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Hello there! I’m Zoe, and I’m really happy that you’ve found my page. I’m here to help you plan an amazing and unforgettable construction party for your little builders.

So, let’s jump into this exciting construction theme! I’ve got everything you need, including games, activities, music, decorations, and construction themes party treats. 

With my experience in party planning and my love for creative theme development, I’m here to make things simpler for you and ensure your child has a super fun day full of special memories!

Construction party activity ideas

Construction adventure story

Children act out a role play construction man adventure from our free pdf story!

This is a great activity to do with the children- they will love role-playing builders and getting to use any props you have bought for the party- or just their brilliant child imaginations (just as fun!)!

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Construction challenge

For slightly older children, get a set amount of time in teams to build something out of ordinary household objects! This could be:

  • The tallest tower out of newspaper and masking tape
  • A bridge between two chairs out of paper straws and masking tape
  • The longest pathway to run a marble down out of straws and newspaper

These real engineering challenges will bring the party to life! you can play fun music while they work. At the end be sure to get the kids to gather around and look at each other’s designs. Be sure to praise each of them, even if they didn’t quite work! Get them all to cheer for each other if you test out the structures by balancing a little toy on top or something like that!

If any parents mill around you can even get a parent team together to go the same challenge.

Games to play at a construction party

Digger Digger Builder!

This game is like duck duck goose! It’s a great one to play as children arrive (or as children might get tired of lunchtime at different rates) as new players can easily join and it’s fun and familiar to them. Children sit in a circle facing inwards.

Child A walks around the outside of the circle and gently taps the group one by one on the head as they pass saying digger, digger… then, they choose one child (child B) to say Builder! Child B jumps up and chases Child A around the circle. Child A has to run around the whole group and sit back in Child B’s space. If they manage, Child B becomes Child A in the next round. Otherwise, Child A has to play again until they succeed.

Builder says…

This game is like Simon says. So, whenever the facilitator calls an action after saying “builder says”, the children must do it, but without that call, the children aren’t allowed to. If they do, you’ve caught them out and they can either be sent out, or, for younger kids just have a laugh!

Try actions like “builder says …touch your head/jump up and down/sit down/lie down/touch your nose/touch your toes etc”

A day on site

In this game, the facilitator shouts instructions and kids have to follow the right action of the instructions below. The fastest or best action wins! For older children you can play the version where the slowest action is out so the winner is the last one playing each round!

  • Fix the fence – Children run to one side of the room and pretend to hammer at a wall
  • Off to the hardware store (or name your local store) – Children run to the other side of the room
  • Mix the cement – children pretend to stir a big pot of cement in from of them
  • Dig the garden – Children pretend to dig up the floor with a big spade
  • Tile the floors – children drop to the ground and pretend to lay tiles

Builder statues

This is like musical statues but the children can dance to their favourite builder tunes- here is a 1 hr playlist of Bob the Builder on loop on youtube! #sorrynotsorry

Or this is a mashup of builder tunes music you could use instead!

Construction party decorations

  1. Ballooned Construction Backdrop! this makes a big impact on a space- and because construction is such a popular theme, there are pre-made packs you can buy for this such as this one here that includes backdrop, balloons and matching table settings.
  2. Additional Construction Balloons in bunches around the space are a great way to liven up a room
  3. Builder hats as party favours for the kids. By giving costume parts to the kids, they will help create the themed atmosphere! These dress-up builders hats are perfect for this, and inexpensive.
  4. One of the best ‘decorations’ to really create an atmosphere is to use sound and music. This is really easy for a construction party! Don’t play it all the way through or you’ll drive yourself mad but play it as the children arrive to set the scene and create a magical space! We suggest this construction site sounds on YouTube:

Great construction-theme food ideas

Little props for the food table, sprinkled between snacks will make the arrangement look so cute! we love this chip dumper idea!

These themed construction snacks are also SO CUTE! Oreo tyres, smartie pebbles, rocky road building blocks, wafer chipboard…there are so many great ideas here!

Cutest construction party costumes

We’ve had a search of the options for find the cutest 3 party costumes out there. Here are the best 3 outfits for this construction party:

  1. This full orange set complete with tools, helmet and goggles
  2. This super cute high vis yellow suit with a tool belt
  3. These adorable blue workers overalls which you could pair with this construction hat

Cutest construction party invitations

Invitations to a party should be cute, creative and clear! We love when they set the tone for the event but ultimately the most important thing is to get something out, and we think energies are best spent on plans for the day itself!

So we’ve had a search and found our favourite 3 designs for you. Our favourite invitations are:

  1. These awesome construction dump truck invitations!
  2. This gorgeous minimalist watercolour effect digger invitation
  3. This great, funny, tongue and cheek construction sign invitation

Good luck!

We hope you feel inspired and ready to throw your little ones an epic construction party! Be sure to document the day with loads of pictures and videos- these will be highly cherished memories!

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