Kit” – A funny kit with items like a mini fire extinguisher and “Emergency Bridezilla Spray” to handle wedding-day crises.
  4. “DIY Husband Training Manual” – A funny manual with tongue-in-cheek advice on training the perfect husband.
  5. “Bride’s Recipe Book” – A cookbook filled with “recipes” for a happy marriage, like “Recipe for a Peaceful Argument.”
  6. “DIY Marriage Counseling Kit” – A comical kit with items like a toy therapist’s couch and a fake prescription pad for marital advice

Fun apparel gag gifts for a bachelorette party

Another great option for a bachelorette party or bridal shower gag gift is something apparel-themed. You can customise these bridal gift suggestions to make them perfect as a funny and cheeky gift for the bachelorette bash, for the big day, for their wedding night or for them to enjoy wearing well into their married lift!

  1. “Future Mrs.” Cape: A superhero-style cape with “Future Mrs.” written on it for the bride to wear proudly.
  2. Bride-to-Be Crown: A crown or tiara adorned with comical and sparkly “Bride-to-Be” decorations.
  3. “Just Married” Socks: Fun socks with “Just Married” written on the soles.
  4. Wedding-Themed Leggings: Leggings with wedding-themed patterns like wedding cakes, rings, or bridal gowns.
  5. Customized Bride’s T-Shirt: A funny and personalized T-shirt with a playful message or a quirky image.
  6. Bridal Party Pajamas: Matching pyjama sets for the entire bridal party with cutesy bridal-themed designs.
  7. “Mrs. Always Right” Apron: An apron with a witty message for the bride as she embarks on married life.
  8. Bachelorette Party Robes: Silky robes with funny quotes or nicknames for each member of the bridal party.
  9. Bride’s Fanny Pack: A fanny pack with a fun message to the bride to carry her essentials in style.
  10. Bachelorette Party Sunglasses: Oversized or novelty sunglasses with bridal-themed designs like “Bride Squad” or “Bride Tribe.”
  11. “Just Hitched” Cowboy Hat: A cowboy hat with “Just Hitched” written on it for a country-themed bachelorette party.
  12. Bride’s Flip Flops: Flip flops with “Bride” written on the sole, perfect for a beach or poolside bachelorette party.

Travel-related gag gift ideas for a bachelorette party:

If the bride has some travel coming up, either for a bachelorette trip, a destination wedding or a honeymoon trip, then travel-related options could make the best bachelorette gifts, especially if you mix something useful with a little humor!

  1.  “Bride’s Honeymoon Survival Kit” – A travel-sized kit filled with funny travel essentials like travel-sized toiletries and a fake passport.
  2. “Bride’s Passport” – A personalized passport cover with the bride’s name and a funny “Marriage Passport” logo.
  3. “Bride’s Survival Guide to Honeymoon” – A funny travel guidebook filled with clever, comical tips for the honeymoon.
  4. “Luggage Scale” – A scale with a cute note to help the bride pack for the honeymoon – maybe with silly suggestions of what to take (anything party, intimate or love related) and what not to take (anything sensible!).
  5. “Bride’s Adventure Fund” Piggy Bank – A cute piggy bank for the bride to save money for future adventures with her new spouse.
  6. “Travel-Themed Pajamas” – Pajamas with travel-related motifs and a funny message like “Jet-Set Bride.”
  7. “Bride’s Travel Pillow” – A neck pillow with a fun design and a label that says “Resting for the Wedding.”
  8. “Bride’s Mini Travel Kit” – A miniature travel kit with tiny toiletries for the bride’s carry-on bag.
  9. “Honeymoon Luggage Stickers” – Stickers with funny destination labels for the bride’s luggage.
  10. “Bride’s Adventure Journal” – A journal for the bride to document her travel adventures.
  11. “Airport Survival Kit” – A funny kit with items like earplugs, a sleep mask, and snacks for a stress-free airport experience.
  12. “Jet-Set Bride” Luggage Tags – Funny luggage tags with the bride’s face on them.
  13. “In-Flight Comfort Kit” – Includes an eye mask, earplugs, and a neck pillow with a funny message for a comfortable flight.
  14. “Destination: Marriage” World Map – A world map with markers for the bride to plan her future travels with her new hubby or wife.

Creative and artistic DIY Bachelorette gag gifts:

These could make great bridal shower gifts for a creative bride who would have a great time getting stuck into these artistic projects!

  1. “Instant Artist” Kit – Includes a blank canvas and a paintbrush with a note that says, “You can now paint your way through marriage!”
  2. Bride’s DIY Wedding Cake” – A cake mix box with a funny label indicating it’s a “foolproof” recipe for the wedding cake.
  3. “Marriage Masterpiece” Puzzle – A personalized jigsaw puzzle featuring the couple’s faces.
  4. “Master Chef” Apron – An apron with a funny message for the bride, highlighting her newfound cooking skills.
  5. “DIY Marriage Certificate” – A funny DIY certificate with blanks for the bride to fill out and sign.
  6. “Bride’s Relationship Roadmap” – A funny map that charts the bride’s journey from “Single” to “Married” with cute, memory detours along the way.
  7. “Bride’s Fairy Tale Book” – A personalised fairy tale book with the bride as the protagonist navigating the challenges of married life.

