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Valentine’s day is a great annual marker and a very fun festival for kid’s of all ages to celebrate! There are heaps of fun, heart-themed party decorations, Valentine’s games, pink-colored sweet treats and candy hearts. Valentine’s day is basically asking to be a party theme!

This post is packed full of Valentine’s day party ideas, fun games and activities, craft ideas, Valentine’s party food and Valentine’s disco tune suggestions!

We have loads of fun ideas to keep kids of any age entertained, either at a large Valentine’s Day class party or at home with a few friends! If you also have older kids or toddlers, you may enjoy our other posts:

Valentines themed party games: 

This list of games includes loads of Valentine’s day party games will be very familiar to the kids and just have a slight Valentine’s day twist! Kids will have a fun time with games they know and recognise and it’s all in keeping with the theme!

Cupid says: This game is like Simon says, but Cupid says! One person is the caller and they shout instructions, always preceded by ‘Cupid says’. For instance, cupid says touch your head, Cupid says wave your arms in the air’. The children have to follow these instructions but make sure not to follow any instructions that are called without the ‘cupid says’ prefix! Anyone who does is out.

Chocolate heart scavenger hunt This is like an easter egg hunt but instead, it’s a hunt for little chocolate hearts! This is a fun game no matter what age your children are or where you are! 

Valentine’s Day Bingo!  Children get a Valentine’s Day card with the names of one of the characters in a famous duo. For example Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet). These can be romantic or non-romantic duos (such as Mickey and Mini Mouse or Elsa and Anna from Frozen).

The caller calls names from a list of the other characters in the duo, and if the kid’s cards have a match, they strike it off. It can be fun to play this in teams to make sure each duo is known by someone. The first person to strike off all the names on their card wins!

Pin the arrow on Cupid’s bow: This game is like pin the tail on the Donkey. Kids are blindfolded and given a cutout paper arrow which they have to try and pin at the tip of the arrow of Cupid’s bow, a large poster on the wall. The child to get the pin that is closest to the actual arrowhead wins!

Cupid’s arrow target throwing: This game is like a kid’s version of darts. find something to represent the arrows and aim them at a big cut-out heart centre! You can buy inexpensive Cupids bow and arrow sets on Amazon that would be perfect for this!

It doesn’t need to be an actual stick target, you can play with using tennis balls to hit the cupid’s heart. The person to hit the target most closely wins! You can also have funny dares depending on which part of the target you hit. That works great as a fun game for groups!

Heart-struck statues: This game is like musical statues but whenever the music stops, the kids get a love-themed instruction they have to perform:

  • “In love”, they have to clutch their hands to their heart with a big smile on their faces
  • “Love struck”, they have to drop to the floor as though struck by lightning
  • “Love birds”, fly around like a bird
  • “Love Song” – pretend to sing into a fake microphone like a popstar

Valentine’s day limbo! This is like a regular game of limo, but each round of limbo stick lowering has a special ‘love’ themed name attached to it as and the game progresses, kids get to call themselves a funny love-themed name corresponding to whichever level they make it to!

Here are some ideas for stick-level names:

1) Sloth love (highest level)

2) Flamingo Love

3) Bever love

3) Puppy Love

4) Lion Love

5) ULTIMATE GORILLA LOVE! (deepest level)

Kid’s Valentine’s day party activities:

Here are a few ideas for party activities that would also be great Valentine’s day fun for a special Valentine’s day celebration!

Love song karaoke: This is a great way to get kids energised and having a great time. There are so many epic love songs they will love belting their hearts out to!

Valentine’s Day (DIY) photo booth: This is such a fun activity! Provide kids with a selection of funny valentines themed bobble hats, heart glasses, and a fun Valentine’s backdrop and set up a phone on a selfie tripod connected to a screen for kids to have fun taking Valentine’s theme photo booth style shots with their besties!

Another cute photobooth idea is cut out conversation hearts that kids can write cute love messages in for the photos!

Valentine’s day face painting: This is a perfect way to get kids into the valentines day theme! You can cut little heart stencils out of construction paper for them to use, or let them free hand!

Valentine’s theme temporary tattoos: Let kids decorate each other with love hearts, rose and cupid arrow temporary tattoos! Some of these leftovers would also make great party favors!

Valentine’s party movie night: Set kids up with a complete cushion and blanket-covered lounge station, some chocolates, popcorn and some fun, kid’s romantic movies to choose from!

Here are some of our favourite Valentine’s and alternative love story movie ideas:

  1. Shrek (2001)
  2. Tangled (2010)
  3. Arthur’s Perfect Valentine (2000)
  4. Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You (1999)
  5. The Princess and the Frog (2009)

Valentine’s Day craft activity ideas:

Valentine’s day crafts are a great activity to do at a small Valentine’s day party! From a giant wall love mural to individual valentines day candles, there are so many fun creative projects you and your kids can enjoy working on! 

