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Hello and welcome to my page where I am going to share with you some awesome ideas, tips and tricks to throw your child an awesome rockstar/popstar party.

I’m Zoe and I have years of experience throwing parties for children- creating party themes and developing ideas is one of my favourite things to do! Let me help take the stress out of planning and let you focus it on quality time with your kiddos.

All my suggestions on this site aim for simple, and affordable ideas with BIG IMPACT which we manage through creativity and lots of experience. So, without further ado, let’s go …

Ultimate Rockstar / Popstar Party Game Ideas

1. Singer Singer Rockstar

This game is similar to duck duck goose but with a theme. It’s a great one to play as children arrive (or as children might get tired of lunchtime at different rates) as new players can easily join and it’s fun and familiar to them. Children sit in a circle facing inwards.

Child A walks around the outside of the circle and gently taps the group one by one on the head as they pass saying singer, singer… then, they choose one child (child B) to say rock star! Child B jumps up and chases Child A around the circle. Child A has to run around the whole group and sit back in Child B’s space. If they manage, Child B becomes Child A in the next round. Otherwise, Child A has to play again until they succeed.

2. Frozen Popstars

For this game, which is a little like musical statues, kids dance around to music and when the music stops they have to strike a popstar pose! For each round, you can go and call out the best-frozen popstar poses as the winners of the round.

You can add to this game by saying popstar band poses and the kids have to get into 2s or 3s and strike a pose too.

3. Day in the life of a popstar

In this game, the facilitator shouts out the actions below and children must follow the instructions for each action. The last ones to follow the actions are out and the game continues!

  • Backstage passes – run to one side of the room
  • Paparazzi – run to the other side of the room and pose
  • Dance moves – wave hands above the head as if in dance
  • Guitar solo – pretend to play air guitar
  • One show done! – drop to the floor exhausted

This is a fun, high concentration and physical game- you can always take out one of two of these actions to simplify it for younger children, or reward the fastest child to avoid having to send people ‘out’.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to upset children by sending them ‘out’ you can send them over to jump into the massive imaginary pile of jello! Squelch!!! Children will enjoy making a big squelching sound and dramatic jump- it makes everyone else laugh too.

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Rockstar / Pop Star Party Activities

Here are our ideas for some popstar/rock star party activities!

1. Walk the Red Carpet

This is a super fun idea and the absolute cutest thing for parents to watch! Children walk down an imaginary red carpet with all the other kids cheering and any parents taking flash photos as they walk down!

The kids can strike a pose at the end if they want to, or pose in front of a birthday-themed wall! As they walk, we suggest playing a generic cheering and photographer soundtrack to add atmosphere- it will be really evocative for the kids.

If you want, you can have a few props ready, some scarves, hats, sunglasses or gowns (eg small blankets or a bit of fabric) that the kids can wrap themselves in just for something a bit fun- like a red carpet costume!

You can buy inexpensive red carpet props on amazon (or other retailers) , or even just mark a little route for the kids to walk with some arrows on the floor- it will still be great fun!

2. Learn a Routine

At a popstar party, the best thing to do is learn a fun dance routine together. This is a great activity, it takes about 15 minutes, plus any number of short-run throughs afterwards- and it can be really fun to perform it to the other parents when they arrive!

We have found two great options here. Firstly this very cool hop-hop routine on youtube which you could have the children follow and learn:

Or this really fun Zumba track to move-it move-it from madagascar….this has a recognisable chorus that the kids will learn and they can follow along to the instructor during the chorus!

It will be the cutest thing! be sure to video this for the memory books!

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Popstar Karaoke!

If your child wants to be a pop star or rock star- let them be a pop star rockstar! There are a number of ways you can do this- it’s really fun for kids to sing into a microphone and pretend to be on a stage, even if the stage and microphone aren’t real.

You can set up a screen and play youtube karaoke songs, and either give the kids the inflatable microphones or level it up with some affordable real microphones like these Bluetooth wireless ones. You can even get whole karaoke sets- which could be a present for your kid as well as used for the party if they are really into popstars!

Tape out a ‘stage’ on the floor or if there’s a step at your house, try and get the angle so they are on the step- it will be the cutest thing ever. We think it’s better to pretend rather than have them dance on a table or something because then they can dance freely without the risk of falling!

Decorate your own diva glasses

Decorating these blank sunglass shapes could be an awesome activity for your kids. Buy some craft feathers, crayons and sticker gems and let them create super snazzy sunglasses that they can take home!

This activity will last around 10 or 15 minutes and is a really nice bit of downtime for the kiddos.

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Ultimate Rockstar Popstar party decoration ideas

For decorations, we think props are brilliant to add colour and theme and can double as going-home presents too!

Good Luck!

We hope you love these ideas and feel inspired for the next stage of planning!

Remember to take heaps of photos for the memory book- this party will be an epic one, that you will look back on with the best kind of parent-love! have fun!

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