50+ FUN IDEAS for outdoor hiking bachelorette party

For outdoorsy brides and group of friends who love a weekend away in the country, shaking a hiking bachelorette party or an outdoorsy weekend away is a perfect way to to celebrate the occasion!

In this post, I’ve complied a list of great ideas for bachelorette parties in the great outdoors including ideas for cay activities, games, evening activities, food and drink, and how to mark the occasion with special memories. 

I’m Zoe and before starting this blog I worked as a professional children’s party host. There is nothing I love more than coming up with fun, creative and more unique bachelor party ideas and I hope these posts can give you some inspiration and excitement in planning your special day! 

So let’s get stuck in here. What better way to celebrate your wedding than with your best friends for some quality time in the middle of some nature and making the most of the fresh air and the outdoors! From east coast to west coast there will be be many perfect destinations with a mixture of sports and nature for you to soak up for the entire trip. Your outdoor bachelorette party crew can get ready for a perfect weekend willed with good food, laughs, nature and memories.

Ideas for hiking and outdoor activities

If you are planning a whole weekend, it’s nice to have some activities planned as well as a hike. Often bachelorette parties include friendship groups that don’t necessarily know each other so having some planned activities is a lovely way to create common ground and get the bridal party together, creating this shared experience. What’s more, often members of the group will have different fitness levels. that’s why we suggest one big hike and a couple of smaller, outdoorsy activities on the other days to make the bachelorette weekend inclusive and equally fun for everyone.

1. Nature Journaling: Provide participants with small notebooks and pens to encourage them to journal about their hike. They can jot down thoughts, sketches, or reflections on the experience and collate them onto a group board at the end of the trip as a momento of the event! Encourage and funny moments from the trip, rubbings of beautiful leaves, or descriptions of the views!

2. Trailside Yoga Challenge: Incorporate yoga into the hike by stopping at various scenic spots for different yoga poses and stretches. You can find 5 minute yoga videos that you pre download the audio to, or pick some restorative poses, like downward dog, or tree pose, and practise them together.

3. Wildlife meditations: Along the way, find a beautiful space to sit as a group and priactise a 20 minute wildlife meditation together. THis is a great thing to do on a busy weekend full of socialising. it brings the group together, but also gives everyone a short break and rests. meditating, especially in nature is such a soul filling- uplifting activity, it will heal and rifts and allow everyone a properly awe inspiring nature experience.

4. Trailside Poetry Challenge: Challenge the group to work in teams to write short, funny poems or haikus inspired by the trail as you walk. This is a bachelorette party – top points for wedding themes and funny jokes about the bride and groom! Share these creations with the group during breaks for fun stops off!

5. Hiking-Themed Charms Bracelet: Organise each member of the group to get a friendship or charm bracelet with some outdoorsy theme, maybe the colour, or maybe some bride-related charm! If you decide on an all day trail, you could get a number of charms to ties into the bracelet at each milestone of the hike! This creates unity in the team and is a sweet touch, celebrating achievements along the the way for those less used to hiking.

6. Trailside Singalong: Plan some epic hike songs and get a group sing along going – this is sure to heighten the vibe and create a lot of fun amongst the group! Google top hiking sing along walking song for inspiration! This is great for large groups when you’re on a wide path with no on around as your voices will really carry!

7. Still life trail painting: Bring along watercolor paints and paper, and have a painting session at a scenic spot. This is a gorgeous peaceful activity, no matter your artistic abilities and you can combine all the paintings into a big photo at the end as a memory of the day!

8. Photo Challenge: Encourage everyone to take photos during the hike. Create a list of specific photos or moments to capture, such as:

  • The view from their first house together
  • If the bride were a plant she’d be a…
  • What you expect the groom to make for their first breakfast
  • What will their first child be called
  • What can the bride expect for her wedding night

Compile the photos afterwards and award prizes for the most creative or funny shots! You can get the bride to judge the closest answer!

9. Trail Trivia: Prepare a list of fun and interesting trivia questions related to the local flora, fauna, or geography. Quiz the group during breaks or at designated spots along the trail. You can keep score and have a small prize for the winner.

10. Storytelling Circle: Gather around a campfire or a designated spot and take turns sharing funny or memorable hiking stories. This can be a great way for the group to bond and create lasting memories

11. Animal Mimicry Photo Challenge: Have fun mimicking the animals you encounter on the trail and capture these hilarious impersonations in photos. Think “deer in headlights” or “bear scratching its back on a tree.”

12. Trailside Tarot or Oracle Card Reading: Bring along tarot or oracle cards and have a trailside card reading session for an ultimate spiritual weekend in the middle of nature! This could be a very. unique and liberating experience in the wilderness! Either deeply spiritual, or a good laugh depending on your tarot reading skill level!

