Brilliant valentine’s gifts for TEEN GIRLS 2024

Valentine’s is a super fun excuse to celebrate the people you love in your life. One the 5 love languages is gift buying!

So if there are teenage girls in your life that you want to celebrate and gift buy for, we have packed this post full of the best Valentine’s day gifts for every type of present: funny ideas, thoughtful ideas, small gift ideas and larger gift ideas!

This post is packed with great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the special people in your life. Once you’ve got your perfect idea for a gift, be sure to check out our post on great Valentine’s activities for teenagers to complete the perfect day of love!

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Funny Valentine’s Day gag gifts!

Sometimes the best gifts are the funny ones! We have come up with a list of funny Valentine’s pun-related gifts, that will make your teenager laugh while still being nice items to receive and make use of!

  1. “Love Bites” Vampire Fangs: Silly vampire fangs with a twist, labeled as “Love Bites” for a playful touch.
  2. “Kiss-Proof” Lip Balm: A humorous lip balm with a label claiming to be “kiss-proof” for a smudge-free Valentine’s Day. Perfect for a teenage son with high cringe tolerance!.
  3. “Cupid’s Training Kit”: A comical kit with fake bow and arrow, wings, and a guide on how to be a Valentine’s Day Cupid.
  4. “Infinite Love Potion” Energy Drink: A humorous energy drink labelled as the “Infinite Love Potion” for an energy boost in the name of love.
  5. “Love Potion” Hot Sauce: A hot sauce with a label claiming to be a love potion for adding some spice to life.
  6. “Cupid’s Bow” Marshmallow Shooter: A playful toy that shoots heart-shaped marshmallows like Cupid’s arrows.
  7. “Valentine’s Day Survival Kit”: A funny kit with items like heart-shaped sunglasses, a lovey-dovey playlist, and a guide on surviving the day.
  8. “Heartthrob” Ice Cube Tray: A tray that moulds ice into heart shapes for adding a touch of love to drinks.
  9. “Love Potion” Bath Bomb: A bath bob or bubble bath bottle with a funny ‘love potion’ label, to soak in while you absorb the romance potion!.
  10. “Heart-Seeking Missile” Dartboard: A dartboard with heart-shaped targets to playfully “seek” love
  11. “Love Potion” Scented Perfume: A playful perfume with a love potion label to attract romance..
  12. “Heartthrob” Workout Gear: Silly workout gear with heart-shaped weights or heart-patterned sweatbands for your sports fanatic teen.
  13. “Love Struck” Body spray: A funny gift of a bottle spray labeled as “Love Struck” for staying ‘fresh’ under pressure.
  14. “Heart Attack” Playing Cards: A deck of playing cards with heart-themed designs for a playful game night.
  15. “Love Bug” Insect Catcher: A fake bug-catching kit with a label suggesting it’s for catching the “Love Bug.”

Small Valentine’s day gift ideas for teenage girls

Here we have some great Valentine’s gifts on a smaller budget. These include fun items and sweet treats and they make perfect Valentine’s Day gift options for a teenage daughter, a teenage best friend, or as romantic gifts from other teenage admirers!

  1. Scented candles. A lovely grown-up gift to decorate their room and add a touch of elegance to their space. You will find loads of gorgeous candles, and finding one in pink or with a rose scent will make this a perfect Valentine’s theme gift as well.
  2. Mini potted plant. Plants make great Valentine’s Day gifts, especially alongside a cute planter. They are also great for teenage girls, a slightly more mature gift option with more responsibility that is best for older kids or teen or tween girls.
  3. Heart-shaped jewellery a sterling silver heart shaped ring or bracelet charm would be a very thoughtful special gift for your teenage girl!
  4. Cozy ‘love’ socks. Find some cute novelty socks with heart motifs on them. this is a fun idea and will definitely be appreciated. Who doesn’t love a new pair of socks?!
  5. Pocket-sized notebook. Find a fluffy notebook and an obnoxious heart pen for all their ‘love notes’ writing!
  6. Lip balm set. Find one in a gorgeous packaged box and maybe add a ‘kissable’ pun as a fun way to personalise the gift! this is an inexpensive gift but perfect for the theme as also extremely useful for the cold February months!
  7. Heart-handle mug. A perfect gift idea for the cold winter months, and you could even get some hot chocolate powder to gift alongside the mug. 
  8. Mini photo frame with a photo of them and a loved one (for instance a loved pet!)
  9. Bath bombs. Find pink or red coloured bath bombs in cute packaging.
  10. Hair accessories set. Hair clips, claw clips and scrunchies are always practical and will be easy to find in a ‘love’ theme. Look for pink and red colours and heart shapes or rose-shaped forms.
  11. Mini succulent. This is a very cute gift. Combine it with a sweet love pun such as “You’re the aloe to my vera happy heart!”, or, “You’re the Succa (lent) to My Heart!”
  12. Nail polish set with little heart-shaped stick-on jewels.
  13. USB fairy lights. Super cute gift for any time, but they also sell gorgeous rose motifs, or pink flowery ones which could be especially perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  14. Rose-scented or pink clay face mask. A lovely small gift and these often come in very cute packaging, making it a useful and also highly aesthetic gift.
  15. A love-themed card game. This is a small pressie but super handy and great for girls less fussed by bath products and make-up.
  16. A heart-shaped box of chocolates. This is a classic but worth mentioning for those who want something cute that’s non-meterial.
  17. Coffee shop date gift card. This is a really sweet idea for a teenager who maybe has a crush or a first boyfriend or even has a very close girlfriend they might like to treat to a coffee and cake somewhere!

