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Hello and welcome to my party ideas site where I share all my tips and tricks from years of experience hosting kid’s parties! This post is about an epic superhero party!

Read on for superhero party games, a superhero act-out adventure story, superhero training school and a code-breaking challenge as well as party planning suggestions- all free!

I’m Zoe, and I love creative high-energy, fun FREE party plans for creative birthday party themes. My plans are all designed to be active, energetic, and relatively simple to prepare so you can maximise the time spent with your kids, present in the moment!

Ultimately the point of a party is to have fun – and we think we have a perfect balance of creativity and imagination, as well as tried and tested games that we all know kids love to play. So let’s get going!

Superhero Games

1. Mission Impossible

This game is like grandmothers footstep but it’s called mission impossible. Children line up at one end of the room and have to sneak to the other end without being seen.

One person is the Challenger. They stand at the other side of the room, and anytime their back is turned, children creep up on them but when they turn around, children have to freeze. If the Challenger sees them wobble, they are sent back to the start line.

To make it more challenging, have obstacles in the children’s way that they have to creep around (for instance chairs and cushions!)

2. Superhero Life

In this game, the facilitator calls directions and the children have to do the associated action. Slowest one to do the action is out, or, for younger children, you can reward the fastest action each time, or the best acting!

  • Scale some buildings – mimic climbing upwards
  • Superhero time– one arm up with a fist like a superhero
  • Invisible time – crouch to the floor and make yourself small as if being invisible
  • Trouble in the city – run to one side of the room
  • Trouble in the country – run to the other side of the room

This is a super-fun high-energy game and a great way to zap up some energy, particularly after cake time sugar highs!

3. Batman Batman Spiderman

This game is like Duck-Duck-Goose, with instead of ducks, they’re Batman and instead of Geese, they’re Spidermen! (Or Catwoman or Wonderwoman!)

The great thing about this game is that it’s familiar to children. It’s a great one to do after lunchtime when children finish at different rates because more players can easily slot in at any time without needing rules re-explained.

4. Superhero Statues

This game is like music statues, only for superheroes. It is a party classic and very quick. It’s a great way to zap up energy, particularly if you encourage the best, high-energy superhero dance moves!

p.s. have you seen our Monster Theme or our Cowboy/Cowgirl theme party plans??

Superhero Theme Activities

1. Superhero training school

Before the little superheroes are ready to go out on an adventure (like in the adventure story below, they have to learn and sharpen all their superhero skills! This is an obstacle course training school- a great activity, active and fun and very cute to watch!

You can either do these activities as a group, or, if you have access to helpers, like other parents, or grandparents or older siblings, you can split the group into 3 or 4 and run 3 or 4 obstacle stations for the party kids to rotate around.

Here are our 4 suggestions for obstacle course training activities:

1. Super Strength building

This is a funny one. Get a bucket (or some type of container with a handle e.g. large saucepan) and get the children to lift super heavy things inside the bucket. Use town to signify these things. So for instance, if you have a toy car, put that in and see if the strength is high enough to lift a car!

Each kid gets a turn and then you add another item once all have succeeded. Hype them up for it, and maybe play some hip-hop beats as they lift, as though in a real championship. Greet each lift with cheers from the rest of the group.

Some Ideas for things to lift in order of difficulty: A little soft toy like a puppy, People (Lego or Playmobil), A car, A big animal like an elephant or giraffe, A tree, A train, a House, A globe- aka the world!

2. Super Agility Training

Kids have to do activities like hopscotch and balance beam. You can do this either by going outside and marking the game on the floor with a set of chalks, or if you are indoors you can mark it with masking tape on tile or wood, and by laying a piece of string for the balance beam if you’re on carpet.

Kids can take it in turns, and to make it harder you can add funny challenges like completing the task while holding a soft toy, or while wearing a silly hat.

3. Super Target practise

Kids have to practise their aim by throwing Lego blocks into a bucket from behind a line (or rings around a pole) or any similar aim activity. You can start with an easier version by having the bucket nearby and when all the blocks have been thrown, do a second round, moving it even further away!

4. Super Speed training

This is a relay race. Best done outside if you’re able to, or use the longest edge of the room available. Have something at the other end that children must loop around and get them to take it in turns to run and pass on a baton like a wooden spoon between goes.

After the running round, make it harder by saying they have to skip, or hop, or crawl, or go backwards. Make sure to greet them with a big cheer at the end. You can also pretend to time them at the activity for added incentive.

2. Superhero act out the adventure story

3. Superhero code breaking (treasure hunt)

This is like a superhero code-breaking activity. We have prepared these treasure hunt clues for you to use. For younger children, we have picture options, for older children you can spell our words which act as the location of the treasure.

In these treasure hunt packs, are 3, 4 or 5 cards that you hide around the room. Children search for them and once all have been found, they join together to make the picture (or spell the word) of the location of a prize (for instance, hall, sink, or BBQ).

The prize could be sweets or chocolates, or make it look like treasure by using chocolate coins!

Click here to be taken to the free treasure hunt clue printables!

Superhero party decorations

We have 5 main tips for decorations!

  1. Tinsel curtains in red, blue and yellow! These are so festive and instantly transform the feel of a space. They are also so versatile, you can hand them to friends once you’re done or save them for next year.
  2. Props! Immersive decorations are the best for bringing the room to life and creating at atmosphere- that is the whole point after all. For a superhero party, we can think of nothing better than super hero masks or superhero capes. Having kids run around in these props will fill the room with the essence of the theme. These also double as party favours- one less thing to buy.
  3. Big bunches of balloons! This is also such a simple one- but balloons fill a space with festivity like nothing else. Create big bunches of Yellow, Red and Blue balloons and string them all around the room- maybe even on the chairs and on any furniture.
  4. Big superhero banner – Often these are inexpensive but they make excellent photo backdrops, and if you opt for masks, it will be the best place to get the kids to do a costume pose for the photobook!
  5. Music! Again this might sound odd for a decoration suggestion but nothing does a better job at creating an atmosphere than music! Have some background superhero-music playing as the kids arrive. Use music to add drama to the superhero skills training school and again, to build tensions during the superhero story. We have some suggestions for you down below.

Superhero party theme music

Ideas for superhero music. We have 3 main suggestions for what to play at a superhero party!

  1. Superhero theme music for when the kids arrive: Like this YouTube playlist of Superhero Music
  2. Pumping superhero challenge music like this epic Avengers medley on YouTube
  3. Epic suspense music for the superhero adventure story! This is a really great detective background track, that we love as ambient suspense music

These are all youtube playlists which means they are free, but we suggest pre-loading tracks so no adverts pop up while you’re using the music for the party!


So we hope those suggestions inspire you for party ideas. To help you run the party, we have a step by step guide with a timeline for things to think about planning a party which includes this PDF party planning checklist, and a PDF list of tasks you can be delegating. These are ALL FREE, NO email required either, simply download.

We make these to take the stress out of your day and try and make it as enjoyable and fun for you, and let you be as present as possible for your child.

We hope your little superheroes have an epic time. Have all phones charged- this party will lead to the cutest photos ever!

Good luck with it. Best wishes, Zoe x

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