95 UNIQUE and FUN Ideas for Pool Party Names & Themes 2024

Pool parties are a summer classic and a guaranteed fun night if you’re with the right crowd. But, how to make your party stand out from the rest? Of you’re looking for that perfect theme with a catchy name and instant inspiration for decorations costumes then you’re in the right place here on this blog!

We will try and help you find your perfect pool party name to go with an epic themed evening that, with a little creativity, and preparation of the pool area will turn your space into an epic party venue.

I’m Zoe, and before starting this site I used to work in the party industry. I LOVE coming up with themed parties, clever wordplay and amazing name ideas so for this site I have had a blast thinking of cool pool party names and I hope some of these ideas excite you enough to inspire you.

So, what better way to get into this… than.. by starting….

Classic Pool party names:

We start with some more generic names for easy sunny days pool parties! These names are versatile, fun and cute, so a great idea for any party. Have a look and see what you think! If you’re after a name to match a more quirky theme, read on…

Summer and tropical island themed:

  • Summertime Splashdown
  • Lazy Days & Poolside Rays
  • Summer Breezes & Poolside Teases
  • Poolside Sparks & Sunkissed Hearts
  • Tropical Tides & Poolside Vibes
  • Island Escape: A Tropical Pool Affair
  • Palm Trees & Poolside Dreams
  • Tropical Treasures & Poolside Pleasures
  • Swaying Palms & Swimsuit Charms

‘Refreshing’ Pool party names:

  • Sip and Swim: A Poolside Fiesta
  • Chill Out & Splash About
  • Cool Waters & cocktail Quarters

Retro theme pool party names:

A super fun and unique pool party name could come from a through the eras party theme, or a theme based around a retro vibe associated with a decade in history!

Check out these clever name ideas and let your imagination flow with retro themes costumes and decorations! This sort of idea is such a creative theme because it can literally inform everything – decorations, music, food, pool party games, drinks and so much more!

  • Twenties Tides and Tunes
  • Thirties poolside thrill
  • A forties float pool party
  • Fifties, floats and freestyle
  • Seventies swimsuit splash
  • Splashing sixties
  • Nineties Night by the Pool
  • Naughties nighttime splash

Movie theme pool party names:


  • Flappers, Floats, and Gatsby’s Fling
  • A Splash of Gatsby: A Swanky Soiree

James Bond

  • Dive into 007: A License to Chill
  • Shaken, Not Stirred: A Poolside Affair
  • live and let live
  • no time to dive
  • License to Splash

Star Wars

  • May the Splash Be with You
  • Light Saber Splash
  • dive in a galazy far far away

Mama mia

  • Super Trouper Swims & Greek poolside sun
  • Dancing Queens & Poolside Dreams
  • Mamma Mia! Mediterranean Splashdown
  • Poolside Romance, Greek-style
  • Take a Chance on Poolside Romance


  • Bikinis and Buoys: A Baywatch Splash
  • A Baywatch poolside bash
  • Catch the Wave: A Baywatch Pool Party


  • Shark attach splashdown
  • Great White Splashes & Poolside Thrills
  • Sink or Swim: A Jaws-Inspired Soiree
  • Jaws of Summer: A Poolside Premiere
  • Daring Dives & Shark-infested Swims

Colour and pattern themes:

You might find an amazing pool party name based on one of the classic colour/pattern theme ieas we’ve listed here! If you’re after colorful decorations, and a memorable name for the soiree, how about a gold, diamond or polka dot theme!

Gold Party name ideas

  • Golden Glitz & Glam Pool Gala
  • Gold Rush by the Poolside
  • Golden Sun & Sparkling Fun
  • Glitz and gold, a semi-precious poolside partay
  • Golden hour and splshing power

Diamond party name ideas

  • Diamond Dazzle Dip & Dive
  • Diamonds rings and poolside flings
  • Shimmer and Swim: A Diamond Poolside Soiree

Polka dot pattern theme:

  • Polka dot pool party
  • Dotted Dip & Dive
  • Polka Dot plunge
  • Polka dot dive

Animal theme party names

Animals are a classic party theme so if you’re looking for pool party theme names then look no further than some of the most aesthetic animals for name, costume, colour theme and decoration inspo! 

