BEST Valentine’s day gifts for TEEN BOYS 2024

Valentine’s day can be a serious cringe for teenage boys! But, the celebration of love is a fun date in the calendar and should absolutely be something that teen boys can have fun celebrating. 

A while ago we published a post with ideas for Valentine’s Day activities for teens, and now comes the next party, our gift guides!

While we want to respect our kids’ space as teenagers, buying presents is so fun, and it’s a shame is Valentine’s gender stereotypes allow gifts for our teenage daughters but not for teenage sons. So this is our guide to what we think are the least-cringe and most-appreciated gift ideas for teenage boys for Valentine’s Day.

We’ve split these into a funny gag-gift category, and a thoughtful gift category (minimal cringe!), and at the end, we have some funny love puns to put in home-made Valentine’s day cards!

Funny teenage boy Valentine’s gag gifts (ROMANCE THEMED!)

We love these ideas for funny gifts for your teenage boy! They are a little bit cheeky, and a fun way to buy them something nice, and bring a good laugh to the day. Sometimes funny gifts are the best gifts!

  1. “Heart-Seeking Missile” Dartboard: A dartboard with heart-shaped targets to playfully “seek” love.
  2. “Cupid’s Training Kit”: A comical kit with fake bow and arrow, wings, and a guide on how to be a Valentine’s Day Cupid.
  3. “Infinite Love Potion” Energy Drink: A humorous energy drink labelled as the “Infinite Love Potion” for an energy boost in the name of love.
  4. “Love Potion” Hot Sauce: A hot sauce with a label claiming to be a love potion for adding some spice to life.
  5. “Cupid’s Bow” Marshmallow Shooter: A playful toy that shoots heart-shaped marshmallows like Cupid’s arrows.
  6. “Valentine’s Day Survival Kit”: A funny kit with items like heart-shaped sunglasses, a lovey-dovey playlist, and a guide on surviving the day.
  7. “Heartthrob” Ice Cube Tray: A tray that moulds ice into heart shapes for adding a touch of love to drinks.
  8. “Love Potion” Bubble Bath: A comically labeled bottle of bubble bath claiming to be a love potion for a romantic bath.
  9. “Heartbeat” Drumsticks: Drumsticks with heart-shaped tips for a musical twist on Valentine’s Day.
  10. “Love Bites” Vampire Fangs: Silly vampire fangs with a twist, labeled as “Love Bites” for a playful touch.
  11. “Kiss-Proof” Lip Balm: A humorous lip balm with a label claiming to be “kiss-proof” for a smudge-free Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a teenage son with high cringe tolerance!
  12. “Love Potion” Scented Cologne: A playful cologne with a label suggesting it’s a love potion to attract admirers.
  13. “Heartbeat” DJ Turntable Mat: A DJ turntable mat with a heartbeat design for a musical Valentine’s Day spin.
  14. “Heartthrob” Workout Gear: Silly workout gear with heart-shaped weights or heart-patterned sweatbands for your sports fanatic teen.
  15. “Love Struck” Antiperspirant: A humorous antiperspirant labeled as “Love Struck” for staying cool under pressure.
  16. “Heart Attack” Playing Cards: A deck of playing cards with heart-themed designs for a playful game night.
  17. “Love Bug” Insect Catcher: A fake bug-catching kit with a label suggesting it’s for catching the “Love Bug.”

These could also be perfect gift ideas for teenage boy siblings or grandkids!

Thoughtful Valentine’s day gifts for teens

These valentine’s gifts should span a range of age group ranges (so great whether your teen presents as older kids or a young adult!).. These are a mix of fun items and thoughtful items that are either entertaining or useful for their teen years!

Gifts Under $20:

Here are some nice valentine gift ideas for under $20. They are low-key and affordable but still useful little things that show your love!

  1. Magic trick card deck (try and find a love-themed card trick!)
  2. Funky ‘love theme’ Socks
  3. Movie Nights Snack Pack
  4. Red Sports Water Bottle
  5. LED Flashlight or Book Light
  6. Puzzle Book or Sudoku Booklet
  7. Red DIY Tie-Dye Kit (such as this one)
  8. Mini Desktop Zen Garden
  9. Guitar Pick Puncher
  10. DIY Terrarium Kit
  11. Gardening seeds, a fun idea for kids who like peace outdoors!
  12. Smartphone Camera Lens Kit
  13. Pocket-Sized Multi-Tool
  14. DIY Hydroponic Herb Garden Kit
  15. Portable charger 

Gifts Over $20:

Here are some great Valentine’s day gift ideas if you’re looking to buy something a little more substantial!

