CUTEST DIY Kitten theme birthday party!

For my gorgeous little friends who love nothing more than kittens, petting kitten, being kittens and playing kittens, this is the perfect party for you!

I’m Zoe, previously a professional party host, now the creator of this blog where I share tried and tested tips for creative and affordable kid’s parties! I love thinking of super cute ideas and browsing online for the best inspiration for a gorgeous party for your little ones!

A while ago we published a very popular puppy party post and since then I’ve been brewing up the cutest kitten ideas in my mind- this party plan is all but bursting out of me ready to be shared and enjoyed by little ones all over the country.

Without further ado, let’s purrrr onwards with these ideas and get ready for a kit-tastic party time! This kitten party is perfect for girls, boys and any other fury-animal-identifying little one!

Kitten theme party game ideas

1. A day as a kitty cat

This is a game that allows the children to pretend to be kittens – what could be more fun than that! In this game, the facilitator will call out that the children must follow. T

ypically the slowest to follow the instruction is out! You can also choose, instead, to reward the best cat acting, or the quickest ‘kitten’ to follow the instructions.

Here are the instructions you could follow:

  • Cleaning time – Children pretend to lick their paws, cleaning themselves
  • Belly rubs – Children lie on their backs, arms and legs wiggling in the air
  • Playtime – Children find a partner or group of 3 to ‘paw’ at as if playing with each other
  • Fresh cream – Run to one side of the room and pretend to slurp cream from a saucer on the floor
  • MOUSE! – Children race to the other side of the room pretending to dart after a mouse

This is a fun, high concentration and physical game- you can simplify it for younger children by taking out one or two of the instructions!

Pro tip: If you don’t want to upset children by sending them ‘out’ you can send them over to jump into the massive imaginary pile of jello! Squelch!!! Children will enjoy making a big squelching sound and dramatic jump- it makes everyone else laugh too.

2. Kitty says

This game is like ‘Simon Says…’ The facilitator calls actions and always starts with “Kitty says….[touch your head]”. Kids only follow the actions that start with “Kitty says…”

If the facilitator just says “touch your head” the Children aren’t meant to follow it. If they get it wrong they are out (or for young kids just have a chuckle (“got you!”) and keep going!

3. Musical kittens!

This game is like musical bumps, but a kitten theme version. You play some music and the children dance around. When the music stops, the children all suddenly turn into cats and have to drop to the floor and start purring, meowing or behaving like a cat!

The slowest into their cat position (or anyone not meowing with enough gusto!) is out! Of course, you can edit how you play, you can also reward the first person to become a cat each round, or reward those doing the best cat acting!

They can either go to all fours or drop onto their knees and use their arms to paw the air as they meow (or mimic liking or cleaning themselves).

4. Cat Cat Mouse

This game is similar to duck duck goose but with a theme. It’s a great one to play as children arrive (or as children might get tired of lunchtime at different rates) as new players can easily join and it’s fun and familiar to them.

Children sit in a circle facing inwards. Child A walks around the outside of the circle and gently taps the group one by one on the head as they pass saying cat cat cat…then, they choose one child (child B) to say mouse.

Child B jumps up and chases Child A around the circle. Child A has to run around the whole group and sit back in Child B’s space. If they manage, Child B becomes Child A in the next round. Otherwise, Child A has to play again until they succeed.

Kitten party activities & fun

1. Kitten cookie decorating

What’s more fun than cookie eating?! probably cookie decorating! If you pre-make some cat gingerbread or some cat sugar cookies, letting the children decorate their own at the party will be such a fun activity. These are large size cat cookie cutters that could be perfect! (though you could also prep smaller ones for sure!)

We suggest a few bowls of different coloured icing, some ready-made icing piping tubes and lots of silver balls and sprinkles!

Once decorated put the cookies aside to dry, and at the end, you can package up the child’s cookie in a cute cellophane pouch as a going-home gift or party favour.

The decorating might take around 15 minutes depending on concentration levels, and they should have at least 1hr to dry and ideally could be put in the fridge to speed up the drying process.

2. DIY Kitten ears

A craft activity at a party is a lovely thing for children to get stuck into. It’s not only fun on the day but they get a personal moment to take home- much nicer than any regular party favour in our opinion!

DIY kitten ears can be very simple to make. You can follow these basic instructions on this wikihow cat ears tutorial, but for a twist, you could cut them out of any colour, or let the children decorate them with glitter pens!

This can be a quieter moment of the party and could actually be a really nice option to set up for when they arrive as they can get going straight away as the other kids are coming in and having something practical to do will distract more quiet kids from feeling too shy.

3. Pin the Tail on the kitten

This is a classic, fun party game, and activity for all ages to join together, getting involved in! Etsy have some very cute downloadable options including these gorgeous Pin the tail on the cat, and Pin the party hat on the Cat options.

You could also easily just draw a simple cat on some sheets of paper stuck together for this- it’s as cheap and DIY as you’d like to make it, and definite good fun!

4. Kitten Disco

This is the moment for the kids to let loose and have a boogie! For this kitten disco, it could be fun to pull out some party tricks: disco lights, maybe a bubble machine or a mirror ball (these are all reasonably inexpensive and it’s likely that someone in your networks will have them to borrow!)

This kitten disco could start with the best cat music from the Disney classic ‘Everybody wants to be a Cat’ from the Aristocats! And then follow with any disco music your kids love.

It would be nice to have a dress-up / make-up table, either where they can get a small face paint done, or get a kitten temporary tattoos. You could also buy a cheap eyeliner pen to offer cat whiskers and a cat nose to whichever kid wants them!

During the Disco will be a perfect time for photos- maybe you could even set up a DIY photo booth with some kitten hats, ears, tails and props for the kids to dress up in and a self-timer phone camera set up.

Kitten Party decorations

This is a very fun party to decorate for! All our suggestions are bold and impactful so here is our curation of suggestions for the top 5 ways to decorate for your kitten birthday party.

  1. Pink, white and black balloon bunches – Huge garlands of balloons are the most uplifting and fun festive decoration for any party and so often our top choice! They are very affordable and such fun.
  2. Huge kitten party poster – This would be so cute! We think the kids will love photos in front of this- and it pretty much nails the theme! Affordable and bold!
  3. Cutest kitten cake toppers – these are gorgeous, and sticking these in some of the food or on the birthday cake brings in the theme without having to theme up every piece of food you’re offering, saving time and effort for the safe effect!
  4. Kitten costume props – having the kids interact with the theme is a lovely way to bring the theme to life, so any piece of cat costume, facepaint or draw-on whiskers is perfect for this.
  5. Kitten party: party hats! – Since the theme is kitten party, classic party hats will bring a lot of life and energy to a room! Something like a glittery cone hat could be a perfect, inexpensive and very festive addition.

This is a perfect mix of fun and simple in our books, we hope you agree!

We also have a special Paw Patrol Party and a unicorn party plan that your kids might love too!


We hope you’ve got some cat-tastic new inspiration for this gorgeous little kitten party and that you feel inspired to move on with the next step of the planning process.

To help with the next steps, we have created a step-by-step guide with a timeline for kid’s party planning which includes this PDF party planning checklist, and a PDF list of tasks you can be delegating. These are ALL FREE, no email is required either, simply download.

Above all, make sure you are present for your child and that they are having fun! Birthdays are special times, and parties are a lovely way to gather with friends. They are always meant to bring more joy than stress, so only arrange what feels fun for you- your kids will have fun if you have fun!

Best of luck, Zoe xx

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