35+ BEST toddler jungle party food ideas

Welcome to this post with great ideas for all the jungle-themes party food you could imagine at your toddler’s special birthday party!

If you’re planning your child’s birthday party and want to add some extra special detail and super cute jungle-theme into the food planning, then you’re in the right place.

This post is packed with creative, jungle theme ideas and tips of the most easy way to create a stunning food table that all your party guests will get excited about!

A child’s birthday party is all about celebrating their life milestones and giving them a chance to spend special time with their friends, but, if parents get to be a bit creative and come up with some super cute ideas in the process, all the better!

In fact, if you’re planning a jungle party, we have a free jungle explorer party plan, and a Safari adventure themed plan full of ideas for games, activities, food, decorations and party planning.

We also have a range of Disney movie parties, in keeping with this theme such as a Pocahontas party and a Brother Bear party.

Jungle theme party snacks

Finger foods and quick, savory snacks are a must for a party with lots of little ones if you want to keep them involved in party games and hanging out with their other little party animals! Jungle-themed party food is such a good theme for little snacks, here are our top snack picks to have out for munching during the party:

  1. Jungle Vine Veggie Sticks: Carrot and celery sticks arranged like jungle vines with hummus or dip at the base.
  2. Animal crackers: Certain cracker brands sell animal-shaped crackers. Buy these to dip in spreads as a perfect (and super easy) jungle-themed snack.
  3. Savory Palm Trees: Breadstick or pretzel rod “trunks” with olive or cheese “coconuts” on top.
  4. Jungle Snack Mix: A mix of nuts, pretzels, popcorn, and dried fruit with a hint of savory seasoning.
  5. Zebra Pizza Bites: Mini pizza bites with a zebra-stripe pattern made from cheese on top.
  6. Jungle Leaf Wraps: Lettuce wraps with chicken or turkey, topped with salsa or guacamole.
  7. Cheese and Fruit Skewers: Skewers alternating cubes of cheese and tropical fruits like melon and pineapple. Be sure to keep these fruits tropical.

Jungle theme sandwich ideas

This is a really fun theme and we have heaps of ideas for you, particularly for the cutest animal-style sandwiches! These will look fabulous on the food table and are a great way to add some character to the themed food!

  1. Monkey Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like monkeys using a monkey-shaped cookie cutter. 
    • Spread peanut butter on one slice.
    • Add banana slices for the monkey’s face.
  2. Lion Face Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like lions using a lion-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread cream cheese or hummus on one slice.
    • Add slices of cheese or ham for the lion’s mane.
    • Use olives or cherry tomatoes for eyes and a cherry tomato for the nose.
  3. Elephant Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like elephants using an elephant-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread cream cheese or almond butter on one slice.
    • Add thin apple slices or cucumber rounds for the elephant’s ears.
    • Use raisins or blueberries for eyes.
  4. Giraffe Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like giraffes using a giraffe-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread cream cheese or Nutella on one slice.
    • Add banana slices or thin strips of fruit leather for the giraffe’s spots.
    • Use pretzel sticks for the giraffe’s ears and for the outline of the giraffe’s long neck.
  5. Toucan Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like toucans using a toucan-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread cream cheese or avocado on one slice.
    • Add slices of colorful bell peppers for the toucan’s beak and feathers.
    • Use raisins or blueberries for eyes.
  6. Snake Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like snakes using a snake-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread cream cheese or hummus on one slice.
    • Add cucumber slices or thin strips of bell peppers for the snake’s body.
    • Create eyes with cream cheese and olive slices.
  7. Jungle Tree Sandwich:
    • Bread slices shaped like trees using a tree-shaped cookie cutter.
    • Spread hummus or cream cheese on one slice.
    • Add spinach or cress for the leaves.

Jungle theme veggie platter ideas

The idea here is to create a jungle-scape out of veggies! Arrange these on a platter to look like jungle undergrowth. This will take a bit of imagination but the effect will be amazing!

  1. Broccoli Trees: Arrange broccoli florets as veggie trees. Place them in clusters on one side of the platter.
  2. Carrot Sticks: Use carrot sticks to create logs or trunks for the palm trees. Place them under the broccoli trees.
  3. Bell Pepper Strips: Cut colorful bell peppers into strips and arrange them as the jungle vines hanging from the trees.
  4. Cucumber Slices: Slice cucumbers into rounds and place them on the platter as lily pads in a “jungle pond.” You could add a little slice of radish on top as the waterlily.
  5. Cherry Tomatoes: Arrange cherry tomatoes as small fruits on the vines or as decorations around the platter.
  6. Celery Sticks: Cut celery sticks into shorter lengths and arrange them as additional tree trunks or logs.
  7. Snap Peas or Green Beans: Use snap peas or green beans to create bushes or shrubs around the jungle scene.
  8. Jungle Dip: Place a bowl of hummus or yogurt-based dip in the centre of the platter. You can label it as “Jungle Dip” or “hungry hippo dip” blend in special ingredients to affect the colour, such as spinach to make it green, or beetroot to make it red.
  9. Radish and Carrot ‘Edible Flowers’: Garnish the platter with edible flowers made from slices of radishes, carrots, or other colorful veggies.
  10. Jungle Animal Picks: If available, use fun jungle animal-shaped picks or toothpicks to add a playful touch to the veggies.