One of the best thing about animal themes are the opportunity to mix patter, colour and texture in the decorations – so have a Pinterest browse for inspiration, and if this seems like a great theme, you might find a good idea for the perfect name in the list below!


  • zebra safari splash
  • stripes and splashes
  • zebra dazzle dive


  • Poolside flamingle
  • Pink Pool Paradise
  • Flock and Float: A Flamingo Poolside party
  • Flamingles and fool flats


  • Swan Dive and Sip Soiree
  • Swan soak and swim
  • Swanlake splashdown
  • Swan and only poolside splash
  • Swan in a million, poolside party

Sport theme pool party Ideas:

If you want a unique name for your pool party, how about a super unique theme?! These sport themes could be epic ideas for your next pool party becasue of the inspiration and creativity the offer for decorations, costumes and food! They are iconic, bold and perfect fits for summer parties!

Wimbledon Theme:

Everyone wears white, eats strawberries and cream and sips champagne.

  • Wimbledon Whites and Water Slides
  • Serve, Splash, and Sip
  • Poolside Pimm’s at Wimbledon

F1 Theme:

Ultimate Glamour, jumpsuits, lycra, headsets and champagne! Decorate with checked flags and sponsor-style banners. 

  • Gran Prix splash
  • Poolside Pitstop
  • Fuel up and Dive
  • Champagne shower splash

Sailor theme:

Decorate with white and blue stripes and rope strung up around the pool, with hanging fairy lights. 

  • Buoys and Bikinis
  • Sailors smash down
  • Sail and Sip poolside soiree
  • masts and margarita mixers

Classic girl pool party themes:

If you’re after a creative pool party name, how about theme the party around one of the all-time girl gang theme movies! These themes will be so fun to dress up for and set you up to throw an utterly unforgettable pool party. Imagine spending the summer months prepping your barbie poolside outfit, or prepping mean girls movie quotes to hang up around the poolside! A fun theme is the best way to inject come life and giggles into the party before it’s even started.


  • barbie beach babes
  • barbies splashing soiree
  • barbie, backstroke and bubbles

Mean Girls:

  • Plastics’ Poolside Party
  • Fetch Floats and Fun
  • Sundays Are for Sippin’: Plastics’ Pool Party

Guy pool party themes:

For your next lads party, become the talk of the town with a lads beer themes poolside bash! These are great names, with a touch of cheekiness and fun time vibes!


  • beers buoys and beach balls
  • beers bubbles and belly-flops
  • Brews, Bikinis, and Bouys
  • Poolside Pints and party vibes
  • Six-pack vibe and dad-bod dives

TV Themes:

A really fun theme for a party is a TV show that everyone recognised, loves, and/or loves to hate on. Sometimes TV shows make for excellent names, because they have such iconic themes. It’s also a great way starting point for decorations. Often a few key decorative features will totally change the vibe of the place so see if any of these take your fancy: 

Love Island:

  • Bikinis banter and pool bouys
  • Summer Flings and Poolside Things
  • Coupling Up by the Pool
  • Sun, Swim, and Sizzle: A Love Island soiree

Selling sunset:

  • Sunset, splash and sneaky shenanigans
  • Luxury listing splash
  • Bikinis billionaires and poolside property


We hope you’ve loved some of these pool party name ideas and that you’re feeling inspired to find the perfect name for your super special occasion. We’ve fried to mix fun names with quirky ideas for the theme of the party.

Goodluck with the planning, and be sure to check out our other posts with epic ideas for games, activities and decorations for all party of themed parties!

Most importantly- it’s your party, so remember to have a good time!

Best of luck with it,

Zoe xx

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