Small, low-cost bachelorette party gag gifts

These small and simple ideas are a perfect way to show thoughtfulness and offer something special while keeping things low-key!

  1. Quirky fun drinking straws: Maybe with cardboard cutouts of the groom’s face, or something even cheekier.
  2. Funny slogan makeup bag: This is a cute and small present, that is low cost, and always practical.
  3. Bachelorette party tattoos: This is a fun activity for the bridal party to create a bit of a bridal crew!

Exercise-related bachelorette gag gifts

A perfect gag gift for a bride who is working hard on her training before her wedding! this is a great way to support her efforts and also have a good laugh! 

  1. “Ring Workout” Resistance Bands – Resistance bands with a ring-shaped handle for bridal fitness.
  2. “Sweating for the Wedding” Gym Towel – A gym towel with a funny message to motivate the bride during workouts.
  3. “Bride’s Workout Plan” – A humorous workout plan that includes exercises like “lifting the veil” and “bridal lunges.”
  4. “Bridal Boot Camp” Kit – A playful exercise-themed kit with items like a mini dumbbell and resistance bands for the bride’s “pre-wedding workout.”

Drink-related bachelorette party gag gifts

Drinking theme ideas make funny bachelorette gifts for a bride who loves a wild night out! These are also perfect to pair with more naughty gifts if that would give the bride a good laugh!

  1. Ring shot glasses: An engagement ring style shot glass for a funny mish-mash of wedding-and-party time!
  2. “Bride’s Shot Glass Veil”: A veil adorned with shot glasses for the bride to wear.
  3. “Bachelorette Party Drinking Dice”: Dice with funny drinking challenges for the group.
  4. “Bride to Be” Wine Glass: A wine glass with a funny message for the bride to use during the party.
  5. “Bachelorette Brew Crew” Beer Koozies: Customized koozies for keeping drinks cold and hands warm.
  6. “Last Fling Before the Ring” Flask: A personalized flask for the bride to carry her favorite spirits.
  7. “Bridezilla” Warning Sign: A fun sign that warns of the bride’s impending transformation.
  8. “Bride survivor hangover kit”: A funny kit with remedies like aspirin and eye masks for the morning after.
  9. “Drunk in Love” Shot Glass Necklace: A shot glass on a necklace for easy access to party shots.
  10. “Bride’s Drinking Boot Camp”: A playful guidebook with tips for mastering the art of drinking.
  11. “Bachelorette Party Drinking Game”: A game that includes silly challenges and dares related to drinking.
  12. “Bride’s Emergency Kit”: A fun kit with mini bottles of alcohol and other essentials for the bride.
  13. “Bachelorette Party Hangover Mug”: A mug with a funny hangover-related design.
  14. Personalized Wine Labels: Labels with funny messages that can be applied to wine bottles.
  15. “Bride’s Brew” Coasters: Coasters with funny beer-related graphics for use during the party.
  16. “Drunk in Love” Cocktail Shaker: A cocktail shaker with a funny slogal print.
  17. “Just Drunk” Tumbler: A tumbler with a cheeky “Just Married” message.

Game-related bachelorette party gift ideas

A fun game either for the bachelorette bach or for the couple to play in their future marriage is a lovely idea for a bachelor party or bachelorette party gift!

  1. Couples’ date night cards such as: ‘SERVD’, ‘Quickie’ and ‘THE{}AND’
  2. Truth or dare cards for the bachelorette party
  3. ‘Tell me without telling me’ card game for the bachelorette party

Eco-friendly or more sustainable bachelorette party gifts:

  1. Bamboo Toothbrushes: Comical toothbrushes made from sustainable bamboo with quirky messages, encouraging ‘good oral hygiene’.
  2. Eco-Friendly Tote Bags: Reusable tote bags with funny bridal-themed designs, perfect for shopping or carrying essentials.
  3. Reusable Wine Tumblers: Stainless steel or glass wine tumblers with cute messages, perfect for toasting and reducing disposable plastic cup use.
  4. Seed Bombs: Handmade seed bombs with funny labels, encouraging guests to plant wildflowers and reduce waste.
  5. Compostable Party Confetti: Eco-friendly confetti made from biodegradable materials, perfect for a playful and sustainable celebration.
  6. Recycled Paper Memory Books: Personalized scrap notebooks made from recycled paper, featuring funny or cheeky designs and quotes that the bride or bridesmaids can use to create a memory book of the bachelorette weekend.
  7. Homemade Eco-Friendly Candles: Hand-poured soy or beeswax candles in recycled containers with funny labels.

