FUN Pocahontas Birthday Party Ideas! Games & Activities

Hello and welcome to this Pocahontas birthday party post where we share brilliant ideas for Pocahontas theme fun, games and activities.

Read on for the inspiration to show your child the best Pocahontas theme party – with simple and budget-friendly ideas throughout.

I’m Zoe, previously a professional party host with years of experience in the kids’ party industry and a love for creativity and theme development. I started the Parties Universe blog to share with you my tried and tested tips for simple, affordable fun kid’s parties.

Ultimately the philosophy here at Parties Universe is based on imagination and creativity.

We strongly believe that presence with your child, and a magical, festive atmosphere is much more important than a Pinterest-worthy food table. We hope this shines through all of our ideas!

Ideas for Pocahontas theme party games

1. Through the native lands

This game is sometimes known as the pirate ships game. A facilitator calls instructions and children have to do the associated actions below. The slowest to do it is out! (or for younger children, you can reward the fastest)

  • To the high rock – run to one side of the room and pretend to peer back across at the vast view
  • Canoe – sit on the floor and use arms to pretend to paddle
  • Peek through the brushes– pretend to part some branches in front of face and look inquisitive
  • To Grandmother Willow – children run to touch one wall in the room (opposite the point they run from high rock)
  • Arrow practise – children pretend to hold a bow and arrow as if practising their aim
  • Chase the colours of the wind – children run around the room

This a fun, high-paced game that will bring the whole group together. It’s great for refocusing concentration and for zapping up some extra energy!

2. John Ratcliffe’s footsteps

This game is like grandmother’s footsteps only themed around the evil British Governor John Ratcliffe who wants to get rid of the native people so he can search for gold.

Children line up at one side of the room and one child is chosen to be John Ratcliffe at the other. While his back is turned, children can sneak forwards, but as soon as he turns, the children must freeze. If he catches any wobbles, he can send those children back to the start line.

The winner is the first to reach him and tap his shoulder! This is fun, familiar game and you can usually play a few rounds before the children tire of it!

3. Meeko Meeko Flit!

This game is like duck duck goose but themed around Pocahontas’ furry friends: Meeko the racoon and Flit the hummingbird!

This is a great game because it is so familiar to the children and it can be a nice thing to set up as they arrive one by one as it’s easy to join in. It’s also nice to have something active for kids to get involved in, especially those who don’t know all the other children, or who are a bit more shy.

Pocahontas theme activities

1. DIY craft activity- Decorate your own Pocahontas necklace

This is an iconic and easily replicable prop from the story! We suggest cutting big discs made of gold card and punching holes through them to attach some turquoise fabric. Children can add sticky jewels to the gold card, or decorate it with glitter pens.

This is a quick but fun activity and there is nothing like bringing the spirit of the theme to life with decoration that is interactive- where kids can put it on as a piece of costume and be transported into the Pocahontas world!

A craft activity is a lovely thing to do during a downtime where there is a bit more calm. It’s a nice thing for everyone to do together, where even kids who are a bit more shy can get stuck in properly! Be sure to photoshoot the children in their necklaces all together- maybe in front of the magical tree.

2. DIY Craft activity – Paint the colours of the wind!

If you choose, this craft activity is a perfect prop for the rest of the party! The most magical part of the beloved movie is when Pocahontas chases the magical wind that guides her in the direction she travels.

Here we let children colour and decorate their own butterflies and dragonflies to run around the room with to the gorgeous song later in the party- this activity will create so much atmosphere!

Here are some ready-to-print and cut butterfly shapes that children can decorate with coloured markers and glitter pens. We suggest printing on colourful paper.

Another great idea is to grab scraps of shiny or lightweight fabric to attach to the ends of the butterflies which can float as the children run! You could also use some ribbon for this.

When the children are done, stick on an elastic band or finger trap so they can attach it to them as they run around the room!

3. Paint with all the colours of the wind! Pocahontas adventure

Children go on a Pocahontas adventure. With their colourful butterflies and attached ribbons, they run around the room to the theme song ‘Colours of the Wind’. This will create magic and enchantment!

As they go encourage the children to visit different parts of the magical Pocahontas land. It’s nice to visit these locations during the verses of the song, leaving the chorus free for children to run and dance around!

For instance, ‘Ok let’s chase the wind up to the tall rock with the view over the river! Wow, what a view!’, ‘Ooh the wind is taking us to the willow tree, everyone stroke the willow!’, ‘Oooh follow the wind around the river bend! what animals can we see?’.

If you have a mirror ball of disco lights, this is a perfect time to play with them!

4. Colours of the wind disco!

This is a fantastic theme for a Pocahontas disco! Bring some colourful face paint crayons to decorate rainbow patterns and striped on the children’s cheeks or arms and maybe even some glitter (parent-managed)!

We suggest epic songs from the movie as well as any type of music your kids love! this is their party moment to let loose and celebrate this occasion! We suggest this disco could be a fun activity for the last 20 minutes of the party, and maybe as the parents start arriving.

5. Nature’s treasure hunt!

One of the themes of the story is the magic and riches in the natural land. For this activity, we suggest a nature-based treasure and scavenger hunt (maybe with some prize gold coin chocolates at the end for every team to succeed!)

There are two ways to do this! If you have access to nature- we LOVE scavenger hunts by colour shape and texture. In this variation, children might have to search for something:

  • Long
  • Round
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Rough
  • Smooth

Another way to do this is you are working in a small garden or indoors is to hide little cards with magical nature elements in spaces that the children have to find.

We suggest 9-10 cards that have an element on one side and a letter on the other. If they find all cards, they can piece the letters together to spell out ‘front-door’ or ‘under-chair’ or ‘garden-shed’.

The elements on the cards could be: rain, clouds, sunrise, hummingbirds, racoons, willow tree, fire, wind, river, fog… or any others!

This takes a little more prep but can be such fun, and make a very memorable part of the day. You can hide some treasure in the end spot once they’ve completed the hunt- perhaps gold chocolate coins in keeping with the theme!

Pocahontas Party Decorations

We love impactful, bold decorations that create a magical atmosphere but are simple to find and put up! Here are our top tips for budget-friendly Pocahontas Decorations:

  1. Big Bunches of Gold and Turquoise Balloons – Ballons are the best thing to make a space feel lively and festive. The gold in this theme mixed with sparks of turquoise (or light blue) will pack a punch!
  2. Pocahontas cut out! On Etsy you can get a digital file of a life-size Pocahontas which you could have printed locally! This would be a very fun prop for photo shoots and as decoration! Alternatively, you could check out this Pocahontas photo backdrop on Amazon. Either option will tie the theme in with the rest of the decorations- transforming the space!
  3. Colourful Butterfly Projector! Something like this is inexpensive and will completely transform the feel of the space! it is magical! Use is as the children come in to create magic and wonder. You can even set them off catching butterflies! We also think a mirror ball would have an equally magical effect.
  4. Music! Although it’s a funny decoration tip- nothing creates atmosphere better than music and the Pocahontas soundtrack is Magical! Play the songs as the children arrive and strategically whenever you want to inject a bit more magic into the party.

Good Luck!

We hope you’ve liked these Pocahontas party ideas and feel some inspiration for the next stages of the planning process! We’ve actually created a kid’s party planning structure and checklist, available for free, that you might like to check out.

This is a special moment ing your child’s life and we hope you can enjoy ti with them. In that respect, take on only what you feel is manageable- and no more! The most important thing is that you are present with your child and can join in the fun!

Be sure to take heaps of photos! This is going to be so cute!

Best of Luck, Zoe x

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