Green theme food platter ideas

Another great thing to do for a jungle-themed party is to create a totally ‘green’ food platter or charcuterie board! A colour-themed platter is perfect for a special occasion because it really does look spectacular and since a lot of the foods are fresh, it’s easy to quickly pull together on the day of the party with minimal prep.

  1. Green grapes
  2. Kiwi slices
  3. Green apples
  4. Avocado slices
  5. Cucumber rounds
  6. Green olives
  7. Broccoli florets
  8. Sugar snap peas
  9. Edamame
  10. Green bell pepper strips
  11. Pesto or green hummus
  12. Spinach and artichoke dip
  13. Green pistachios
  14. Green cheese (like pesto gouda)
  15. Guacamole
  16. Green crackers or bread
  17. Basil leaves
  18. Green pesto tortellini skewers
  19. Zucchini slices
  20. Green pickles
  21. Green pear slices
  22. Green celery sticks
  23. Asparagus spears
  24. Green cherry tomatoes
  25. Green goddess dressing
  26. Lime wedges
  27. Green onion dip
  28. Wasabi peas
  29. Watercress leaves
  30. Matcha-flavored snacks
  31. Green bean bundles
  32. Green tortilla chips
  33. Jalapeño poppers
  34. Green jalapeño slices
  35. Chive cream cheese
  36. Artichoke hearts
  37. Green-themed candies (green M&M’s, gummy frogs)
  38. Pistachio nuts
  39. Green smoothie shots
  40. Green tea-infused desserts

Jungle theme sweet treats

The sweet treats are always the showstoppers of the dessert tables and for a good reason, they can be so much fun to theme and decorate. This desert table is a party decoration in and of itself, and definitely the yummiest one!

  1. Jungle Animal Cupcakes: Cupcakes decorated with jungle animal cake toppers or fondant animals like lions, monkeys, and giraffes. These are great for kids birthday parties because they’re already individual portions making it much easier on the day.
  2. Banana Pops: Banana halves on sticks, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. This is the ultimate snack for little explorers!
  3. Jungle Leaf Cookies: Sugar cookies shaped like jungle leaves, decorated with vibrant green icing.
  4. Tiger Stripe Cake Pops: Cake pops decorated with tiger stripe patterns. You can keep these in theme with any animal-inspired decorations, such as zebra stripes, or bright parrot colours.
  5. Jungle Animal Birthday Cake: Whether you are buying a cake or making your own cake, you could either have the cake as an iconic animal face, such as a lion or a tiger or, you can set a jungle scene and get fondant animals (or even toy animals to sit on top! 
  6. Tropical Fruit Salad: A colorful fruit salad with a mix of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, and kiwi. Make this fruit salad super brightly coloured with all the tropical flower colours, just link in the jungle!
  7. Jungle Jello Cups: Layers of green and yellow Jello to represent the jungle, and you can even put a cheeky gummy snake on top!
  8. Tropical Ice Cream Floats: Pineapple or coconut-flavored ice cream floats with soda. This is a fabulous dessert to serve if there are older siblings or parents of the toddlers hanging about at the party as they look absolutely fabulous!
  9. Rainbow Fruit Skewers: Skewers with a variety of colorful, tropical fruits will look stunning on a desert table and they are perfect healthy sugars for the toddlers.
  10. Jungle Animal Marshmallow Pops: Marshmallows on sticks dipped in chocolate and decorated as jungle animals.
  11. Jungle Leaf Rice Krispie Treats: Rice Krispie treats cut into the shape of jungle leaves and decorated with green icing.
  12. Coconut Macaroons: Coconut macaroons shaped like palm trees or jungle leaves. This is a good idea for treats to serve with parents present as coconuts can be allergens.

Food table decorations

Once you’ve thought of interweaving the theme into party invitations and maybe into party favors, you can think about decorations around the food table! Here are some quick tip fun ways to add ‘jungle’ to the food zone.

  • Animal print balloons 
  • Safari animal dinner plates
  • Jungle print tablecloths
  • Interactive props such as jungle binoculars for an explorer party or a safari hat for a safari party as decorations

Good luck!

These ideas are perfect for jungle-themed events but can also be used for any other fun party theme including animals jungle and exploring such as a zoo party, wild animals party or safari-themed party. There are also brilliant jungle-themed movies you might like to base your party off such as the Jungle Book movie, Tarzan, or Pocahontas.https://partiesuniverse.com/pocahontas-birthday-party/


Happy birthday to your little ones!

Zoe x

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