Larger Valentine’s day gifts for teenage girls

If you’re looking to spend a little more, here are some more ideas for you to get inspired by!

  1. High-quality skincare set. This is a special grown-up present and extremely useful. A great option if you already know they type of brands and products they might be into.
  2. Polaroid camera. A great way to gift the gift of memories with friend. Polaroid cameras a retro classic and can be perfect for teenage daughter to use as decorations for their space and to put their own grown up stamp on their style and statement about friends and close ones!
  3. Lounge or pyjama set. A super cute hot pink or red super soft lounge set is always a luxury gift!
  4. Portable photo printer. This is another cute way that can be a little more affordable than a
  5. Throw pillow with a unique design. A lovely gift in teen years to add a new, more grown-up aesthetic to their room.
  6. Mini projector for smartphone. This lets them watch projector movies in their room! Super good fun!
  7. Engraved bracelet. A one-of-a-kind gift, a very personal and special Valentine’s day gift for a very special girl!
  8. Valentine’s spa care package. Create a little homemade basket with a face mask, hair mask, sugar scrub and nicely scented shower cream. This is a super sweet gift package!
  9. Tie dye t-shirt DIY kit. These kits are great fun and perfect for your teen to express themselves through their own funky clothing design!
  10. Fitness yoga mat. If they are showing interest in fitness and yoga, this is a great hobby to support by getting a really cute decorative yoga mat. FInd one with a cool design or a galaxy print or something unique that will make them even more pumped for their practice.
  11. Fashion magazine subscription. This is a really nice gift as it could last 3 months, 6 months or even a year and will give them time to enjoy stories, fashion art and style in a grown up way and in beautiful quality print. Let them discover the joy of a magazine page flip and full-size glossy illustration in real life!
  12. Personalized photo book. with photos of them with family and with their friends to make them feel loved and special on Valentine’s day!
  13. Aromatherapy diffuser. This is perfect for a teen with a lot of stressful emotions and who could use a calm, more mature atmosphere in their space. Get a lavender or clary save for relaxation and anti-stress.
  14. Cozy oversized blanket. This is generally an amazing present. Perfect for sprucing up a room, and ideal for cold February afternoons!
  15. LED vanity mirror. These look so cool! Your teen will get their makeup spot on and feel like a movie star getting ready.
  16. Graphic hoodie. A super warm hoodie is always a great present. Find an artist on Etsy who is selling unique prints on hoodies for a super special twist on a classic clothing gift.
  17. Digital drawing tablet. For an artistic teen, this will give them loads of new opportunities to practise their artistic side.
  18. Love theme board games. For teen who love games, fun and action, get a board game for them to enjoy with their friends. It could even be a lovely thing to play at a valentine’s slumber party.
  19. Electric heated blanket. The gift of toasty warm nights and snuggles in bed! What could be a better Valentine’s present?

Thoughtful & homemade gift ideas for teenage girls

Here we have some adorable ideas for the sweetest personal Valentine’s Day presents for your teenage girl! If you’re not creative yourself but love the idea of something extra thoughtful and personal, have a look on Etsy for sellers offering personalised versions of all of these for you to buy.

  1. Personalized Playlist for memories of times spent together. This is a very sweet gift for a teen daughter as it can include special tracks listened to while she was a baby as well as music you enjoy sharing now.
  2. DIY Wall Art. If you’re creative, a cool piece of art for their walls could be an awesome present! This is a great Valentine’s day gift idea for a teen who has recently moved rooms or who might be updating a more childish room aesthetic!
  3. Memory Scrapbook. Make a scrapbook of the previous year and of your special time spent together to show your teen extra love for Valentine’s day!
  4. Recipe Book of family recipes. Now they are a teenager, they can share in the family cooking, and become part of the recipe hand-down traditions. what better way to celebrate this coming of age than with a valentine’s DIY family recipe cook book!
  5. Plant Pot Painting. Decorate them a cute Valentine’s plant pot for their room. A sweet and thoughtful present with enough creative input for them to really feel the love!
  6. Personalized T-shirt. This is a sweet gift. You could get a T-shirt printed to perhaps embroider on the outline of a special photo of your special teen with their dog or with their sibling or grandmother!
  7. Handmade Bracelet. A friendship bracelet of love if you are creative and want to pour love into a completely unique gift this Valentine’s Day!
  8.  Baked goods in a decorative tin. If you’re a baker there is nothing better than scrumptious sweet treats for your special teen!
  9. Hand-knit or crocheted cozy socks. The gift of warm feet is truly one of the most loving gifts one can give!

Good luck!

We hope you feel inspired by some of these ideas and have a gorgeous vision for what you’d like to get. Whether this is for teenage daughters, nieces, friends or sisters, be sure to pair these with a Valentine’s day card and a big snuggle if you’re nearby!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the valentine’s day gift guide. You might also like to check out our post: best Valentine’s gifts for teen boys.

​Love Zoe x

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