13. Organised sports experiences: For instance mountain biking horesebackrides visits to the grand canyon, ski resorts or water sports. It is worth bearing this in mind when picking a location because this can add real memorable experiences to the visit!

Ideas for evening activities

After a long day hiking you might want a restful evening but organising some evening activities is a great idea to include those who are less keen hikers and a fun way to celebrate the end of the day together. In the summer months it could be beautiful to camp and there can be cemsirs in the nature than also offer hot tubs, campfires cocktail nights

1. Hot Tub Some cap or glampsites will have mini spa facilities like hot tubs! this is a lovely luxurious evening activity after a long day of hiking! A treat for everyone.

2. DIY wine tasting Rather than just drinking, why not print out a list of wine and fruit or wine and cheese pairing and do a DIY wine tasting evening with friends. And after the testing sip, the group can pick their favouriste to finish up! This is a lovely and simple activity that is fairy easy toprep and will be sure to add some festivity to the evening vibe!

3. Horse riding If there is a place to do this nearby, horseback riding would be a great idea! imagine a photo shoot on horses with a ‘bride tribe’ banner. This is fun and novel and could be a great evening activity!

4. Live music – This is a good idea for an evening out if you’re somewhere near to a towna nd want to find a place to go. It might be a nice idea for colder months if you’re not camping, but fancy a fun, and high vibe evening.

5. Beach bonfire – a beach bonfire is a gorgeous evening group activity. Watch the sun go down and feel the evening breeze, maybe take a cheeky midnight dip and generally be free and full of joy in the nature. This is a classic, and will make for a very special 

6. Evening nature craft workshop – for a crafty nature lover, a nature craft activity like a nature bracelet, flower crown or flower press artwork would be a perfect evening activity for the group! would create some lovely keepsakes too.

7. Stargazing wild camp – Imagine camping under the stars in a bivvy sack, surrounded by all your friends! What an epic evening, the ultimate camp bachelorette! This might not be for everyone but could be a really special and memorable experience. You can always organise a hut or other option for friends who prefer some creature comforts.

8. Campfire and marshmallow roasting – this is a classic! Play some music, sit around a fire, toast delicious marshmallow and just enjoywatching the meditative flames, chatting and being in eachother’s company.

9. Outdoor movie night – You might want to explore setting up a projector and using a white sheet or side wall of a hut as a projector screen for an outdoor movie. You can pick a classic chic flick or select a black and white classic. Get everyone snuggles up and set up piles of pillows blankets and giant outdoor candles to make the evening super romantic!

10. Silent Disco – Hire a set of headphones for the weekend and organise a silent disco! This is a great activity for a group if you want to respect of other campers and not be too loud. A silent disco is fun and novel and if you pair it with loads of fairy lights and a campfire, dancing together can be a really could awakening experience!

11. DIY Craft Cocktail night – Maybe put the maid of honor to work as a mixologist and make some DIY craft cocktails from home ingredients! great options for this are margeritas, cosopolitans and negronis (a range of cocktail type flavours and all fairly simple recipes) or come up with your own craft cocktail ideas!

Where to hike for an outdoorsy bachelorette hiking weekend

It can be really nice to organise a hike around a special location or activity. Some people will love climbing up a mountain where there are incredible views from the top, but for groups with mixed fitness levels, a short walk or mini-hike option to a stunning location can be a great alternative.

Here are some ideas for places you could hike to as a group, where there is loads of fun to be had at the destination (as well as on the journey).

1. Hot springs, If there are hot springs in the area, hiking somewhere you can bathe would be an epic bachelorette weekend activity

2. Wild swimming lake If it’s safe to do so in your area, hiking to a stunning lake for a swim would be a 

3. A mountain summit hike is the ultimate goal for a big day of hiking. Reaching the top will be a great achievement and there’s nothing like that feeling of accomplishment to bring a group together! 

4. A sunset view If you’re after a shorter evening hike, heading somewhere to the top of a field, or local hill for a beautiful sunset view can be a great idea, and if it’s not too far you could even carry up a bottle of fizz or some hot cocoa.

5. To a beach — Sometimes you’ll find beautiful coastal paths down to a beach, and this can be a great hike idea if you combine the beach with some beach game, like group volleyball, beachball or cricket.

Games for an outdoor hiking bachelorette party

As well as hiking- any party deserves some party games! Luckily loads of fun, themed games can come from a hiking day so we have compiled a list of great hiking games and activities for during the walk!

1. Hike and Seek: Similar to a nature scavenger hunt, create clues or riddles that lead the group to hidden items or surprises along the trail. These could be small gifts, snacks, or notes from the bride.

2. Hiking Pictionary: Bring along a whiteboard or sketchpad and play a game of Pictionary with hiking-themed words or phrases. Divide the group into teams and take turns drawing and guessing.

