14 TOP TIPS to get rid of mosquitoes for back yard party

Although I usually post about party ideas and tips and tricks, I’ve recently had a lot of questions online asking about how to get rid of mosquitoes for a backyard party.

Over the years I have hosted many outdoor parties and have noticed the increase in mosquitoes, particularly in warmer temperatures during the warmer months.

Luckily there are loads of natural mosquito repellants including mosquito repelling plants, and there are some very simple steps you can take to rid your outdoor area of mosquitoes and keep the party zone free of uninvited pests!

I have done some extensive research beyond my own tips and tricks for this post, and these are suggestions I have found corroborated on multiple pest solution sites. 

Natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes in yard for party

1. Citronella candles

(Otherwise known as mosquito candles!)

Citronella candles work as mosquito repellents because they contain citronella oil, which releases a strong and distinct scent when burned.

Mosquitoes find this scent unpleasant and tend to stay away from it. When you light a citronella candle outdoors, it creates a protective barrier of fragrance that helps keep mosquitoes at bay during your outdoor party.

Burning candles is a lovely way to keep mosquitoes away at celebrations because they will add beautifully to the decorations. Particularly for an evening party, there is nothing quite like the warm, flickery glow of candlelight, particularly scattered around seating areas.

2. Essential oils scents and spray bottle solutions

Essential oils are known for their natural mosquito-repelling properties. When diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil, these essential oils can be applied to the skin.

Mosquitoes are deterred by the strong scents of these oils, making it less likely for them to land on or bite you. Additionally, these oils can also be used in diffusers indoors or in oil burners outdoors to create a mosquito-unfriendly environment. 

They offer more chemical-free alternatives to commercial mosquito repellents while providing a pleasant fragrance to you. But be aware they are strong, potent compounds and must be diluted accordingly, certainly not used directly on the skin.

Here is a list of scents suggested to be repellent to mosquitoes:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Citrus smells
  • Rosemary
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint
  • Cedarwood

According to the Knock Out Mosquito Pest Control Site: https://www.knockoutmosquito.com/how-to-make-your-yard-uninviting-for-mosquitoes/

3. Smoke

Mosquitoes are strongly repelled by smoke. Could you have a firepit for your outdoor party, or burn coffee coffee grounds in little pits around the central party zone. This can look very aesthetic as well as being practical, depending on the vibe of the party!

4. Mosquito repelling plants.

For a party, the aesthetic of the deterrent is highly important, but luckily, loads of plants that naturally repel mosquitoes are actually very beautiful. For instance, you can grow marigold, lavender, rosemary, basil, peppermint, sage, or citronella.

5. Coffee Grounds  

You can scatter used coffee grounds in stagnant water areas, which will make the mosquito eggs rise to the surface, where the oxygen deficiency will prevent them from hatching.

Additionally, burning coffee grounds in a container produces smoke that mosquitoes find unpleasant. I have never tried this one myself but it sounds like a great tip, from the Nextgen Pest Solutions Site: https://ngpest.com/how-to-get-rid-of-mosquitos/
6. Garlic Spray 

Mosquitoes don’t like the sulfur in garlic. To make a spray, crush some garlic and boil it in water for a bit. Then, spray this water inside and outside your home. It can quickly get rid of mosquitoes and keep them away for a few weeks. You won’t smell the garlic yourself after a few minutes. This is another great tip from the Nextgen Pest Solutions Site.

Cleaning and preparing

1. Wipe surfaces with scents known to be distasteful to mosquitoes. 

You can get citronella-flavoured cleaning sprays, or you can make up a bottle of essential oil spray, mixing around 10 drops per 500ml bottle filled with water.

2. Mow lawns and trim hedges

Pesky mosquitoes love hiding in shady parts of the garden and tall grass and bushy hedges make perfect hang-out spots for them. Before hosting an outdoor party, Mow the lawn and trim hedges and bushes to give them fewer places to hide. Pay particular attention to the area around lawn edges where grass has a tendency to grow longer.

3. Clear any stagnant water regularly (especially in the days leading up to a party!)

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, the United States Environmental Protection Agency say “female mosquito lays the eggs directly on or near water, soil and at the base of some plants in places that may fill with water”

To control the mosquito population in your yard, a great thing to do is to get rid of stagnant water or to change water in ponds or baths regularly in order to take away their breeding ground and prevent any mosquito larvae from spawning.

This includes stagnant or standing water, water in kiddie pools, bird baths, and backyard ponds. This is a great way to tackle the issue from the source if you are noticing more and more of them appearing in the lead-up to the party.

Equipment to get rid of mosquitoes

1. Use a fan

Mosquitoes find humans with a complex combination of carbon dioxide, chemical cues, and odours. Using a fan will disperse these signals, making it harder for the mosquitoes to navigate their way to your special event, and hopefully helping keep them out of your way and away from your guests!

This was supported by the Fantastic Pest Control site.

2. Warm yellow bulbs

Many insects are drawn to white lights far more than they are drawn to warm yellow lights. Another well-recommended way to reduce the number of mosquitoes is to change the lighting. 

This is perfect as we love warm lighting for outdoor or backyard parties so we are very happy to do that!

3. Bug Zappers

Another great option that is very effective, despite looking less attractive than warm yellow bulbs is a bug zapper, otherwise known as a mosquito trap.

Mosquito traps are designed to attract female mosquitoes by imitating people or animals. They use signals that mosquitoes typically rely on to find humans, including light, color, temperature, chemical scents, and carbon dioxide to lure the adult mosquitoes in.

Outdoor traps, for instance, primarily lure blood-feeding mosquitoes using ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide. 

There are many different types of mosquito traps available, so you can search for something with the right maintenance frequency and size. 

4. Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets are very simple way to stop them from getting in. While this is very simple, not every party will lend itself well to mosquito netting. 

However, we have seen some lovely examples online of mosquito netting draped around a canopy shelter in bright whites, looking classy, flowy and elegant. Another way to achieve this is by hanging mosquito netting around the outside of a marquee if you have a backyard marquee set up for your party. 

5. The Mosquito Coil

You can buy special mosquito coils that you burn and although they are odourless for us, they produce a small amount of smoke with a smell that mosquitoes hate. I have used these many times on camping trips and they work exceptionally well.

6. Insect repellent sprays

Using commercial pesticides is not a decision that suits everyone but it is probably one of the most effective ways to be sure you have gotten rid of all the pseky insects before and during your backyard party.

The National pesticide information centre explain: 

“There are multiple active ingredients in insect repellents registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). DEETpicaridin, IR3535, and oil of lemon eucalyptus [Oil of lemon eucalyptus and IR3535 are based off of chemicals that occur in nature but are man-made ingredients] are common insect repellents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends using products with one of these EPA registered ingredients. They can be applied to human skin and some can be used on clothing. They come as sprays, wipes, or lotions.”

Some of these are extremely strong, especially DEET containing products, however they are effective, and having them at least on hand is is useful back up trick at your party.

DEET products are strong enough to melt nail polishes and sometimes, if used frequently, rover outer plastic layers on shoes or one garden furniture so go easy unless it’s absolutely necessary. See the National Pesticise information centre listed above for ore information about toxicity and side effects.


With the strategies we’ve explored in this blog post, you can turn your outdoor space into a party zone where mosquitoes dare not tread! By eliminating potential breeding grounds like standing water and employing natural mosquito-repelling methods such as citronella candles, essential oils, and even garlic spray, you can take proactive steps to ensure that your party is not disrupted by these pesky insects.

Keep the party free of mosquito bites and let your guests have a good time without having to worry about them!

Have a great party!

Zoe x

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