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Welcome to this post packed with fun Valentine’s day party ideas for toddlers! We have loads of simple, at-home party ideas, with Valentine party games and loads of fun things to do!

Awesome toddler Valentine’s party ideas:

Valentines is such a cute theme, and often there are Valentine’s discos or class Valentine’s parties for older kids, but for little ones, there is no reason not to celebrate! Here are some Valentine’s day party ideas for your gathering:

Valentine’s day toddler tea party

Dress up and bring a soft toy mate to the cutest Valentine’s day tea party, complete with strawberry milk in teacups, pink sugar cookies, strawberries and grapes.

Set out a picnic blanket with spaces for the kids and their toys, and surround the area’s and big Valentine’s day balloons as a great way to bring the theme to life in a small space!

Scroll to the bottom of this post for more pink party food ideas!

Valentine’s day outdoor fair party

If you’re somewhere warm, set up a couple of fair stations with lots of little fun games and fun activity stations like:

  • Pink Playdough Workshop
  • Heart Potato Printing
  • Bubbles
  • Heart sticker sheet relay

Valentine’s party scavenger hunt!

Make little Valentine’s, pre-easter bunny, chocolate heart scavenger hunts or your toddlers for their Valentine’s day party! Set up the chocolates in the garden or indoors in the party zone and send then off hunting with a little ‘love basket!’ These are such cute ideas that will work for big groups of toddlers as well as just a couple of close friends.

Valentine’s Day storybook party

Reading a group love story at a ‘party is a perfect way to get all the little kids involved and have a moment of slightly more peaceful Valentine’s day fun!

The best part is, it takes very little prep, but you can really enjoy the time with the kid’s, chatting about the characters, acting out party of the story and getting them to guess what’s about to happen. 

Some cute ideas for classic stories that are valentines themes and great for younger kids:

  • “Llama Llama I Love You” by Anna Dewdney: Join Llama Llama as he celebrates Valentine’s Day, expressing love and warmth to those dear to him.
  • “Valentine Surprise” by Corinne Demas: Follow along as Lily receives a heartwarming surprise on Valentine’s Day, discovering the magic of love and friendship.
  • “Love from the Crayons” by Drew Daywalt: The crayons are back, sharing love and friendship through colorful illustrations and heartwarming messages.
  • “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney: In this classic tale, Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare express their immeasurable love for each other through charming and tender gestures.
  • “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia Bond: Join Cornelia Augusta as she gathers heart-shaped love notes that rain down from the sky and uses them to create special valentines for her friends.
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff: Mouse spreads love to his friends by making unique valentines in this delightful and interactive board book.

Toddler Valentines Disco

Get your toddlers on the dance floor or their own mini-valentine’s disco – the cutest idea yet! 

There are loads of fun activities to do on the dance floor: there’s ‘copy me’ dancing, conga line, songs with famous actions they can join in with, costumes to hand out, maracas and tambourines for them to join along with the music, and fun lighting if you have disco lights or a projector that can make the dance floor red or cover it in thousands of little hearts!

You can even up the antics by blowing bubbles in the dance floor area! 

Valentine’s party family photo booth! 

Have a selfie camera or even an assigned photographer present to take cute family photos of these toddlers. There are loads of creative ideas you could go down for this theme!

You could have some backdrops of famous works locations, or iconic movie scenes, and you can have valentines costumed for the toddlers to get dressed up in, ready for their pictures! These pictures, especially if they can be printed out immediately, with with a home printer or polaroid camera,

Valentine’s day craft party ideas:

There are loads of fun valentine’s day crafts that are perfect for toddlers to do at your party!

Mini love bugs!

This is the cutest toddler craft activity. Take little, palm-sized stones, and let the children decorate their own little love bug characters!

Let them use a range of paint colours to draw spots, stripes or little hearts on their stones and then turn them into bugs with stick-on googley eyes and maybe even some legs made out of pipe cleaners! Kids can then have a fun time naming and playing with these creatures for the rest of the party (once the paint is dry!). 

Handprint Valentine’s day cards! 

Let the kids dip their hands in glitter paint and print a double-handed love heart shape onto a Valentine’s card for their moms and dads or their siblings! Have a bucket of water and towels ready for them to clean the paint off before touching anything!

This is also a lovely activity you could do at Valentine’s day class parties, outdoors.

Valentine’s cupcake decorating: 

Craft ideas are the absolute best when they produce sweet treats for the group! You can help the kids spread lemon icing on their cupcakes and ket them have a great time sticking on sweets and other candies such as Haribo love hearts, little jellies and little conversation hearts sweets!

Paper plate ladybug love!

Paint the plate bright red and have some black paper circles cut out to stick on the top as spots.

Then you can use one of these circles as the cutest little lady-bug face with google eyes and black pipe cleaner antennae! Feel free to mix these up and go colourful, they will make very cute gifts for the little ones! Here is a great tutorial on the supercute fireflies & mudpies site.

Heart-shaped Collage with Tissue Paper

Let the kids get creative with an assortment of tissue paper colours, some bright or glittery stickers and some tube-glue. This is a simple to set up activity, and all the little ones can join in at their own time and their own speed!

Ideas for Valentine’s Day party foods:

Some cute, simple, pink for ideas for your toddler party feast!

  • Yoghurt parfait with berries
  • Fruit platters with strawberries and red grapes
  • Pink wafer biscuits
  • Pink Cupcakes


Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut into 

  • PB&J Sandwiches
  • Cheese slices
  • Ham slices
  • Pizzas! (cut the shapes out of one large pizza so that each of the party guests has their own heart-shaped pizzas! So cute!)

And to drink:

  • Strawberry milk.
  • Cranberry Juice (diluted for toddlers)
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie
  • Beetroot and Apple Juice (mildly flavored)

Valentine’s Goodie Bags

Goodie bags of party favours can be a very thoughtful touch if you want to add them (though they are just an extra, definitely not necessary!). Here are some cute Ideas for toddlers goody bags:

  1. Sticker Sheets with Valentine themes stickers
  2. Pink Play-Doh in Small Containers
  3. Bubbles
  4. Mini Rubber Ducks (some have little heart designs on them, or you can get a duckling pair)
  5. Temporary glitter heart Tattoos

Good luck!

We hope you feel inspired by these ideas and are full of cute inspiration for your toddler’s Valentine’s party!

If you enjoyed this post and your toddler has siblings who are also keen for some Valentine’s fun, check out our Valentine’s party ideas for Kids and Fun Valentine’s activities for teens posts as well!

Have a brilliant time, Zoe x

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