Winter-Themed bachelorette gag gifts:

  1. Faux Fur Handcuffs: A cheeky gift that nods to winter warmth and cosy nights.
  2. “Cold Feet” Socks: Socks with a message like “massage time!” to keep the bride warm and toasty in her marriage.
  3. Hot Chocolate Kit with a Twist: Bachelorette-themed hot chocolate with cheeky chocolate figurines in a hot chocolate kit with marshmallows and other flavours for the bride to enjoy a cosy wintery drink before her wedding.
  4. “Snow Queen” Tiara: A tiara with snowflake or icicle designs for the bride to wear.
  5. “Bride’s Ice Scraper Wand”: A playful ice scraper shaped like a magic wand for clearing frosty car windows (perhaps with a funny ‘for quick getaways’ message) that will serve her well in her married life.
  6. “Frosty the Bride” Snow Globe: A snow globe with a miniature bride inside, complete with veil and bouquet. You could even get a personalised snow globe made will a funny picture of the new couple.
  7. “Bride’s Snowflake Mittens”: Mittens with a funny snowflake wedding pun to keep the bride warm.
  8. “Bachelorette Snow Angel” Wings: Oversized angel wings for the bride to wear during the party.
  9. “Bride’s Snowflake Flask”: A flask with a snowflake design for the bride’s favorite winter spirits.
  10. “Bachelorette Blizzard Bingo”: A winter-themed bingo game silly challenges and dares.

Spring-Themed bachelorette gag gifts:

  1. “Bride’s Blooming” Flower Crown: A floral crown with a beekeepers net veil for the bachelorette party
  2. “Spring Fling” Garden Gnome: A funny garden gnome dressed as a bride or wearing a veil.
  3. “Blossoming Bride” Flower Crown: A floral crown with a playful twist for the bride to wear.
  4. “Bride’s Blooming” Gardening Kit: A gardening kit with personalized tools and seeds for planting.
  5. “Bachelorette Butterfly Net”: A butterfly net with a funny label for the bride to catch her dreams.
  6. “Flower Child” Sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses with flower-themed frames.
  7. Plantable Seed Paper: Personalized seed paper in the shape of flowers or hearts, symbolizing new beginnings.
  8. “Bloomin’ Bride” Watering Can: A decorative watering can with a humorous bridal design.
  9. “Bachelorette Picnic Basket”: A picnic basket filled with spring-themed snacks and a funny twist..
  10. “Spring Fling” Insect Repellent: A personalized insect repellent spray with a playful label.
  11. “Bachelorette Birdhouse”: A birdhouse with a bridal-themed design and a funny, bride or wedding theme twist.

Summer-Themed bachelorette gag gifts:

  1. Bachelorette Beach Towel: A humorous beach towel with wedding-themed graphics.
  2. Bride’s Sunglasses: Oversized sunglasses with a playful message for the sunny days ahead.
  3. Inflatable Pool Float with a Twist: An inflatable pool float in the shape of a diamond ring.
  4. “Sunkissed Bride” Sunscreen: Personalized sunscreen with a witty label.
  5. “Cheeky Bridge Ice cubes”: an ice cube tray that makes cubes in funny, wedding-related shapes.
  6. Tropical Drink Accessories: Fun and colorful drink umbrellas, straws, and cocktail stirrers (possible in cheeky or silly shapes and figures).

Fall-Themed bachelorette gag gifts:

  1. “Falling in Love” Leaf Confetti: Biodegradable leaf-shaped confetti for a fall-themed celebration.
  2. Pumpkin Spice Latte Kit: A kit with pumpkin spice-flavored goodies and a funny mug.
  3. Flannel Autumnal Shirt: A cozy flannel shirt with a cute message or note tucked into the pocket!
  4. “Autumn Bride” Leaf Crown: A leafy crown with a veil for the bride to wear at the bachelorette party.
  5. “Bride’s Fall Harvest” Candle: A candle with autumn scents and a funny, silly quote label.
  6. “Rustic Bride” Plaid Scarf: A cozy plaid scarf with a personalised, funny label for the bride to keep warm.
  7. “Bride’s Harvest Moon” Shot Glass: A shot glass with a harvest moon graphic and a playful message.
  8. “Bachelorette Bonfire Party” Kit: A bonfire kit with sparklers and a cheeky twist ‘hot, sweaty nights, or bride on fire’!

Text ideas for customised bride items:

  1. “Bride’s Property – Hands Off!”
  2. “Mrs. [Bride’s Last Name] – Do Not Disturb!”
  3. “Game Over” (with a wedding ring graphic)
  4. “Last Fling Before the Ring”
  5. “Just Hitched!”
  6. “Warning: Bridezilla in Training”
  7. “Property of [Groom’s Name]”
  8. “Buy Me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot!”
  9. “Bride’s Booty – Handle with Care”
  10. “Bachelorette on the Loose!”

You can also customise gag gifts with photos, such as of a future husband’s face, or a funny photo of the bride from her younger partying days, or the couple as teenagers!

We hope you’ve found some great inspiration from these ideas for the best bachelorette party gifts and that you are ready to start shopping! Good luck with it, and have a brilliant bachelorette party with your besties!

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