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Welcome to this post where I share the cutest ideas for planning a Snow White birthday party!

I’m Zoe, and before starting Parties Universe, I was a professional kids’ party host. I love sharing tried and tested tips for children’s birthday parties, to take the stress out of the day for you and let you be as present as possible with your little one.

I love developing each and every party I share, and all my plans use imagination, creativity and are designed to be super budget-friendly!

How to plan a Snow White theme birthday party:

This is a 10-step guide of what to think of when planning a Snow White birthday party for your little one. This blog gives the perfect ideas for games, activities and decorations so that hopefully you can breeze through these steps as simply and stress-free as possible.

  1. Make a guest list
  2. Choose a time and date
  3. Send invitations
  4. Plan the games and activities your kids will most love from our list below
  5. Plan decorations and create a shopping list
  6. Plan food and order an online delivery for the day before the party
  7. Choose and order a cake or prepare ingredients
  8. Find one or two helpers to assist on the day (older siblings, other parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents)
  9. Decorate the day before and prep food if possible
  10. Party time!

To help with the party planning process, we also have a checklist guide and a list of delegatable tasks that you can give to a helper so the day runs as smoothly as possible and you can focus on your child and helping them have the best fun possible (rather than faffing with bin bags and food prep)!

Snow White theme party games

1. A day in the life of the princess

In this game, children act out the following actions in response to the instructions called by the facilitator. The fastest action takers can be rewarded, or alternatively, the slowest can be sent out!

  • Poison apple – Children pretend to bite an apple and then fall to the floor
  • Mirror Mirror – Children pretend to look in a mirror and touch up their hair
  • Flower picking – Children run to one side of the room to pick flowers!
  • Bye to the dwarfs – Children run to the other side of the room as if waving off the dwarfs as they go to work
  • House chores – Children pretend to sweet the floor

This is a fun and high-energy game, great to zap up some energy!

2. Pass the poison apple

Children sit in a circle and pass around two or three apples (most are green but one is red!). When the music stops, anyone holding the ‘poison red apple’ has to do a dramatic death and lie on the floor. They are out and the music keeps playing.

Eventually, so many people are out that the remaining children have to hold onto the poison apple much longer making it all the more intense!

The last round is when there are the same number of children as there were initial apples. When the music stops, the person holding the red apple is out and the remaining two or three winners are those with green apples!

3. Sleepy Sleepy Dopey!

This game is like Duck Duck Goose but with a Snow White theme! This is a fun and fast-paced game that will be familiar to the kids and is brilliant to set them off with as it is easy to pick up and everyone can take part easily!

4. Snow White Musical Statues

In the evenings, when the dwarfs get back from work and have finished their dinner, there is nothing the household like more than to have a little dance party!

With this (integral!) part of the story in mind, we suggest a game of mirror ball musical dance statues! mirror balls are a really fun aid to any party disco and they are perfectly fitting for this story.

When the music plays children dance, and as soon as it stops they have to freeze! Anyone who wobbles is out! (Or for younger children you can play that the best statues get rewarded)

Snow White Party Fun Activities

1. Snow White Craft Activity: decorate a princess mirror!

This is the cutest craft activity, and no matter the children’s artistic age abilities, with some jewels, paint and glitter these always look fabulous!

These little wooden toy mirrors are inexpensive (you can find these in many places but these particular ones are the most affordable we’ve found). They are perfect for decorating, and we suggest coloured poster paints, glitter glue and maybe some stick-on sequins or jewels.

They can also be used as party favors- it’s a lovely gift to send children home with, with so much extra special meaning!

2. Snow White hunt for the Dwarf’s house!

At the start of the story, Snow White is lost in the woods and has to try and find the dwarf’s house! In this game, we go on a group adventure hunt through the woods to find the house. This is an entirely make-believe game but these types of games are the best of fun!

Ask probing questions and let the kids lead with their imaginations. Here are some of the prompts you can use:

Ooh, we are in the woods, what can you see? Ah, what’s in this direction? What animals can we see? Listen carefully, what noises can you hear in the woods? Hmm, I’m hungry, do you think there’s any food in the woods? Berries/plants?

You might also have to go on an adventure across some obstacles! Here are some of the obstacles you could use:

  • Wade across a river
  • Climb over broken logs
  • Battle through thick undergrowth
  • Shelter under a tree from the rain
  • Light a fire in a clearing to keep warm

This is the moment to let the kids really use their sense of imagination and adventure. It’s a great way to have all the kids on a mission together, and to include even the children who are a bit more shy!

After a while of adventuring- tell them to look on the horizon, it’s the dwarf’s house! Have them do a big group cheer to celebrate!

3. Snow White Storytime

If this is your child’s favourite story, doing a group storytelling is a lovely activity for the party! If you are confident you can either do this off the cuff, or you can read from a storybook with illustrations for the children to look at while you read.

Make it interactive, and at the end, it is lovely to get the children to group cheer when the prince and princess get married and live happily ever after- yaaaaay!

This sort of detail adds a group celebratory feel to the party and creates a sense of togetherness and total inclusion for all the children which is exactly what we want to create.

Decorations for the Snow White Party

We have 5 top tips for decorations for a Snow White party!

  1. Red, blue and yellow balloons! Red, blue and yellow are the classic Snow White princess colours, so they are instantly recognisable, as well as fun bright colours. Balloons are the best way to add a festive feel to a space, they allow for height in the decoration and are also fun to play with and just all around very festive!
  2. This gorgeous Snow-White photo backdrop! This is a stunning decoration for a reasonable price, and we think a huge backdrop like this will totally transform the feel of a space! It is a great place for a party photo shoot and a big group picture for the keepsakes.
  3. A glitter curtain to walk through on the way in can be such a lovely decoration! This gold tinsel curtain makes entering the party space feel so magical, so fun and so festive!
  4. Bubbles and a glitter ball! These are moving and interactive parts of the decoration so they make an extra big impact! Use them at strategic times in the party, when there can be an extra umpff to the atmosphere, such as at the start, during the dancing, or during snack time!
  5. Music! It sounds like a funny decoration tip but nothing transforms an atmosphere like music. To add enchantment and atmosphere, play some magical background music as the children enter and during craft and story time in the background! For example this Fairy Music on YouTube. Of course, there are also great theme songs from the Snow White Disney film to play as the children arrive. You can use this youtube playlist linked below:


We hope you like these tips and are all ready to get started putting the gears into action for this party!

Best of luck, Zoe x

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