T-shirt decorating This is an awesome party activity and it will be so cool for kids to enjoy wearing their t-shirts after making them. there are so many possible designs for this. I had a search and love some of the designs on this blog post by Artful Parent!

Cupcake decorating: As far as Valentine’s crafts go, what’s better than cupcake decorating, where you get to take home and eat your perfectly decorated artwork?!

Valentine’s Day cards: This is a lovely project! You can either leave the designs up to the kids, and simply provide felt pens and stickers, or you can come up with some fun card designs for them to make, such as pop-out hearts using coiled-up pipe cleaners!

Heart-shaped collage This is a great activity for younger kids or for a whole family! Let them cut up magazines and glittery paper to collage a heart shape. You could give them photo-sized pieces of paper and then get some inexpensive photo frames or mounts to frame their artwork in after for them to take home! These paper hears will look super cute lined up once they’re done as well!

Valentine’s day bracelets: Friendship bracelet making could be a super cute and fun Valentine’s day party activity!

Love spray (love scent spray bottles): Give their children their own, individual mini spray bottles and help them make a love spray! Be sure to follow a recipe as you don’t want to mess around with substances close to the skin but this is a nice one you could use from Our Oily House.

Heart-shaped candle decorating: This is a lovely craft activity and these make such cute presents for kids to take home with them! You can buy inexpensive white candles online and some thin red and pink wax sheets. Kids can cut out heart shapes, dots, squiggles or anything they like to stick onto the candle as decoration.

Often just the heat from handling the thin wax warms it up enough to stick so this is a very mess-free candle-related activity! This is perfect for older kids with a little more patience and dexterity!

Heart-shaped potato printing: You can cut some potato stamps and let kids decorate a giant Valentine’s mural together using these! (stick giant sugar paper pages on the wall- you don’t have the paint directly on the wall of course!

Valentine’s theme kid’s party snacks!

Anything red or pink would look perfect on a Valentine’s Day pink platter! These are like simple charcuterie boards where all the foods are placed together on a platter to look stunning and pink!

This could include: pink biscuit wafers, Haribo love hearts, breadsticks or crackers in pink hummus, pink hummus sandwiches, strawberry jam sandwiches, pink and white marshmallows, red grapes, strawberries/raspberries, pink popcorn, watermelon, ham and salami and cheese on crackers/bread, grapefruit, red velvet cupcakes, pink iced sugar cookies.

Another cute thing, if you’re having sandwiches is to use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut them into shape!

You can also make a variety of pink-coloured cocktail juices and label them with funny love-themed names like: Love Potion Punch, heart Flutter fFzz, Love Tango Tonic!

Valentine’s day disco love songs and music inspo!

A Valentine’s day disco is a great opportunity to get the kids up and boogieing, and luckily there are plenty of awesome disco songs in perfect keeping with the day’s love theme!

Here are some fun valentines disco love songs that kid’s might love dancing to:

  • Bruno Mars – “Marry You” (2010)
  • Pharrell Williams – “Happy” (2013)
  • Maroon 5 – “Sugar” (2014)
  • Meghan Trainor – “Dear Future Husband” (2014)
  • Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” (2016)
  • Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream” (2010)
  • Train – “Marry Me” (2010)
  • Jason Mraz – “I’m Yours” (2008)
  • Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello – “Señorita” (2019)
  • Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud” (2014)
  • Taylor Swift – “Love Story” (2008)
  • Owl City, Carly Rae Jepsen – “Good Time” (2012)
  • One Direction – “What Makes You Beautiful” (2011)
  • Demi Lovato – “Give Your Heart a Break” (2011)
  • Rihanna – “We Found Love” (2011)
  • Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk” (2014)
  • Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” (2014)
  • Justin Timberlake – “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” (2016)
  • Katy Perry – “Firework” (2010)
  • Calvin Harris, Rihanna – “This Is What You Came For” (2016)
  • Maroon 5 – “Moves Like Jagger” (2011)
  • Walk The Moon – “Shut Up and Dance” (2014)
  • Ariana Grande – “Into You” (2016)

Good luck!

We hope you’ve got loads of inspiration here for Valentine’s day games and activities that would be perfect for your Valentine’s day party! 

Whether your kids is going to a big school classroom party, or whether you are hosting a Valentine’s party from home, we hope you are all set for the next stage of planning so you can take this party to the next level!

If you’re after some low-cost family Valentine’s day ideas there are some great ones on the Gentle Parent Life Blog to check out!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Zoe x

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