  1. DIY Model Kit (Cars, Planes, etc.)
  2. Skateboard Deck or Accessories
  3. A red gym bag (could be a huge hit for a teen solely getting into the gym)
  4. Video Games Gift Card (A perfect Valentine’s day gift for a younger kid who might cringe at any romance theme joke!)
  5. Red Hoodie or Sweatshirt
  6. Movie Tickets
  7. Red DIY Tie-Dye Hoodie Kit
  8. A love themed board game
  9. Customized Neon Sign with Their Name (A fun gift that might look really cool in their bedroom)
  10. Polaroid Camera for Instant Photos
  11. Customized Star Map of a Special Date such as their birthday
  12. Sustainable Bamboo or Wooden Sunglasses
  13. Online Course or Workshop in a Hobby or Skill
  14. High-Quality Noise-Canceling Earplugs
  15. street art spray paint Art Supplies Set
  16. Customized Handmade Leather Bracelet
  17. Personalized Leather Laptop Sleeve (perfect for soon-to-be college students)
  18. Drone with a Camera

Homemade Gift Ideas:

Valentine’s gift ideas that you can pour your love into for your kid, but that still feel ‘cool’ for them to receive! Here there are things you can create at a number of price ranges.

  1. Scrapbook of Memories
  2. Hand-painted Sneakers
  3. Handmade Bracelets or Wristbands
  4. Personalized Calendar with Photos
  5. Customized Comic Strip Featuring Them
  6. DIY Wall Art or Canvas Painting
  7. Personalized Recipe Book with Family Recipes
  8. Customized Tie-Dye Bedding Set
  9. Empty toolbox filled with their favourite sweet treat of yummy Valentine’s snacks!

Valentine’s day movie-themed love puns!

Fill your Valentine’s card or gift tag with a funny pun based on their favourite show or movie! Here are some fun suggestions:

Star Wars love-puns: 

  1. “You’re the Obi-Wan for me.”
  2. “Our love is stronger than the Force.”
  3. “You’ve captured my heart like the Death Star did Alderaan.”
  4. “You’re the droid I’ve been looking for.”

Harry Potter love-puns:

  1. “Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.”
  2. “Are you a spell? Because whenever you’re near, everything else disappears.”
  3. “You must be a Horcrux because you’ve got a piece of my heart.”
  4. “Is your name Accio? Because you’ve just summoned my heart.”
  5. “Are you a Patronus? Because you light up my darkest days.”
  6. “Are you a Snitch? Because you’re impossible to resist.”

Lion King theme love puns

  1. You’re the mane attraction in my heart.”
  2. “You’ve roared your way into my heart, and now there’s no turning back.”
  3. “Our love is a circle of life, and you’re the epicenter.”
  4. “Our love is stronger than Mufasa’s roar.”
  5. “In the jungle of love, you’re my favorite wild thing.”

How to train your dragon theme love puns

  1. “Like a Night Fury, you’ve stealthily stolen my heart.”
  2. “You’re my forever dragon trainer, keeping my heart in check.”
  3. “You’re the Light Fury to my Night Fury”
  4. “You’re my Dragon Whisperer, understanding the language of my heart.”
  5. “In the skies of love, you’re my favorite dragon rider.”
  6. “Our love is a Terrible Terror to loneliness – it vanishes with a smile.”

Superhero theme love-puns

  1. “Like Spider-Sense, you always know how to make my heart race.”
  2. “Like Superman, you’ve lifted my heart to new heights.”
  3. “You’re my Kryptonite, but I can’t resist your love.”
  4. In the comic book of love, you’re the speech bubble that makes me smile.”
  5. “You’re my hero, even if you can’t open a jar without calling for backup.”

Goodluck shopping!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these valentine gifts ideas, and have got some inspiration for how to send all your love to your teen this valentines day!

If you want to plan a special day for then and would like some inspiration, check out our Valentine’s day activities for teens post!

Best of luck with it,

Zoe x

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