3. Guess the steps (guess the elevation): At the end of the trail the team put in guesses for the number of steps in the hike or the total elevation and the closest wins a prize!

4. Hiking Bingo: Create bingo cards with nature-related items or animals you might encounter on the hike (e.g., squirrel, wildflower, pinecone, waterfall). As participants spot these items, they mark them on their cards. The first person to complete their bingo card wins a prize.

5. The peg game: Take old-fashioned wooden washing pegs and give each group member 3. Over the course of the walk, they have to secretly peg them on other members of the bridal party without them noticing.

You could peg them onto clothing, bags, hats or whatever. It’s a long game, and those that keep remembering can remove pegs off themselves and begin re-pegging onto other group members. At the end of the hike- the person with fewest pegs wins, and person with the most pegs has to do a funny forefit!

Ideas for cute camp set up at bachelorette party

1. Fairy Lights and Lanterns: String up fairy lights or hang lanterns around the campsite – they create a gorgeous warm glow and create a magical atmosphere.

2. Themed Decorations: Choose a theme for the campsite like rustic, boho-chic, or woodland magic and decorate the campsite accordingly. Consider themed picnic blankets, bunting, and chair cushions.

3. Campfire Seating: Arrange comfortable seating around the campfire like foldable camp chairs, cushions, or even outdoor blankets to create a cozy seating area for storytelling and stargazing.

4. DIY Flower Arrangements: Collect wildflowers and decorate the campsite. Mason jars or tin cans make very cute vases and this will completely elevate the feel of the area. It could also be a nice activity to do together o the first night!

5. Picnic-Style Dining: Set up a picnic table and use wooden serving trays for a natural chic touch. Natural materials like slate trays or linen tablecloths are also a good idea for a stylish but classy set-up.

6. Campfire Cooking: Plan delicious campfire meals or snacks. Think s’mores, foil packet dinners, or campfire popcorn. Bring colorful, eco-friendly tableware for a fun and functional setup.

7. Outdoor Games: Have a selection of outdoor games like cornhole, ring toss, badmington or juggling batons to play with anytime while at camp.

8. Personalized Camping Mugs: Get some enamel camping cups and some colourful sharpies and let each group member decorate their own mug as a keepsake of the special weekend!

9. Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements: Ensure that everyone has a comfortable sleeping setup, whether it’s cozy sleeping bags, air mattresses, or hammocks with comfy blankets and pillows. having comfy pillows, cushion and blankets scattered around will also make the camp feel cosy and home-like.

10. Campfire Entertainment: Plan campfire entertainment, such as storytelling, group sing-alongs, or even hiring a local musician or guitarist for some live music.

11. Nature-Inspired Crafts: DUring restful times, you could set up a craft station with supplies for nature-inspired crafts, such as making friendship bracelets or painting rocks.

13. DIY Trail Mix Bar: Prepare a DIY trail mix bar with various nuts, dried fruits, chocolates, and other mix-ins. Set all the options out on a table and let guests create their own unique mix before a trail!

14. Morning Yoga or Meditation: You could start the day with a relaxing yoga or meditation session in a designated area within the campsite. It’s a great way to connect with nature and rejuvenate and will help curate a gentle, relaxed and inspired mood amongst campers.

15. Scenic Campsite Selection: Choose a campsite with scenic views, whether it’s near a river, lake, or mountain vista. The natural beauty will enhance the overall ambiance.

16. Fire Pit Activities: Aside from s’mores, consider campfire activities like roasting marshmallows, making campfire cones (filled with chocolate chips and marshmallows), or having a mini fondue night with a portable fondue set.

17. Woodland Creature Decor: Incorporate woodland creature-themed decorations like cute animal figurines or stuffed animals to add a touch of whimsy.

Hiking weekend Accommodation options

Accomodation can be organised in many ways to support everyone in the group (and everyone’s budget). Consider the following options and you might find some great deals by exploring options in and around the location you’re planning to visit:
Camping – either a campsite with washing and shower facilities or really out in the nature is that suits everyone in your group
Glamping – you can get pre-built tents or little cabins with proper beds, and a few more robust set ups like a private bathroom and kitchenette
Woodland cabin or hut – this is better for mixed groups with some who are less keen on camping
Airbnb house near nature – this can be nice and inclusive and gives members of the party plenty of options for 
Luxury hotels eco resorts – this is the ultimate romantic outdoorsy weekend accommodation option location and if your budget allows, a truly luxury, relaxing experience

Goodluck with your outdoor hiking bachelorette party planning!

This is one of the less traditional bachelorette party ideas, but follows a great trend in what people are valuing these days, including a resurgence of value in quality time with friends in nature. 

Some good food and some fun games in a great place with your closest friends…what more could a bridal party ask for!

We hope this post has been useful and left you with some inspiration. Best of luck with planning, and congratulations on this special occasion! Zoe x

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